Best Apps For Road Trip Planning

We’re all about road trips here at [company name]. Driving to your destination gives you the freedom to explore and take some of the most beautiful detours you’ll ever experience.

But, like any trip, road trips require a lot of planning and preparation. You need to make sure you have everything you need for the trip, including things like your car’s maintenance records (and don’t forget to get that oil change!), reliable travel apps, and a few games for the kids in the back seat.

Luckily, we’ve got some help with that. Here are our top picks for travel apps to help make your road trip planning a breeze!

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Best road trip planner apps: 5 apps to map out your adventure | TechRadar

Best Apps For Road Trip Planning

Planning a road trip can be fun but also stressful. Road trip planner apps can take some of that stress away by helping you plan, organize, and manage your travel before and during your trip. Forget about stashing bulky maps in your glove compartment, trying to decide where to stop, or just winging it. Instead, download these apps to give you peace of mind so that you can spend more time enjoying your trip.

Before you hit the road, don’t forget to bring along other road trip gadgets like a power inverter, GPS, and jump box.

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Automate Your Trip Planning and Organization: Google Trips
The Google Trips app for Android.
What We Like
Automatic trip organization via Gmail integration.

Offline access so you can see your trip information even when you don’t have an internet connection.

What We Don’t Like
Limitations with customizing some day trips exactly the way you want.

You can count on Google to make your trip planning a breeze. Pre-constructed day plans are available for hundreds of the world’s most popular destinations, which you can customize to your liking.

It’s one of the most versatile travel planner apps out there, giving you one convenient place to see your hotel, rental car, and restaurant bookings.

Visit Google Trips
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The Ultimate Map App for Planning Your Route: Roadtrippers
The Roadtrippers app for Android.
What We Like
Access to free and convenient travel guides.

Share-ability so friends can join in on the planning process and suggest places to visit.

What We Don’t Like
The app can use up the battery life of your device quickly. Take a car USB charger with you.

Built for travelers, Roadtrippers helps you create your route while allowing you to discover great places as you plan it out. Add a new place to your itinerary to work it into your trip.

The app features an easy-to-use interface. In addition to covering the U.S., it also covers Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Know Exactly When and Where to Make a Pit Stop: iExit Interstate Exit Guide
The i-Exit app for Android.
What We Like
Access to detailed summaries of what’s at the next exit (including gas prices at nearby gas stations).

Search for the next 100 exits from your location.

What We Don’t Like
The app can only be used on major U.S. exit-based highways.

No offline access, so you’ll use your data plan while you’re on the road.

Making a pit stop for food, gas, or a bathroom break is easy when you have the iExit app. Using your device’s GPS, the app offers helpful suggestions for when and where to stop based on your location along the highway.

Whether you’re looking for well-known franchises like Starbucks and Walmart to convenient amenities like free Wi-Fi and truck or trailer parking, this app has you covered.

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Find the Cheapest Fuel Nearby: GasBuddy
The GasBuddy app for Android.
What We Like
An in-app gas payment feature.

Opportunity to save 10 cents per gallon on your first fill-up and five cents per gallon on every fill-up after.

What We Don’t Like
The app can take up a lot of data and battery life as it runs in the background.

GasBuddy is an app specifically designed to find nearby gas stations and save money on gas. Use it to find the cheapest gas in your area and filter gas stations by amenities like car washes, restaurants, and bathrooms.

It’s the app you want to have if you’re serious about finding the cheapest gas around. Information comes from users like you, so you have the most up-to-date prices.

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Never Forget an Item: PackPoint Premium Packing List
The PackPoint app for Android.
What We Like
Access to a built-in library of items to pack with the ability to add or remove items as needed.

An elegant, intuitive app interface.

What We Don’t Like
Can’t input multiple destinations for a single trip.

Not a free app; costs $2.99 for iOS and Android.

PackPoint helps you make sure you have everything you need based on where you’re going and what you’re doing. In addition, the app takes into consideration the length of your trip and the expected weather conditions. Perhaps best of all, this app turns a mundane chore into something that’s actually quite fun.

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Find Out Where to Park and How Much It Will Cost: ParkMe Parking
The ParkMe app for Android.
What We Like
ParkMe is the only app that also includes street parking and parking meter rates where available, in addition to parking lots.

Real-time updates on available parking spots.

What We Don’t Like
Rates and hours may be inaccurate in some areas.

ParkMe claims to be the world’s largest and most accurate parking database. It allows you to purchase your parking spot through the app and compare prices across parking providers to help you save more money.

If you’re road tripping around major cities in the U.S., Canada, or Europe, this app can be a huge help. You can even compare parking options and prices so that you always get the best deal.

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Find Local Restaurants, Read Reviews, and Make Reservations: OpenTable
The OpenTable app for Android.
What We Like
Lots of great filter options and suggestions.

Access to gorgeous, high-quality images of menu items and informative reviews from other users.

What We Don’t Like
Reported problems and inconveniences with their built-in reward system.

Searching for specific restaurants is more difficult than simply looking at what’s around in the area.

Deciding on a place to eat in a new area is quick and hassle-free with OpenTable. See what’s nearby, filter restaurants by cuisine, see photos of what’s on the menu, make reservations, and get personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

OpenTable is known to be one of the top location-based food apps available, so you know you can trust its information when you’re dying for something to eat.

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Find and Book a Last-Minute Place to Stay:
The app for Android.
What We Like
A fast, easy-to-use booking feature.

For every 10 nights you book through, you get one night free, provided it’s the average daily rate of those 10 nights.

What We Don’t Like
No option to easily cancel if you change your mind.

Whether your road trip itinerary changed, or you haven’t decided on a place to stay yet, can help you find a place and book it when you’re on the go, even when it’s super last-minute. You can sort and filter hotels, see the amenities they have to offer, compare prices, and catch a glimpse of how many rooms are available.

This is the app you’ll want to have handy if you want to see in-depth hotel details at a glance and need to find a place to crash ASAP without breaking the bank.

europe road trip planner app

We’ve been sharing our recommendations for European road trip apps since April 2014. In this completely revised edition we’ve eliminated apps that are no longer published, plus we introduce you to our latest finds.

If you’re an app user who’s planning a road trip in Europe—or any traveler to Europe—bookmark this page so that you don’t miss our updates. Or subscribe to the My Itchy Travel Feet Weekly Broadcast so you’ll be the first to know.

french chateax surrounded by a large green yard
Finding a collection of quality road trip apps is essential while on the road.
Top Apps for a European road trip
A trip to Europe is always so … magical, isn’t it? With plenty of options for exciting travel destinations, the old continent rarely disappoints travelers of all ages and tastes. And when it comes to road trips, well, Europe has certainly got you covered there as well. And our European road trip app recommendations are going to help you make the most of that travel adventure.

Planning a driving trip in Europe? Our European road trip app recommendations will make your boomer travel life an easy one.
Alan getting ready for the big ride in Marnello.
Thinking about a road trip through wine country? Well, France’s Bordeaux region or Italy’s famed Tuscany region will fit the bill quite nicely. What about a curvy coastal jaunt in that convertible mini cooper? Spain and Italy’s coastlines have the ability to transport you back in time with their tiny villages, traditional cuisine and stunning landscapes.

Of course, no road trip would be complete without the help of the ever-growing app world. We’ve researched a few European road trip apps to help you make the most of your time in Europe. Download them before leaving home.

a winding street with medieval homes
Use apps to find your way to off-the-beaten-path gems like medieval Dinan in Brittany.
Organize your European road trip with an app
Download the Skyscanner app for researching the best flights for your European road trip: Skyscanner iOS App Download or Skyscanner Android App Download

TripIt: Travel Organizer has quickly become the go-to app for on-the-go travelers in Europe. It’s a great app for organizing every step of your trip, from flight times, to connection times, to maps, everything! Available on App Store and Google Play. Free. But your biggest benefit comes from signing up for the pro version at $49/yr.

Packing Pro app has packing down to an exact science. All you have to do is enter your destination and length of stay and it’ll come up with a suggested packing list, separated by useful categories like documentation, clothing, gadgets, etc. Available for purchase at the App Store.

a pair of oxen pulling a family on a flower-adorned cart
Get the scoop on local events and useful things such as road closures with apps!
European road trip apps for what to do and where to go
Michelin Guide Europe is a great app for those who like to prepare every step of their trip. And even for those who are more spur of the moment travelers, Michelin guides are great for quick reference points like restaurants, bars and hotels. The European Guide covers an extensive amount of information. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Rick Steves’ Audio Europe™ is one of those apps that’s always handy. No one manages to describe Europe better than our old friend, Steve. Highly respected and incredibly well traveled, if you’re going to take one person’s travel advice, it should be Steve’s (and Donna’s of course!). Buy this app at the App Store and Google Play for free.

MetrO app is incredibly handy for getting around European cities after you’ve parked the car. The app offers information and maps for public transportation systems (subway, bus, tram, train) in more than 400 cities in the world. The best part? Once you have plugged in your itinerary cities, you don’t need an internet connection to access the information. The app is available for purchase on App Store for free.

XE Currency Pro takes the hassle out of money conversion. If you’re on a tight travel schedule, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time trying to convert money while shopping. Available for purchase on App Store and Google Play.

Spyglass app is a great guide to take on any adventure. The app allows travelers to use its GPS system for outdoors and off-road navigation, even when offline. The app comes packed with extras such as binoculars, heads-up display, hi-tech compass, etc. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

cathedral on the banks of a river
Use apps to keep in touch while on the road!
Apps for staying in touch
WiFi Finder is one of the most useful apps for road trippers. Although it’s always a good idea to take a break from our mobile and tech devices while traveling, you never know when you’ll need Internet access. Wi-Fi finder helps you locate the most immediate place in your area to connect. Purchase this app at the App Store and Google Play for free.

WhatsApp app is great for international communication. Although its not really popular in the states, it’s one of Europe’s most-used apps. Basically, it’s a free, real-time messaging service, perfect for keeping in contact with friends and relatives back at home or new friends you meet while traveling. You just need an internet connection and that’s that. No fees, no roaming. Whatapp is available at the App Store and Google Play for free.

anicent ruins overgrown with wild flowers
No matter where you are, apps can really be a lifesaver when you need some help!
European apps for emergencies
mPassport is one app I hope you will never have to use. However, if you do, you’ll be happy to have it by your side. MPassport App is a Medical Emergency app that lists the closest doctors and hospitals in your area as well as a list of emergency phone numbers. It also has a list of non-emergency medical services such as dentists, pharmacies, etc. The app is available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play for free.

iTranslate app may not seem adventure-related at first, but believe me, when you’re in a strange country doing something risky and have no communication skills, things can get hairy quickly. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Sitata Travel Safe is a potentially life-saving app, especially for busy travelers. The app has a database of emergency service numbers for almost any country. Monitoring health and safety threats from around the world is another bonus. The app is available on App Store and Google Play for free.

International emergency numbers app is a indispensable resource if you’re away from home and run into a problem. The app works offline so it’s great in every corner of the earth. Available for purchase at the App Store and Google Play.

Bookmark this page as I update the European travel apps that we use. Better yet, subscribe to the My Itchy Travel Feet weekly broadcast so that you don’t miss a thing. You’ll also enjoy our latest articles, timely trip inspiration and travel deals. Subscribe by clicking here.


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