Best Apps For Stress

When you’re stressed, it can feel like the world is falling apart around you. You might be overwhelmed by an influx of emails and tasks from your boss, or maybe there’s a deadline looming over your head that makes it impossible to think straight. Whatever the source of your stress is, we’ve got a solution for you!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps for relieving stress and getting things done with ease—so no matter what’s stressing you out today, these apps will help make it less stressful.

The Best Apps for Stress Relief | ACTIVE

Best Apps For Stress

If you’re feeling more anxious than usual lately, you’re not alone. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, so many people are experiencing heightened levels anxiety and depression, among other mental health issues. In fact, according to recent survey results, 25% of people are dealing with depression or anxiety, and 55% of respondents say they’ve experienced some mental issue since the onset of the pandemic.

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Whether your anxiety is directly related to COVID-19 or not, it’s always best to seek the help of a mental health professional to come up with a treatment plan. In the meantime, there are number of apps for anxiety out there that may just ease some of those not-so-fun symptoms that come with being anxious. Here are 12 calming apps to try:

Best Anxiety Apps

  1. Lyf

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free, or $49.99 weekly/$4.99 for 30 minutes if you’re looking for individualized support

If you work on the frontline as a doctor, nurse, first responder, or in another healthcare setting, you can access free, 60-minute support sessions with mental health experts.

  1. Breathe2Relax

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free

Proper breathing can not only lower heart rate and blood pressure, but it can get you through an all-out panic attack. Breathe2Relax is an app for anxiety that teaches you how to use diaphragmatic breathing. This can combat the body’s stress responses and leave you feeling a little less freaked out.

  1. Headspace

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free; $12.99/month or $7.99 annual monthly fee; family plan for $19.99 a month

Meditation can alleviate heightened anxiety, and Headspace aims to take the guesswork out of learning how to meditate, and will help you from a regular meditation practice. Anyone can sign up for the free version to check it out. And if you’re unemployed, Headspace is giving away a free year of Headspace Plus—a $69.99 value.

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  1. Panic Relief

Available for iOS

Price: $0.99

Panic attacks are terrifying, but you can do a lot to help get them under control. Panic Relief integrates practices from a psychiatrist and cognitive therapist into brief animations that can guide you through a panic attack. Not only can it help you understand attacks, but you can practice tools to better respond to—and hopefully eliminate—them.

  1. WorryWatch

Available for iOS

Price: $1.99

Tracking your worries is a great first step to worrying less, and WorryWatch can help with that. This calming app for anxiety is more than a place to hash out your woes, as you can use the tools to understand the thought process that leads to ongoing worry.

  1. SuperBetter

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free

SuperBetter will help you combat your anxiety and increase resilience so your anxiety doesn’t take over your life. This makes building strength a game of sorts, as it uses the Live Gamefully® method to activate your resilience-building strengths.

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  1. What’s Up?

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free

Learn how to use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques that can aid in reducing your stress levels. This will help you put things in perspective by keeping a journal and playing an interactive game that’s ideal for moments when you’re in the thick of high anxiety.

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  1. Sanvello

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free; $8.99 a month; $53.99 a year

From peer support to therapy, this app is designed to give you all the mental health tools you’ll need—all from your phone. Even better: Your health insurance plan may cover it!


Available for iOS and Android

Price: $6.99 a month; $49.99 a year

Simply listening to certain music can relieve anxiety. uses AI-generated music that is said to help your brain get into a better state. They have music for relaxation, sleeping assistance, and more.

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  1. MoodFit

Available for iOS and Android

Price: Free

Input your goals, view data on your moods, get tools to help you deal, and get reminders from the MoodFit app. The MoodFit app is especially helpful if your anxiety likes to get sneaky and mask itself as anger, as it will help you better understand how different moods interact and overlap.

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  1. MindShift CBT

Available for iOS

Price: Free

This is another app that promises to teach you how to harness CBT to lower anxiety levels. It allows you to challenge the personal beliefs that may be holding you back from more peaceful living, and gives you clear tools to improve your overall wellbeing.

stress relief apps games

Whether you’re among the one-third of Americans who struggle with anxiety or just need to find a better way to relax, you’re likely willing to buy something that will help. From weighted blankets to fidget spinners to apps, people are turning to non-medicated solutions to help them feel better. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top stress relieving game apps.


Inspired by a game designer who was fighting her own battle with anxiety, SuperBetter has been used by over one million users struggling with anxiety and related issues. Intended to “build resilience and success in everyday life,” SuperBetter is a science backed way to have fun and reduce stress.

Personal Zen

Another science backed option, Personal Zen also makes our list of top stress relieving game apps. By creating new habits and rebuilding thoughts around positivity instead of negativity, the app helps anxiety and stress while building greater resilience, making it a good addition to the top stress relieving game apps. 


Building on the adult coloring book trend, Colorfy is a coloring app for adults. Boasting 25 million users, including a variety of mandalas, Colorfy lets you color over 1000 preloaded images or upload your own. The app has a 4.8 rating in the Apple store and a 4.1 in Google. 

Alto’s Odyssey & Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are endless sandboarding journies set against beautiful, ever-changing landscapes. The games have been recognized by multiple tech magazines for their soothing imagery, often called a “piece of interactive art” and recognized for their therapeutic effect.  


Rated the Apple iPad 2015 game of the year, along with other notable recognitions, Prune remains a contender among the top stress relieving game apps. The simple game allows you to grow and trim a Bonsai tree and the serene sounds and minimalistic graphics are soothing and stress reducing. 


Through better sleep, meditation, and relaxation, Calm users reduce stress. The guided meditations, peaceful sounds, and sleep stories are accessible to users whenever they choose to use the app throughout their day. The app gets strong reviews on both iOS and Google, making it a good pick as a top stress relieving game app.


Many would argue that habit change is necessary to reduce long-term anxiety and stress. Happify helps users do just that by helping them “break old patterns to form new habits.” Drawing from positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior change is at the core of their solution.


Designed for those who would prefer to just “numb out” for a while, Outfolded is an award winning app that remains popular with those who suffer from anxiety. The game allows users to relax and decompress while playing, but it also offers a challenge for those who want it, too. 

If you’re looking for a non-traditional way to reduce stress, try one of these on our list of top stress relieving game apps. Did we miss your favorite? Drop us a line and let us know!


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