Best Apps For Saving Recipes

Don’t you hate it when you see a recipe in a magazine or on Pinterest and then forget to write it down? Or when you come across a great idea for dinner, but can’t remember where you saw it?

Well, there’s an app for that!

The best apps for saving recipes are all about making sure you never lose another idea again. You can save your favorite recipes from anywhere—from magazines, blogs, websites, or even right off your phone—and keep track of all the ones you want to try. And if you do forget to write down one of your own creations (or if you have a friend who does), these apps make it easy for anyone to share their favorites with friends and family so no one ever has to eat bad food again!

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Best Apps For Saving Recipes

These days recipes are mostly electronic, scattered across many different websites. So how do you keep all of your favorite recipes in all of these different forms organized? Using online recipe organizers of course!

Why keep entire cookbooks when you only like a small batch of recipes in them? Why bookmark half a dozen websites when you can just export your favorites to your own personal digital recipe organizer? In this article, we’ll show you a list of cloud-based recipe organizers you can use to do just that.

  1. BigOven
    If you don’t try any other online recipe organizer on this list, you should at least try this one. The free version doesn’t give you access to the full menu planner and other features, but you do get access to the recipe library where you can add your own recipes. There are four ways you can do this.

bigoven import recipes
Paste the URL to the recipe page from the site where you want to clip the recipe.
Write your recipe manually using a simple form.
Copy and paste the recipe from a text document.
Scan and upload a photo of your recipe card.
Some of these options are faster than others. For example, if you paste a recipe page and select Import, BigOven will scrape the text from the page. You’ll then need to highlight and specify the title, summary, ingredients, and instructions so that that text will get imported into your BigOven stored recipe.

bigoven recipe import
Taking a picture of a recipe (either from a recipe card or a cookbook) takes a little longer. It appears BigOven doesn’t use optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Instead they have staff who literally transcribe the recipes for you.

It’s a lot easier adding recipes from the mobile app. In just a few steps you can clip a recipe from a URL or scan the recipe directly in using your phone.

bigoven mobile app
Again, scanned photos aren’t added instantly. You’ll get an email when BigOven is done transcribing and it’s added to your library.

You can start using BigOven at the website, or download the app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

  1. ChefTap
    ChefTap is another great cloud and mobile based solution to keep all of your favorite recipes stored in your own private collection. You need to use the Android or iOS app to register and sign up for an account. Once you’re registered and signed in, tap Sync to sync the mobile app with your cloud account.

The free account lets you store up to 100 recipes, and doesn’t let you access the menu planning feature. However, since most people have nowhere near 100 recipes in their collection, this should be suitable for most users.

Web clipping is a Pro feature on the ChefTap website, but you can manually add any recipes you like. To copy sites from a website you’ll need to copy and paste all of the fields.

cheftap website
The real value with ChefTap comes from the app. Once you install the app on your mobile device, you can import recipes in several ways.

cheftap mobile app
Use the built in browser to open recipe sites, log in, and import recipes
Import recipe boxes from compatible recipe sites like Allrecipes (the US or UK version), or Epicurious.
Import your own recipes from text files
Paste a URL to a recipe page
Type in your recipe manually
Because you can’t use a lot of these features on the website itself, ChefTap isn’t quite as good as BigOven. But if you prefer using your mobile device anyway, then it could be the one you’ll prefer.

You can use the ChefTap website directly, or download the app for Android or iOS from the main page of the website.

  1. Paprika
    Paprika is a bit different than the other cloud-based online recipe organizers listed on this page. There is no website to use. Instead, you can download the software for a Windows or Mac computer, as well as for Android or iOS. Then all of your recipes are synced via the cloud across all devices.

Keep in mind that while Paprika offers a free trial, the software isn’t free. You’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $29.99 to use the software.

With that said, it’s well worth the price. Paprika is one of the most full featured recipe organizers of any. It comes with a built-in browser where you can search all the major recipe sites and just select the Download button at the bottom to import the recipe into your recipe organizer.

downloading recipes in paprika desktop
Paprika seems to do a better job than most others at pulling in the right information and putting them into the correct fields.

downloaded recipe in paprika desktop
The app includes:

An excellent recipe organizer with well formatted recipes
Grocery lists you can print, email, or just sync with your mobile devices
Pantry organizer you can use to log ingredients you have on hand
Meal planner for pulling in recipes for each meal
A menu planner for planning out your daily meals
From the Paprika main page, you can download the app for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. All of them sync with one another so you can add recipes and menus on your desktop and have them available on your mobile when you’re at the store.

  1. Evernote
    Evernote used to have a unique offering called Evernote Food, but it has since been discontinued. Part of the reason for that might be that Evernote itself serves perfectly fine as an online recipe organizer.

If you look at the features Evernote offers, you’ll see that it can do nearly everything other recipe organizers do. You can type in or copy over your own text based recipes. You can also install the Evernote Web Clipper extension for Chrome to capture recipes on any recipe website you come across.

evernote web clipper
Bring these recipes in using any format you like. Import the full web page, use article format, or bring it in using a simplified article format. This ensures that you get an article saved in Evernote that’s cleanly formatted and easy to use.

evernote recipes
You can also use the Camera option in the Evernote mobile app to capture a photo of your recipe cards for digital recipe storage.

If you don’t want to start using a new online recipe organizer and you’re already using Evernote, then you already have everything you need.

Use the Evernote web page, or install Evernote on your Windows desktop, iOS device, or your Android device. Just like all of the other options listed here, your saved recipes are synced and accessible across all devices.

  1. OrganizEat
    OrganizeEat is a recipe organizer that is mobile-based only, available for Android or iOS devices. There is a beta web version available but is no longer accepting signups. Once the beta version goes live, access will require a subscription.

The mobile app lets you store up to 20 recipes for free. There are several ways you can do this.

When you launch the app and tap Add a New Recipe, you’ll see the following options.

Photo: Take and store a snapshot of a recipe from cookbooks or recipe cards
Web: Import a recipe from any online recipe website
Typing: Type in your own recipe manually
To do this, just tap Add a New Recipe at the top of the app and you’ll see the options above. Tap the Recipe from Photo option to capture an image of a photo in a cookbook or recipe card.

adding recipes in organizeat
You can crop the photo to only include the recipe itself.

This app only stores the photo, it doesn’t transcribe any text from the photo.

The most convenient and easy way of collecting recipes into your OrganizEat online recipe manager is to import it from the web. When you do this it’ll take you to an embedded browser where you can browse recipe sites and then select Save to capture that recipe.

importing recipes in organizeat
OrganizeEat does a great job importing the components of the recipe and putting them into the OrganizeEat recipe format.

Visit the main page of OrganizeEats to download either the iOS or Android app.

  1. Copy Me That!
    A few of the online recipe organizers on this list have a subscription or cost. Thankfully, Copy Me That! doesn’t. When you first sign in, you’ll need to select the Get button to add the Copy Me That! extension to your browser.

Select Create Recipe from the main page of the website (once you log in) to manually add your recipe to your collection.

manually enter recipe copy me that
A faster way to add recipes is to visit your favorite recipe sites and use the Copy Me That! Chrome extension icon.

copy me that web extension
This imports the recipe in a clean and easy to read format inside your Copy Me That account.

copy me that recipe added
Just select Confirm to complete the import and save the recipe.

Other areas of the site include:

Recipes: Your collection of recipes in Pinterest Style list format
Shopping List: Quickly add ingredients from your recipe to your shopping list
Meal Plan: Organize your recipes into meals for each day of the week
Organize your recipes with tags and filters. You can also share via email, and sync your recipes across all devices.

Access the browser based organizer on the Copy Me that website. You can also download the app for Android or on the Apple Store.

  1. Recipe Keeper
    The Recipe Keeper app is another recipe organizer that’s app based. Meaning while there’s no website, you can download the free app for your iOS device, Android phone, your Mac or your PC.

As with other recipe apps on this list, the saved recipes sync across all devices. However, Recipe Keeper is far easier to use, and much more aesthetically pleasing than most of the others on this list.

The main page is where you’ll find all your recipes organized into food genre.

recipe keeper main page
Adding a new recipe to your collection is as simple as selecting New recipe.

You can:

Add a recipe manually
Import from the web
Scan one from a photo
Scan a PDF copy of a recipe
adding recipe in recipe keeper
The manual entry is a simple form where you work your way from left to right. Fill in the recipe details, ingredients, directions and notes.

recipe keeper manual entry
Importing from the web is impressive. There’s an embedded web browser that takes input from the search field inside Recipe Keeper. The search will return recipes from external websites. Browse to your recipe and the app will automatically detect the recipe and fill in all of the correct fields.

recipe keeper web import
Just select Save. This will import the recipe into your collection. You’ll notice that recipes here are beautifully formatted. The app even automatically brings in an image of the recipe from the recipe site, if one is available.

recipe keeper main recipe
Choose Your Online Recipe Organizer
Not every cloud based recipe organizer is going to be perfect for everyone. Some people may prefer more mobile features. Other people may prefer a stronger web app or Chrome extension features.

The best way to choose is to try a few that look like what you need. If the online recipe organizer provides everything you need it for, then that’s the perfect one for you.

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When looking for a setting, app, or file in Windows 10 there are several ways to do it. Here’s how to make it easy.

If you are looking for a specific system setting on Windows 10, the task can seem daunting. Windows 10 has so many different ways to pull up the same information, from the legacy control panel to the modern Settings app, and more. If you are looking for a specific setting, here’s where you can go to find it quickly.

Search with Windows 10 Start
One of the easiest ways to find a setting or anything else for that matter is to use the Start menu. Simply hit the Windows key and start typing in your query. For example, you can type in “control panel” to bring up the classic legacy Control Panel if that’s how you are used to finding things. Or, type “Printer” to get ahold of printer and scanner settings.

recipe keeper

Welcome to RecipeSage!

RecipeSage is free (donation based & open source) personal recipe keeper, meal planner, and shopping list manager for Web, IOS, and Android.

Quickly capture and save recipes from any website simply by entering the website URL. Sync your recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists between all of your devices. Share your recipes, shopping lists, and meal plans with family and friends.

What can RecipeSage do?
Import from any URL: Create a recipe simply by punching in a web URL
Powerful search: Search every field within your recipes including misspellings and similar words
Labelling/categorization system: Tag your recipes and filter by tags
Drag and drop meal planning: Schedule your meals interactively, quickly and easily
Shopping lists: Automatically categorized and intelligently grouped – add your recipes directly to a shopping list and similar items will be combined
Sharing: Share your recipes, collaborate on meal plans and shopping lists with your family or friends
Import: Supports Pepperplate, Living Cookbook, and Paprika
Export: Back up your recipes in multiple formats for data portability
Why RecipeSage?
Free (donation based)
Open source
Easy to use
Available on desktop and all mobile devices
Import recipes from any URL

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