Best Apps For Spanish

What are the best apps for Spanish?

If you’re a Spanish learner, congratulations! You’ve taken a huge step towards being able to communicate with the world. However, if you’re like most people who take on this challenge, it can be difficult to find resources that will help you learn the language and master it.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best apps for Spanish learners. While there are many options out there, we’ve chosen these because they offer high-quality content and an engaging experience that will keep you coming back for more!

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Best Apps For Spanish

If you have been wanting to learn Spanish, or perhaps you took some Spanish in high school or college and want to keep developing your skills, but are too busy to take more lessons, you might have thought about using an app. There are many language-learning apps out there that can help you learn or brush up on your Spanish. So how do you choose? Think about what learning style is best for you and what type of methodology would be more fun and useful for your language goals. Here we have a curated list of the best apps to learn Spanish, where we highlight the apps’ particular strengths, so you can decide which one would be best for you.

Best Audio-Based App: Pimsleur Learn Spanish
Pimsleur Learn Spanish
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The Pimsleur app offers an audio-based methodology for learning foreign languages. They offer more than 50 languages, but Spanish is their top language. They have both Latin American and Castilian Spanish, and their program consists of core lessons, reading lessons, role-play speaking challenges, digital flashcards, practice activities, games, as well as cultural and historical facts. The Pimsleur system claims you’ll learn the language in just 30 minutes a day without boring grammar lessons or mindless repetition. You can stream their content or download for offline use. Another perk is that it works well with the Amazon Alexa if you want to work on your Spanish at home. You can try a free seven-day trial, but after that, you’ll have to subscribe for $19.99 a month.

Best Conversational-Based App: Babbel
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Babbel is a popular language-learning app that is based on conversational skills. They offer 12 different languages, of which Spanish is one of the most popular. Their program consists of 10-15 minute lessons that can fit into any busy schedule. Since their method is based on conversation skills, Babbel wants to get you speaking from the very beginning. Their program is based on real-life conversations about useful topics, and they use speech recognition technology to help you improve your pronunciation. They give you grammar tips and lots of review activities, and they also track your learning progress so you can see how you are improving. They claim that after one month, they will have you conversing about basic, practical topics. You can try the first lesson for free. After that, you’ll need to buy a subscription for $13.95 a month (but prices are lower if you subscribe for several months at a time).

Best Video-Based App: FluentU
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FluentU is a video-based language learning app. They offer nine different languages, of course including Spanish. Their methodology uses real-world videos that have been subtitled and translated to create an immersive language-learning program. Depending on your level, you’ll get to see music videos, news, movie trailers, and all kinds of other interesting videos. The goal is to learn from real content, where grammar and vocabulary are always contextualized. They also have personalized quizzes as well as lots of vocabulary and grammar tips. You can try it for free for 14 days. After that, their monthly subscription is about $30, or you can subscribe for a whole year for about $240.

Best Game-Based App: Duolingo
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Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning apps on the market, offering more than 20 languages. Many people use Duolingo to work on their Spanish. Their program is made to be game-like to make it fun and interactive. They claim to adapt to your own learning style so that you can have lessons that are tailored to your specific needs. They also give rewards to keep you motivated. Duolingo includes reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation practice. People enjoy this method because they feel like they are playing a game instead of working. Duolingo is a totally free app, but you can pay $6.99 a month for Duolingo Plus if you want to skip the ads and have some extra features.

Best Immersion-Based App: Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone
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Rosetta Stone is one of the best-known language learning systems, offering 24 different languages, and now you can find it on an app for your mobile phone. Rosetta Stone uses an immersive method when it comes to learning Spanish and it’s based on real-world conversations, where you have to use your instincts to learn new words and concepts, instead of having everything translated for you. They claim this is a more natural way of learning, using phrases instead of vocabulary drills. They use speech recognition technology so you can improve your pronunciation and they give you instant feedback. The app also includes games and challenges to keep you actively learning. You can sync the Rosetta Stone content to all your devices and download content so you can use it while offline. You can try it for free for three days, then you have to subscribe. Subscriptions range between 3 months ($11.99/month) and a few dollars more for access to unlimited languages for a year.

Best Memory-Based App: Memrise
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Memrise is a language learning app where you can choose from 22 languages. They have two varieties of Spanish: Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Mexico. They claim to make learning fun by mixing technology and science with real-life language content. They use audio, images and memory techniques, including flashcards. Their methodology involves making connections or associations between words and concepts to help you learn new concepts.

They also use tests and quiz-type games to help you review what you’ve been learning. Quiz-type games include Speed Review, Listening Skills, Difficult Words, and Classic Review. In addition, they have Learn with Locals video clips, where you can learn from real native speakers. You can also record your pronunciation and compare it with that of native speakers. Membership costs $8.49 per month for a monthly subscription. You can also buy a twelve-month subscription for $60, or a lifetime subscription for $119.99.

Best Repetition-Based App: MosaLingua
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MosaLingua is a language learning program that has separate apps for learning different languages. They have an app for the seven languages offered. One of their apps is specifically designed for learning Spanish. It uses the Spaced Repetition System, which involves lots of reviews to promote long-term memorization. It constantly adapts to your needs and includes both visual and audio memorization. You will learn vocabulary, phrases and verb conjugations.

The app includes thousands of flashcards with audio pronunciation by native speakers, an online Spanish dictionary, grammar essentials, pre-recorded dialogues about everyday situations, and learning tips. They also have bonus content that you can unlock as you advance, in order to keep you motivated. All their content is available on the app. Subscriptions are $3.49 a month when you sign up for a year.

Best Interactive App: Busuu
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Busuu is a language learning system that offers 12 different languages. Their Spanish course includes more than 80 units that include grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading, and conversations. Also, you can choose from the topics that interest you the most. They use machine-learning technology to create personalized lesson plans and practice using speech recognition.

Something that makes Busuu unique is that it has a social feature, and you can get instant feedback from people in their community. Their program includes writing and conversation exercises that you can send off to obtain feedback. There is also review and repetition, as well as offline learning with downloaded content. Although a lot of the Busuu content is free, some features can only be accessed if you buy a premium subscription (around $11.30 for one month or around $6.60 per month, billed annually, for one year).

Best Augmented Reality App: Mondly
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Mondly is an app that has versions for learning 33 different languages, although Spanish is their most popular one. It uses a conversation focused method, speech recognition and augmented reality to create a fun language learning program. They have exercises to practice reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The app also includes a dictionary and verb conjugator. Some of the strategies they use are focusing on phrases and not words, learning from conversations while listening to native speakers, and using a repetition system. Using augmented reality and speech recognition, you can have conversations to practice your Spanish. Much of the app’s content is free, but to access all of their features you need a subscription ($9.99 a month or $47.99 a year).

best android app to learn spanish

You have decided to learn a new language. That’s great! The only problem is figuring out where to start. There aren’t many methods that can replace learning in a class with someone who speaks the language. However, there are some language learning apps that can help you learn faster. Here are the best Android apps for learning Spanish! We also recommend HelloTalk and Tandem, two social networks where people talk in foreign languages to each other to tutor one another in the proper use of those languages. They are really neat experiences.

We’d also like to give an honorable mention to Ella Verbs (Google Play link), a little game that helps conjugate Spanish verbs better.

The best Android apps for learning Spanish
Google Translate
Language Drops
Rosetta Stone
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Price: Free / $5.41-$8.33 (billed every 3, 6, 12, or 24 months)

Busuu screenshot 2022
Busuu is a language learning app that specializes in about a dozen languages, including Spanish. As you may have guessed, one of them is Spanish. It uses a variety of techniques, including conversational learning, pronunciation lessons, grammar exercises, vocabulary lessons, and various practices. It also comes with an offline mode so you can keep practicing even with no Internet connection. At least it comes with the latest design standards and that helps make it a bit easier to navigate. The free version is just okay. The subscription options unlock all of the features. They are a little complicated, but not overly expensive.

Price: Free / $9.99 per month

Duolingo screenshot 2019 final
Duolingo is perhaps the most popular language-learning app on mobile. It supports well over a dozen languages and they’re all free to learn. What makes this app different is that you play games to learn. There are little matching games and sound bytes that you’ll have to decipher. It’s all formatted to play like a game so that you can enjoy yourself while you learn. The lessons are bite-sized so you can complete them on the go. Duolingo’s developers claim that 34 hours with this app is the same as one semester of learning in school. In any case, it’s worth a shot!

Google Translate
Price: Free

google translate is one of the best spanish learning apps
Google Translate is an invaluable tool for those learning a new language. The app lets you translate words and phrases into pretty much whatever language you want for free. On top of that, it has a live translator that you can use by speaking into your phone. It even has a camera mode so you can get translations of things like signs, or a piece of paper. The app fills in a lot of the blanks left from other apps. Like Dictionary Linguee, it won’t actually teach you any languages. However, you can use it as a reference tool to help make learning Spanish go by faster. Microsoft Translate is another excellent translator with some good Spanish learning features as well.

Language Drops: Learn Spanish
Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $69.99 per year / $159.99 once

Language Drops is one of the newer language learning apps comparatively speaking. It uses bite sized lessons over the course of a long period of time to teach you a new language. Each session is about five minutes long. People learn vocabulary only without any additional grammar lessons. The idea is to eventually learn to string all of those vocabulary words together as you learn more and more stuff. This is an excellent side app to go with something like Memrise or Rosetta Stone, which focus a little more on fluent speaking rather than vocabulary recognition. The free version should work fine for a while. We think the subscription price is a tad expensive but you can pay for the whole thing once if you want to.

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Price: Free / $8.99 per month / $58.99 per year / $99.99 once

Memrise is another one of the more popular and highly rated options for learning Spanish. It uses a variety of teaching methods, but it mostly revolves around playing a game. You act as a spy and you must convince people from a foreign country that you’re cool. You’ll be quizzed on various words and phrases, grammar, spelling, and more. It’s a neat way to get to where you’re going, although you will have to pay eventually to get all of the content. Luckily, Memrise has both a subscription package and a one-off purchase price, although the one-off price is a bit expensive.

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Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $47.99 per year

Mondly is a popular language learning app on Google Play. It has just under three dozen total languages and Spanish is one of them. It focuses on using basic sentences and conversations to help you learn the language. It’s kind of a trial-by-fire kind of learning path. The UI is quite nice, though. It also comes with audio recordings so you can hear the conversation while you read it. Of course, it comes with general stuff like useful phrases, verb conjugations, and other basic tools. Some of it is free to download and use. A monthly subscription is required for all of the features.

Price: Free / $4.99 with in-app purchases

MosaLingua Spanish screenshot 2021
MosaLingua is a language learning service with a ton of support languages. Of course, one of them is Spanish. MosaLingua uses a flashcard system for learning. The app offers over 3,000 flashcards across 14 topics as well as over 100 subcategories. That’s a lot of words to learn. There is a level structure for proficiency with the highest rating being a ten. It also comes with a dictionary, the ability to create your own flashcards, and more. We especially like MosaLingua because it doesn’t use a subscription service. A single $4.99 payment gets you everything the app has to offer. This is excellent when paired with something like Duolingo for a low-cost alternative to some of the more pricier Spanish learning apps.

Price: Free / $1.25 per month / $15 per year

Quizlet is a general learning app that can be very helpful for those learning Spanish. It’s an app that allows you to custom make your own set of flashcards. The app will then flip them around and help you study without the monotony of buying and writing them down. It will also come up with a couple of fun games that you can play with your flashcards like a matching game. Flashcards work for a lot of people and it’s a good way to learn some basic vocabulary, verb conjugation, and other smaller lessons. It’s a good tool when used alongside other, more serious Spanish lessons.

Rosetta Stone
Price: Free / $11.99 per month / $107.88 per year

Rosetta Stone – best spanish learning apps
Everybody knows about Rosetta Stone. They’ve been a gold standard for non-school-based language learning for decades now. It supports over two dozen languages and that includes Spanish. The app focuses on practical conversation skills, speech recognition, and it focuses evenly on speaking, reading, and listening. It comes with offline support and you can sync your progress between the app and the desktop version. The biggest caveat is the price. Rosetta Stone is quite expensive no matter how you swing it. It’s also been around for a while, though, and people seem to trust it.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

SpeakTribe – best spanish learning apps for android
SpeakTribe is a Spanish-specific learning app that seems to work pretty well. It uses a range of education techniques, including grammar, vocabulary, conversational learning, and more. It focuses a lot on in-depth explanations of things like grammar rules and trying to clearly explain what would normally be confusing concepts. It’s a bit more reading than other language apps, but it’s definitely a more comprehensive approach. The first four lessons are free. After that, you purchase lesson packs as in-app purchases.

If we missed any of the best Android apps for learning Spanish, tell us about them in the comments. To see our complete list of best app lists, click here.
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