Best Apps For Toshiba Smart Tv

A TV is a large investment, and if you’re going to spend the money, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it.

The Toshiba Smart TV is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality television with a ton of features. It’s thin, sleek, and has an impressive picture quality. But just because it comes with all these bells and whistles doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make it even better!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite apps for Toshiba Smart TVs. These are our top picks for apps that are specifically designed for use on this particular brand of television set.

How to Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV [Three Ways] - Smart TV Tricks

Best Apps For Toshiba Smart Tv

There is no shortage of apps for entertainment on a Smart TV. Most of the Smart TVs come with preloaded apps. But still, you can add all your favorite apps on Smart TV. Smart TVs are internet-based and you can add apps like adding them on your smartphone. As far as Toshiba TV is concerned, almost all models are based on Android or Fire TV. You can either add apps from Play Store or from the Amazon App Store. Let’s see the different ways to add apps on Toshiba Smart TV.

How to Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV
As said earlier, you can either download and install apps from the Play Store in the case of Android TV or from Amazon App Store if you are using the Toshiba Fire TV. Apart from these, you can also sideload apps to your Toshiba TV as well.

Add apps on Toshiba Android Smart TV
Add apps on Toshiba Fire TV
Sideload Apps to your Toshiba TV
How to Add Apps on Toshiba Android Smart TV
Quick Tip: Go to Apps section –> Open the Google Play Store –> Search for app –> Install it.

1 Make sure to connect your Toshiba Android TV to the internet.

2 Click on the Apps section under Explore Apps section.

Aps on Android TV

3 Now select the Get More Apps option to launch the Play Store.

Play Store on Android TV

4 Hover to the search field and type the desired app name and click Go. You can also browse for apps under the Featured and Movies sections.

Play Store on Android TVs

5 Select the app that you want to install from the search results.

Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV

6 Click on the Install button. The app will get downloaded and installed on your Android TV.

Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV

7 Open the app and start using it.

Apps on Toshiba Smart TV
This is the most common method to download your favorite app on the Toshiba Android Smart TV.

How to Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV (Fire TV)
Quick Tip: Click Find and choose Search –> Search for the app –> Click the Get or Download button –> Open the app.

1 Make sure to connect your Toshiba Fire TV to the internet.

2 From the home screen, hover to the Search icon. For the latest Fire OS, click the Find menu and choose the Search tile.

Home screen on Fire TV

3 Type the name of the app you would like to download. Or browse the apps under the Movies and TVs section.

Search Apps on Fire TV

4 Select the app you want to add to your Toshiba Fire TV from the search results.

Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV Fire TV Edition

5 Click Get or Download on the app info screen. The app will get downloaded on your TV.

Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV Fire TV Edition

7 Click on the Open tab to launch the app.

Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV Fire TV Edition
If you are using Toshiba Fire TV, then the above method is the common way to add apps.

Sideload Apps to Toshiba Smart TV
Sometimes, you might not find your favorite app on your smart TV. If you still wish to install, then you can sideload these apps on your Toshiba TV. Sideloading means installing third-party apps.

On Android TV
[1] Go to Settings > Security and Restricted Options >>Turn on Unknown Sources. You can install any third-party apps only after enabling this.

[2] Download and install the Downloader app on your TV. For some models of Android TV, you have to turn on the Unknown Sources for the Downloader app specifically.

[3] Open the Downloader app and enter the APK link of the app you want to sideload.

Sideload Apps on Toshiba Smart TV (2)
[4] After the app gets downloaded, install it on your TV.

[5] This method is used to add third-party apps to your Android-based TV.

On Fire TV [New Version]
[1] Install the Downloader app from the Amazon App Store.

[2] Go to the Fire TV Settings and choose Developer options.

[3] Choose Install Unknown Apps and select the Downloader app.

Install Unknown Apps on Toshiba Fire TV
[4] Turn on the Install Unknown Apps toggle for the Downloader app.

[5] Then, open the Downloader app and enter the URL of the app that you want to download.

[6] Sideload the 3rd party app on your Toshiba Fire TV.

On Fire TV [Old Version]
[1] Enable apps from Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > My Fire TV or Device > Developer Options > Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Add Apps on Toshiba Smart TV
[2] Install Downloader on your TV.

[3] Enter the App’s APK URL and click on the Go button.

[4] Now click Download to download the app.

[5] Install the application and start using it.

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The above are the various methods to add apps to your Toshiba Smart TV. You can follow the method depending on the type of OS. If you are facing any issues while installing, mention them in the comment section below.

toshiba smart tv apps disappeared

Smart TVs are a fantastic way to enjoy all your favourite content across a multitude of streaming services, all from the touch of a button. The convenience of having all this fresh content and live TV catch up content cannot be denied.

But like all technology, issues can occasionally crop up for seemingly no reason. You might go onto your apps to find Netflix or Amazon Prime and discover that the app has vanished from your TV. It may only be gone for a short period of time, or it may seem like it’s not coming back. Either way, it can be very frustrating.

Here’s our guide for things to try if you find that your apps are disappearing.

Check Your Internet Connection
Before you do anything else, you should check that your TV is definitely connected to the internet and that there isn’t a lost connection. If your TV has become disconnected or your internet is on the blink, that could be causing your apps to disappear or become unresponsive.

Open a different app to check that your TV is still connected to the internet. If it isn’t, the problem may just be with your internet, and you will need to reset it or call your internet company if the problem persists.

Reset the Hub
Sometimes a simple reset of the hub in your TV can bring back the apps, just like switching the Wi-Fi on and off when something isn’t buffering properly online. Using the menu function on your remote, find the Smart Hub option where you should be able to find the Smart Hub Reset option.

Depending on your set, you may want to look up the manual for your TV to see precisely how you navigate to the reset button for the hub, as it can vary across TV brands.

Reset the TV
Your TV might be in need of a full reset to get your apps back, which will restore it to the original settings that it had when you first bought it. A full reset should reload the apps and hopefully regain your lost apps. Use the menu button to navigate to the reset option; consult your manual as every TV set has slightly different settings.

hand holding remote control and smart tv apps in background
Update Firmware
Updating your firmware can help to restore your missing apps. It is typically an automatic process, but sometimes it might need a nudge. Head to your settings and look for the Check for Updates option. If your TV is not entirely up to date, you can download the latest software from here which should help to restore your missing apps.

Check your TV manual for exact directions to find the update section in the settings if you cannot find it.

Reinstall the App
It may just be a specific problem with your missing app, and you can just reinstall it. If your app is still visible but just isn’t launching, you can uninstall the app and download it again from the app store. This is a simple solution that should hopefully bring your app back to your TV.

Sync Apps
Some TV models will have a sync option that works like a refresh for your apps. You can find the sync option in your TV settings. See your TV manual for specific directions on how to find this button.

Contact Manufacturer
If you’ve tried all these options and the problem persists, it might be time to contact your TV manufacturer. They should be able to help diagnose the issue and offer additional help. If all else fails, you could consider getting a dedicated streaming device for your TV, like the Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. Or, if you have your wanted apps on another device like your phone or tablet, you could cast them to your TV so you can still watch your content on the big screen without needing to access the app directly through the TV.

watching tv in cosy living room
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