Best Apps For Spanish Grammar

Spanish grammar is a tricky subject.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best apps for Spanish grammar. These apps can help you learn and practice, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been studying for years.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right app for your needs: the price, how much it costs, whether it has in-app purchases (or not), how many languages it supports and how many people have downloaded it. We’ve taken all these factors into consideration when choosing the apps on this list.

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Spanish Grammar Test - Apps on Google Play

Best Apps For Spanish Grammar

Michel de Montaigne once said, “The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.” Can you find the grammatical mistake he humorously made? The verb “are” should be “is!” If you didn’t catch that mistake, don’t worry. Grammar can be difficult, even in your native language, but it often becomes overwhelming when you start learning a second language like Spanish. Before you get bogged down in the numerous genders, tenses, and conjugations, check out these Spanish grammar resources. They will become your best friend as you embark on your Spanish learning journey.

Spanish Grammar Resources
One of the most common reasons people avoid Spanish grammar is because they don’t want to sit down and memorize a list of rules and verb conjugations. However, that’s not the only way to learn the verbs and parts of speech. There are apps, podcasts, blogs, and exercises available to help you master Spanish grammar in a way that interests and engages you!

If you would like more information on applications to learn Spanish, check out our blog post on the Top 4 Free Spanish Apps! Not all of them are ideal for Spanish grammar as some focus more on vocabulary, but the following apps take unique approaches to teaching grammar.

As one of the most popular language-learning apps in the world, Duolingo teaches grammar in a fun, game-like setting. The grammar is taught alongside vocabulary in simple example sentences. You tap on the verbs to learn what they mean and what tense they’re in. By learning verb conjugations as part of complete sentences, the app teaches grammar implicitly as part of whole sentences that you can use in your Spanish conversations.

Just like Duolingo, Babbel presents grammar as a part of real-life conversations. The verbs, sentence formats, and multiple pronouns are taught as part of a whole format. This takes the focus away from the grammar and lets you enjoy learning phrases you can actually say in real conversations.

This last app takes a completely different approach to Spanish grammar. Instead of having to practice one word or phrase at a time, you read complete stories in Spanish and compare it to the English one. While this does not teach the names of the tenses, this is an authentic way of learning Spanish grammar. It also offers an audio version so you can hear the pronunciation and follow along with the reader.

If you would like to explore topics on your own and reinforce only the areas that you need, try out these fantastic websites.

Homeschool Spanish Academy
Here at Homeschool Spanish Academy (HSA) we are most well-known for our high-quality live Spanish classes. In addition to online classes, we consistently provide regular Spanish lessons, how-to guides, cultural explorations, and tips for language learning on our blog (yes, this one!). Whether you’re a Spanish student yourself or a parent of one, we have hundreds of blog posts dedicated to your learning journey: from fun at-home lesson ideas to information on Latino culture and in-depth Spanish grammar explanations, the HSA blog page has everything you need.

While this page is most popular for being an English-Spanish dictionary—and it is a very informative one at that—it also offers Spanish grammar tools. It has everything from verb conjugations to Spanish tense explanations to a user forum where you can find all the answers to your questions.
This website dedicated to Spanish grammar offers lessons on every topic you can imagine. Not only that, but it provides numerous examples, quizzes, auditory examples, and final tests. There are 9 units divided into several grammar sections. The extensive information and practice ensure your comprehension and advancement.

Spanish Learning Lab
The Spanish Learning Lab has sections for both beginner and advanced Spanish grammar topics. You can search for topics or browse the lessons that they have. Each section has great infographics, audio samples, written explanations, and video samples to thoroughly explain the grammar topics.

FluentU has a great Spanish blog section that explains everything from noun gender to pronominal verbs. This resource is especially useful for advanced Spanish learners looking for detailed explanations on potentially confusing topics.

Real Academia de Español
If you are an advanced learner looking for exact definitions and uses of Spanish grammar, the Real Academia de Español is the perfect website for you. The RAE is the ultimate authority on correct grammar. There are several grammar aspects that can be debated between Spanish speakers, but the rules established by the RAE has the final say. You can find conjugations, usage of verb tenses, pronunciation, and how to accurately use each word on this website. Just remember that it is all in Spanish, so using this resource will also improve your Spanish reading comprehension!

While written grammar explanations are great, they are missing the auditory component. Spanish grammar videos are quite popular because they combine audio and visual components and include a fun, personable teacher. Here are some of the top video resources.

Spanish Academy TV
Spanish Academy TV is our spectacularly lively production arm of Homeschool Spanish Academy and it’s a completely free resource for you to learn Spanish, no matter your level. We produce videos on every topic you can imagine: preschool lessons, cultural adventures, listening exercises, and advanced videos. You want to know the best part? You can always follow up on the video lessons with your live, certified Spanish teacher!

This great grammar resource offers videos on their website and on their YouTube channel. They offer thousands of video and podcast lessons with PDFs, exercises, and transcripts to enhance each lesson. The Spanish grammar lessons include something for everyone, from beginner to advanced lessons.

Spanishland School
This YouTube channel is dedicated to bettering the Spanish grammar and fluency of more advanced Spanish learners. The classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker and cover everything from common mistakes to in-depth lessons on verb moods and tenses. They also offer podcasts and transcripts to follow along.

If you don’t have time to sit down and read grammar explanations, podcast lessons would be a great solution for you. Listen to an audio lesson on your way to work, while exercising, or on the bus to school!

Hoy Hablamos
Hoy Hablamos offers podcasts on each subject in Spanish grammar. If you are just starting out, start with the first Spanish podcast in the grammar category; if you are an advanced student hoping to understand more complex topics, just search for them in the podcasts. This is a great resource for auditory Spanish immersion, and they also offer transcripts so you can follow along if you wish.

To find Spanish grammar podcasts with Audiria, click on the grammar section, and choose what topic you would like to work on. If you are just starting to learn Spanish, stay with the “beginner” chapters which will introduce you to basic Spanish grammar. With each auditory exercise, whether it is a podcast or video, you have access to the script and accompanying exercises to check your comprehension.
All the podcasts on this website are divided into levels. Just choose what level you are at, and you will find hundreds of real-life conversations to listen to and practice with. Each podcast comes with a script, vocabulary exercises, and worksheets so you can apply what you hear to your written Spanish as well.

A Bit of Everything: Homeschool Spanish Academy
If you are looking for a resource that combines all aspects of Spanish grammar study, Homeschool Spanish Academy is your ultimate guide. Not only do we have an extensive list of blog posts on verbs, nouns, and everything in between, but we also offer video explanations, audio exercises, and private lessons. We also offer resources for Spanish learners of all ages, from preschool to adult, and every level.
Now that you are ready to start learning Spanish grammar in a fun way, try a free trial Spanish class with us! Our native Spanish-speaking teachers will explain any grammar topic in a simple and engaging way, making sure you reach Spanish fluency faster. You can use these live classes as the foundation of learning Spanish grammar or as an additional resource to the others listed above. Book your classes around your schedule and our teachers will guide you to Spanish fluency. ¡Tú puedes!

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best android app to learn spanish

While English is the universally acclaimed language, it makes sense to get yourself well versed with other languages. Spanish is one such language, spoken across the world, and mostly in Central America. You can get around pretty much anywhere in Central America if you know Spanish, and also if you’re visiting Spain or Mexico, and the best android app to learn Spanish makes it all the more easier.

But what if you don’t know anything about Spanish or have never learned it in school? Well, thanks to modern day smartphones and apps, you can now learn Spanish within a few weeks. There are a handful of apps available out in the wild which give you a head start in the world of Spanish. We’re going to discuss a handful of such apps today.

Best Android Apps to Learn Spanish
best android app to learn spanish
1) Duolingo
Featuring one of the most recognizable app icons among language learning apps, Duolingo is a widely popular service that will most likely end up in your search results if you’re looking to learn a new language. Speaking of popular, the app has won numerous accolades throughout its existence on Google Play. It features multiple small sized lessons to condense as much knowledge as possible in a small package.

There are handy little achievements to be won during the course of your learning. It’s one of the best apps if you’re looking to learn a new language real quick. What’s even better is that you don’t have to spend a dime on the application, as the developers promise to offer a completely free learning experience to the users.

Download it now: here
best android app to learn spanish
2) Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is one of the world’s popular language learning services, and they have an Android app of their own. If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to learn Spanish using only your mobile device, this is the way to go. Advanced features will require you to make an in-app purchase, but if you’re trying to just brush up your basics, this app is pretty decent.

The app was the winner of the 2015 Tabby Awards for Best Android App, so this isn’t one of those regular apps. Several publishing houses, including CNN, have called this app the “gold standard” among language learning apps, which is quite impressive. You can differentiate between the Spanish spoken in Latin America and Spain so that you’re well versed in the dialect of a particular region.

Download it now: here
best android app to learn spanish
3) Tandem
Tandem is a language learning app with a social twist. In addition to letting you learn Spanish, the app also lets you practice your Spanish with real users from across the world. There are over 1 million users of the app, and you can learn from them in real time. This is the best way to learn a language, as you have a decent understanding of where you go wrong in a language.

The learning is based on a scientifically proven technology used by Tandem, so you know you’re getting the best education here. To make it even better, the app is offered for free. You can opt to get advanced features using in-app purchases. However, paying is not necessary to get a basic understanding of Spanish.

If you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can try Tandem Tutors, who offer personalized training right from your smartphones. This is recommended if you want a proper understanding of the language. Either way, this is a very attractive app to own, given the kind of features it brings to the table.

Download it now: here
best android app to learn spanish
4) Babbel
Babbel is another very popular choice for learning the Spanish language. Created by experts out of Europe, Babbel will take you from a basic Spanish speaker to an advanced with a couple of months of work. You’ll start out learning practical conversation skills so you can start to see how words and grammar are applied in real life.

This one has 10-15 minute lessons each that are engaging and will stick with you for the rest of your life. It’s one of the easiest ways to learn, helping you commit the Spanish dialect to long-term memory.

Download it now: here
best android app to learn spanish
5) Learn Spanish
The aptly named Learn Spanish application is another excellent way to start learning a foreign language. Learn Spanish actually makes two options available to you — you can either learn Spanish from Spain (Castellano) or from Mexico (español). This app will take you from knowing nothing to becoming an advanced Spanish speaker in just a couple of months.

You learn at your own pace, but you’ll learn everything that you need to known, such as verb conjugations, Spanish grammar, and more. You actually learn everything you need to know about Spanish step-by-step, and at a very basic, hand-holding level until you get more experienced. You’ll have no problem understanding with a full vocabulary at your fingertips, grammar explanations, reading, exercises, and a comprehensive español dictionary.

Download it now: here
best android app to learn spanish
6) Memrise
Memrise lets you learn a myriad of languages, with Spanish being one of them. Much like other learning apps, Memrise is a very useful app to have and it comes with a handful of unique features to make it stand out from the crowd.

It has been voted as the best app of 2017, so the developers have been rewarded for their hard work with Memrise. Each course that’s offered on Memrise comes from a group of linguistic experts and professors, letting you get the best language education.

Download it now: here
best android app to learn spanish
7) Beelinguapp: Learn Languages
The core functionality of the app is pretty much the same as it lets you learn Spanish in a fun and intuitive way. Using the app, users can learn Spanish side-by-side with English, thanks to split-screen functionality. While this is not a major feature to talk about, it surely is an effective way to learn a new language.

There are quite a few children’s stories, novels, etc for you to learn Spanish in an effective manner. By doing this, the developers are letting you get a leg up in Spanish vocabulary, in addition to forming sentences. As is the case with any language, learning the language involves knowing the core essentials first. That’s what Beelinguapp encourages its students to do as well.

The app is free, quite naturally, although you might require in-app purchases to progress further in your learning or gain some extra lessons in Spanish.

Download it now: here
Verdict on the best android app to learn Spanish
You don’t need to spend hundreds, if not thousands on a community college or university class to learn Spanish. You can do so for free through any one of the best android app to learn Spanish, or if you want to speed up your learning, you can send a couple of bucks on a cheap subscription, from, say, Duolingo.

How are you using technology and accessible education to learn Spanish?


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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