Best Apps For Streetwear

The world of streetwear is a constantly-evolving space, and the best apps for streetwear reflect that.

The best apps for streetwear are changing every day to keep up with the latest trends and styles. Some of these apps focus on helping you find your next favorite shoe or shirt, while others help you get started on your own clothing line. By taking advantage of these apps, you can be sure that you’re always up-to-date on what’s happening in the streetwear industry.

Top 10 Best Fashion Android Apps – Updated January 2022

Best Apps For Streetwear

It’s pretty much safe to say that everything is online nowadays. Clothing is definitely no exception, as many stores are exclusively online! Brands have adapted to the popularity of online shopping by having exclusive online deals, pieces that only sell online, and more items to buy than in-store. Due to the growth of online shopping, there are many stores that are now exclusively online — most often through the use of apps. Apps are usually easier to navigate than regular websites, and they have the advantage of being available wherever you bring your phone. Although there are hundreds of streetwear shopping apps, there are some that reign above the rest. They stand out due to their uniqueness, interesting layout, collections to choose from, and ease of use.

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5: Bump App

Bump is an app that allows the user to not only buy streetwear but sell it as well. It has a vast selection of brands to choose from, including Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and Yeezy. The app itself has a fairly organized layout, with five different sections that allow the user to look at their options, look at people who like their content and pieces, message buyers and sellers, sell their own pieces, and manage their profiles. Bump’s vast collection of streetwear is easily enough to solidify its spot on this list, but there is much more to this app than meets the eye. Although it is difficult to navigate within the subsections of the app, when searching thoroughly, users can see how sellers are verified, where they are located, their reliability, and even the sizes of other users. The app is big on buyer protection! Coupled with the selection of pieces it has to offer, it secures its #5 spot.

Price: Free
Purchase from: iTunes and Google Play


4: Depop App

Depop is the “thrift store” of the internet, offering many different vintage brands as well as modern streetwear (including brands such as Supreme, Thrasher, and Tommy Hilfiger). You can both buy and sell streetwear. The app is set up very much like Instagram, as users can create accounts, follow sellers, and see their listings in a personalized home feed. The app also offers a messaging system, an easy-to-use search engine, and a camera, which makes it easier to list items that you’re trying to sell. The buying process is traditional and shipping prices aren’t too bad (they do vary depending on the location and items tend to sell out fast depending on the seller). Depop is truly a community-based app. The fact that it all runs smoothly despite the possibility of issues, such as scamming and unreliable sellers, earns it the #4 spot on our list.

Price: Free
Purchase from: iTunes and Google Play

3: GOAT App

GOAT is a bit different from the previous apps mentioned, offering only sneakers. Despite this, it still earns its spot on the list with easy navigation and many different sneaker brands to choose from (ranging from Air Jordan to Balenciaga). The app allows you to find shoes based on condition, size, and the person who designed them. It is also one of the first sneaker-only streetwear shopping apps of its kind! While apps like Unlaced and KicksOnFire have gotten a fair amount of traction, GOAT stands above the rest offering tons of different sneakers, ease of use, fair prices compared to other apps and sole dedication to buying and selling sneakers. It has remained in high standings since its launch and will remain that way as time goes on.

Price: Free
Purchase from: iTunes and Google Play

2: StockX App

StockX has become the “go-to” app for many buyers and sellers by taking a new approach to the business side of streetwear. Instead of traditionally selling pieces and allowing sellers to list their own items, StockX treats streetwear like the stock market! Sellers can list their pieces at a certain price and allow buyers to either bid on the piece and (1) buy it for more than it’s worth or (2) buy it at the listed price. Items are always verified, as they are usually “top-shelf” pieces. If the can’t be verified, they can be sent back to StockX. Although the process of buying and selling is different than many other apps, and can even be confusing to some at first, StockX is one of the best streetwear apps on the market. There are some pieces on StockX that you won’t find anywhere else! The fact that the items are checked and given an authentication tag helps to keep it listed over other apps. It is by no means the best app but firmly sits at #2 on our list.

Price: Free
Purchase from: iTunes and Google Play

1: Grailed App

The self-proclaimed “peer-to-peer marketplace for new and lightly worn luxury menswear.” Grailed is beloved amongst all online streetwear shoppers, as prices are affordable, pieces are always fresh, and there’s something for everyone! The app offers vintage pieces from brands such as Nike, Puma, and Stüssy as well as high-end pieces from brands like Comme Des Garçons, BAPE, Saint Laurent, and Gucci. The buying process is fair. Users are able to negotiate prices with one another and buy or sell the item for a fair price. Grailed also has something that many other apps don’t offer, its own reading section. In this section, there are articles about old and new fashion trends, new releases, and personal app sales. It “looks down” on other streetwear apps due to its exclusivity as well as its fluidity of use. This is accomplished through the layout, which is separated by shopping/selling, messaging, reading, and managing your account. Within these sections, you can find certain pieces, filter out brands, sizes as well as costs, and educate yourself on the world of streetwear. Grailed is an app with endless possibilities! Not only can you shop on it, but you can read about everything from upcoming drops, trends and the future of streetwear. It’s all on Grailed! For that reason, it definitely grabs the #1 spot on our list of the Top 5 Streetwear Shopping Apps.

Price: Free
Purchase from: iTunes and Google Play

Do you agree with our list here at Audibl Wav? What apps would you change? What would you keep the same? What’s your favorite? Be sure to comment your answers below and check all of these apps out asap!

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Wethenew is the first French marketplace dedicated to sneakers and streetwear products released in limited edition. Their mission is to give the opportunity to all sneaker lovers to buy their pairs of sneakers and other products in full confidence through a certification system for the authenticity. Wethenew has created a network of tens of thousands of retail partners in Europe. In less than three years, the company has become a true reference on the sneaker market in France. Between 2018 and 2021, it has grown from 2 to over 100 employees. Over the year 2021, Wethenew had 20 million visits to its website and sold over 2,700 products. The company now wants to become the European reference for buying sneakers.

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