Best Apps For Tracking A Phone

The best app for tracking a phone is the one that works best for you. There are many different options out there, so it’s important to find the one that will work best for your needs.

This post is going to provide you with some helpful tips on how to find the right app for tracking your phone.

12 best phone tracking apps for Android and iPhone in 2021 | Cleveland Scene

Best Apps For Tracking A Phone

Are you an extremely curious person? Because we all are, and we’ve all been there, striving to find out something, at any cost. Even more, we’re sure that everyone has sometimes wondered how good it would be to have some way of tracking someone and its actions without anyone knowing.

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Whatever the reason for that is, there are justified situations when using a phone tracking app is the only painless way to find out or achieve something. Do you need to know where your kids are? Or maybe your elderly parents? A tracking app can be the perfect solution for that. It can even help you find your stolen phone!

Well, we’ve found, and we’re bringing you the best phone tracking apps that guarantee you total discretion and anonymity.

The Best Phone Tracking Apps
uMobix: Overall Best Phone Tracker Apps
Hoverwatch: Best Phone Number Tracker For Parents
FlexiSPY: Multi Device Compatible Phone Tracker
XNSPY: Affordable Phone Locator
mSpy: Best Value Cell Phone Tracker App For Beginners

1.uMobix: Overall Best Phone Tracker Apps

Quick overview
uMobix is one of the best smart mobile tracking apps that you can decide to use. If you want to keep an eye on your kids’ activities on their smartphones, this is the ideal way to do that. This parental monitoring app has advanced tracking features and can be used only for ethical controlling purposes, so you can freely monitor your kids and relax knowing that they’re safe.

This cell phone tracker is compatible with Android OS 4+ and iOS devices. uMobix updates the data every five minutes so that you won’t miss anything, thanks to the real-time updates.

The use of the app is easy and allows you to monitor exactly 41 apps and social media platforms. The possibilities are endless, so there’s no chance that you won’t find what you’re looking for! You can install it on the device you want to track with just one click.

What does it offer

The dashboard shows you all of the activities so that you can search through different apps and social platforms’ activities.
You can see all of the calls and SMS messages
You can see even the deleted SMS messages
You can view and restrict any incoming, outgoing calls, and SMS messages
You can block access to unwanted websites
You’ll have access to all of the emails
You’ll have access to all activities on dating sites
You can see every activity on YouTube
You can look through the all browsing history
You can read the messages on the social media
The keylogger allows you to see every keystroke entered on the phone
Thanks to the GPRS tracking, you’ll get access to all of the visited locations and keep an eye on all movements
How to start

Just choose the most suitable subscription plan for you and register. uMobix offers three types of subscription plans. All three provide you with the same options. The only difference is the length of the use and the price.

The first subscription plan is for one month. You’ll get the full pack for only a $49.99 monthly payment. You can choose a three-month full pack subscription plan for $27.99 per month or the 12 months full pack subscription plan for $11.66 per month.

Choose the most affordable and the most acceptable subscription, install uMobix and start your monitoring process. Just remember that one subscription allows you to track one device.

Additional features

If you encounter any kind of problem, you can reach their customer service via their online contact form or phone. They’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

uMobix offers you a lot of educational posts on its blog. They have excellent guidelines and solutions for the proper use of the Internet by your children, and those articles can really help you and them.

Easy installation
Access to every social platform
Access to deleted messages
Detailed reports
Fast updates
Excellent keylogger
Educational articles on the blog
Helpful customer service
Access to one device per subscription
=> Click here to visit the official website of uMobix

2.Hoverwatch: Best Phone Number Tracker For Parents

Quick overview
Founded in 2002, Hoverwatch has gained an astounding number of satisfied customers all over the world. Hoverwatch has been installed on over 12 million devices which speaks volumes about its functionality and credibility. This makes it one of the best tracking apps you can purchase. Hoverwatch is available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS X.

This application is often used due to its many powerful tracking options. Hoverwatch does everything that every user would like when it comes to monitoring activities on mobile phones over the Internet. It can even work in stealth mode, which means that it can remain entirely invisible, so you can safely look through everything you want.

What does it offer

Record all incoming and outgoing calls
You can track SMS and Facebook messages
You can monitor the activities on WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber
When the phone gets unlocked, the camera takes pictures
You’ll get access to all of the photos taken with the camera
You have access to see the internet history
You can read everything written in the TO-DO list
You can see every pressed key from the user
You can track the device even without its SIM card
Even if the user has turned off the Wi-Fi or GPS, you can see the location.
Subscription plans

Hoverwatch offers three subscription plans to choose from. Those are the Personal, Professional, and Business subscription plans. Let’s take a quick look through them so you can easily detect the most suitable for you.


The lowest price for the Personal plan starts from €24.95 per month. You can purchase it for three months for €59.95 or twelve months for €99.95. This type of subscription plan allows you to use all the monitoring functions and track one device.


The Professional subscription plan starts for as little as €9.99 and gives you the possibility to track five devices at the same time. You’ll have access to all monitoring functions. Plus, you’ll be able to get the mobile viewer, which is a mobile application for managing all of the received data via your phone device. The one-month price for using the Professional subscription plan and monitoring five devices is €49.95, three-month accessibility is €99.95, and the twelve-month cost is €199.95.


The Business subscription plan also gives you access to the mobile app. The mobile app will allow you to keep track of everything via your phone device, which is an excellent option to be updated about everything no matter where you are.

Thanks to the Business subscription plan, you can track up to 25 devices, and if you choose this plan, the monthly payment subscription will be €149.95, three months €299.95, or twelve months €499.95.

Additional features
You can find many positive reviews from more than one million satisfied customers on their website. If you’re still not sure if this app is the perfect solution for you, take a look at them, you’ll make up your mind a lot more easily.

They often have discounts for purchasing the subscription plans, so keep track of that, and you might be surprised.

Easy to use
You can monitor up to five devices
It gives you access to browsing history
Compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac OS
Different subscription plans
Excellent quality on the recorded phone conversations
Tracks social media messages
The Keylogger comes separately
=> Click here to visit the official website of Hoverwatch

3.FlexiSPY: Multi Device Compatible Phone Tracker

Quick overview
FlexiSPY is a pioneer when it comes to tracking mobile apps because they had made the first commercial tracking app ever in 2006.

FlexiSPY is the best app you can choose if you want to monitor your kids, employees, or your elderly parents’ activities. It even allows you to open the phone microphone and listen to the surroundings.

Thanks to this app, you can track the activities on iOS and Android devices. Just install the app on the device you want to monitor and to your own personal device. The installation process is very simple. Then, the app will monitor all the activities and send you all the info.

What does it offer

This app is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and computers.
You can monitor the frequency of usage on installed mobile apps
You can listen and record phone calls
You can get access to the phone camera
You’ll get access to all the locations the device has been
There’s available extraction of entered passwords
You’ll get access to GPS tracking to track a cell phone location
You can monitor the passwords
You can see all visited websites
You’ll have access to the social media messages
You can read the emails and SMS messages
These aren’t all the options. FlexiSPY provides you with more than 73 features, so anything you might need, FlexiSPY got it covered. That’s what makes this app so widely used!

Different Versions

You can get the FlexiSPY app in three different versions. You can choose between Lite, Premium, and Extreme versions. All of them will provide you with various features. Let’s see what each of them can offer you so that you can select the perfect one for you.

The Lite version has the lowest price for purchasing, only $29.95 per month. This version will provide you with the most crucial options, such as call logs, SMS messages, browsing activities, photos, videos, and much more! If you need the basic information about the person’s device you’re tracking, this version is the perfect one for you.

If you decide to purchase the Premium version, you’ll get more tracking options for just $69 per month. You’ll get all the features that the Lite version оffers, plus many additional new ones such as call logs and messages from social networks, emails, etc.

You can purchase this version monthly, but we think that the most affordable way available is to buy it for three or twelve months.

The Extreme version will provide you with the richest tracking options for $199. It combines all of the above, plus phone recordings, social networks recordings, notifications for calls, etc. Shortly put, the tracking app will notify you about everything you can think of. Available for purchase for three or twelve months, this version will keep you informed about every activity, so if you want to get a deeper look into someone’s actions, you’ve found the best subscription plan.

FlexiVIEW – Mobile Viewer App

If you’re on the move and can’t use the computer, FlexiSPY has the solution even for that. You can be informed about everything wherever you are, thanks to their mobile viewer app, which comes free with your purchase. This app is highly secured because it uses two-factor authentication, so no one but you can get access to it. The app allows you to group data by category, monitor only the most relevant data, manage all your accounts, and many more possibilities.

Additional features

FlexiSPY has a live chat that allows you to speak to actual humans regarding any question making you doubt the purchase. Don’t worry because their amazing 24/7 available help desk covers you if some problem occurs.

They have excellent data security, so you can be safe at all times.

What surprised us most was the possibility to trade your old product from their competitors, and FlexiSPY will give you a discount for their software.

Advanced features
High level of security
Access to more than 73 features
24/7 customer help
Excellent mobile viewer app
Different versions available
A bit expensive but definitely worth it for the services you’ll get
=> Click here to visit the official website of FlexiSPY

4.XNSPY: Affordable Phone Locator

Quick Overview
This is another fantastic phone app that tracks all phone activities on whoever you’re interested in. The many features XNSPY offers will keep you updated anywhere you are. It’s available 24/7, so you can see the activities on the device you’re tracking at any time.

XNSPY is totally invisible and undetectable, and it’s available for Android and iOS devices.

What makes it one of the best tracking apps is the ability to set alerts that notify you every time the device is in a specific location or whenever the person you’re tracking uses a particular word.

What does it offer

You’ll get access to all the phone entries
You can see all SMS and social networks messages
You can block unwanted apps
You have easy access to the list with locations
You can get alerts on specific locations
You can record phone calls
You can record the phone surroundings
You can receive alerts when a specific word is written
You have access to the browsing history
You can see all the Wi-Fi networks connections
You’ll get access to all the photos and videos
You can read all emails
Subscription plans

XNSPY offers a Basic and Premium Edition subscription. The Basic Edition subscription has fewer options available, while the Premium Edition subscription has all in it. You can purchase one of those, use it, and pay for it monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

If you purchase the Basic Edition subscription for one month, you’ll pay $49.99. If you decide to use it quarterly, it’ll cost you $69.99 quarterly and yearly $99.99 annually.

If you go with the Premium Edition subscription, you’ll have access to all of the features XNSPY offers. Monthly use is $59.99. For the quarterly use, you’ll need to pay $99.99, and for the yearly use $89.99 annually.

XNSPY often has big discounts on these purchasing prices, so before making a decision, make sure that you visit their website to check the current prices and discounts.

Additional features

XNSPY offers a partial refund in case you’re not entirely satisfied with the phone tracking app. You should ask for a refund within the next ten days since the purchase.

With XNSPY, you’ll need only a few minutes to get started. They have a lot of satisfied customers and users, whose numbers are rapidly growing.

XNSPY has a blog with many tips and tricks that you’ll find highly useful. The XNSPY customer support is always at your service if you encounter any issues. Available 24/7, you can reach them through their live chat, or you can search through their base of many questions and find your answer.

Easy installation
24/7 alerts
24/7 live chat
Undetectable and secured
Free updates
100% invisible stealth mode
Satisfaction guaranteed
The refund is only partial
No free cell phone tracker
=> Click here to visit the official website of XNSPY

5.mSpy: Best Value Cell Phone Tracker App For Beginners

Quick overview
The mSpy app is one of the best apps in the world that provides good value for money and top-notch tracking options. mSpy has offered its services for more than ten years and has gotten support in 180 countries. They’ve gained 1.5 million satisfied customers, which is an astounding number

mSpy is constantly present in the press and mentioned in Android Authority, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, News Watch, Tech Times, and many others.

mSpy is proud of its 36 monitoring features, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

The app is very fast because it updates everything every 5 minutes, and it gathers all kinds of info and helps you to create a safer online world for your kids.

What does it offer

You can see all of the messages, even the deleted ones
You can control apps and programs
You can record the phone screen
Best for gps location tracking
You have access to monitor the biggest social platforms
You can see every photo and video saved on the phone
You can search through all browsing history
You can read all emails
You’ll get access to all installed applications and programs and the ability to block unwanted ones
There’s even a screen recorder that allows you to see everything that’s happening in real-time visually
mSpy Blog

The mSpy blog is a section on the mSpy official website that holds a large number of parenting tips and instructional articles. You can educate yourself on many topics and learn many tips and tricks to make your monitoring even more detailed.

The blog is highly useful and will definitely help you get the most out of the tracking software and the monitoring processes.

Subscription packages

mSpy has three premium subscription packages with all of the features available. If you choose to subscribe for only one month, you’ll need to pay $55.99. The three-month premium package subscription will cost you $39.99 every month. This is the most purchased subscription plan out of the three. The third one is $16.66 per month and is available for use for 12 months.

mSpy often offers discounts on their subscription packages, so make sure to check their website.

Additional features

mSpy is highly secured because they use encryption for all of the info. Nobody except you can see it. They use bank-grade security so that you can use it without any danger of your exposure.

They have 24/7 available customer support, which can be very useful and helpful. Their team of experts will gladly help you with anything that bothers you.

mSpy is PCI DSS certified, McAfee secured, and Norton secured, which makes it one of the safest phone tracking applications.

Easy installation
Informational blog
Highly secured
24/7 customer service
It doesn’t support Mac or Windows
=> Click here to visit the official website of mSpy

Buying Guide For the Best Phone Tracking Apps
Price and subscription
You can find many different prices available, but that’s not a quite reliable indicator of the services the app will provide you with. Check the features of the app; that’s the most important thing. Apps have different subscription plans, and each subscription plan offers additional features. Find the subscription plan that’ll give you the wanted features, options, and possibilities, then compare the prices and decide if the price is worth it.

To be completely honest, usually, the more expensive apps are offering and allowing more tracking options and possibilities, while the cheaper ones offer less, so it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Don’t forget to check the compatibility of the phone tracking app you want to get before buying it and the device you want to keep an eye on. You’ll need to connect them, so they must be compatible with each other. If the device you want to track has an iOS system, make sure that the tracking app you want is compatible with iOS devices. If you don’t do this, you’ll only waste your money. There’s no way possible to connect them if they’re not suitable, so make sure to always check this.

Customer support
Desk help and customer support should always be at your service. If you’re starting to use such apps for the first time, you might get a little confused, even though they’re very simple to use. Imagine what might happen if you have no one to turn to when you encounter a problem. You’ll need someone educated in this field to help you, so always check if the company offers these services.

That’s why it’s essential to have a 24 hours, seven days a week, available and educated team. They’ll be able and happy to help you and explain everything that’s confusing you.

Customer reviews
Customers’ reviews are the best indicator of a company’s services. Users aren’t afraid to say and to write how they feel about an app, what features are satisfying and useful, and which features are disappointing.

Make sure that you always read the customers’ comments. They’ll help you better understand what you’ll pay for and what you’ll get. After reading the positive but also the negative comments, you’ll be able to decide if the services that the app provides are those that you’re searching for.

How We Made This List
We’ve paid attention to bringing you the best tracking apps that are compatible to install on most devices. If they aren’t, then they wouldn’t be the best ones, right?

No matter if you want to track an android phone or iOS device, we’ve got you covered. These apps are the finest you can find, and you can use them on almost any device. Your search stops here. Just choose the most suitable and compatible and start your monitoring.

Ease of use
There are a lot of complex software applications, but we’ve successfully avoided them. This type of software and app offer many options and possibilities, and sometimes its use can become overwhelming. You might get confused because you’ll have access to lots of apps, messaging services, and phone numbers.

This is the reason why the apps should be easy to use. All of the apps we’ve offered you above are user-friendly and have very easy navigational platforms. Everything is simple and divided into sections, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re doing and what you’re looking for.

Subscription plans
We’ve paid a lot of attention to every tracking app we offer you to have more subscription plans. This way, you can choose how much money to spend and precisely what features you need in the application. We also wanted to give you the opportunity to try to use a particular application for a month and then decide if you want to extend your subscription.

The apps we’re recommending to you have a lot of features, options, and different subscription plans. You just need to take a look at them and choose the subscription plan that’ll get the job done perfectly.

We have made sure that you have access to blogs because blogs can be very useful despite the use of tracking apps. We’ve provided you with access to articles with tips on recognizing if your child is using the Internet incorrectly, if they are in danger, or what people they’re contacting. Knowing how to identify those things can prevent many consequences. So, that’s the reason we’ve provided websites that, in addition to excellent phone tracking applications, offer informational content.

Benefits of Using a Phone Tracking Apps
Phone tracking applications are becoming more and more popular. Worrying about whether your loved ones are safe can finally come to an end. You can gain a lot of advantages by using phone tracking applications, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Check up on more than one employee
The phone tracking app will allow you to monitor more than one device at a time. If you have a couple of employees, you can use the app to check on them and see if they’re doing what they should be doing. If there are any irregularities, the phone tracking app will quickly inform you.

free app to track phone without them knowing

Cell phone tracking enables you to follow the movements of a person of interest. You can track someone’s location without them knowing by installing a spy app secretly on their target phone. These phone spying apps track almost all targeted phone activities like Calls, SMS messages, Google map’s location, Web history, Social Media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.

👍 Track any phone location by its number with Localize.Mobi
How to Track Someone’s Phone Location Without Them Knowing Step by Step Guide
Here are steps to track someone’s cell phone without them knowing using the popular mSpy app.

Step 1) Open your browser.

Open your browser and visit website.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 2) Login mSpy account.

Next step, Get an active mSpy account and “Sign In”.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 3) Select your language.

Select language as English and click on the Confirm button.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 4) Set Up a monitored device.

Click on the “Get Started” button.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 5) Select the type of device you want to monitor.

Android or iOS device. Here we have selected the Android phone option.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 6) Select I have full access to the device.

Select “Yes” and click on the “Proceed” button.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 7) Select the device manufacturer.

Here, you get various options of different device manufacturers like 1) Samsung, 2) Huawei, 3) Xiaomi, 4) Moto, 5) Google Pixel, 6) LG, and 7) Other.

We have selected Samsung. Then, press the “Proceed” button.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 8) Select your Android Version.

You can check the Software Information screen in your Android phone to find the Android version.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 9) Disable PlayProtect option.

It is required that you disable PlayProtect on the mobile device that you like to monitor.

Open the Play Store
Tap on the three icons in the upper left corner of the profile icon in the top right
Search and press Play Protect option
Tap on the Settings icon located at the top right corner
Disable Scan apps with Play Protect option.
Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 10) Open any Web Browser on your target device.

Draw the Captcha
Press the “Download” Button
Click OK to ignore the warning
Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 11) Download APK file.

Once downloaded, Open the APK. Tap Allow from this source option.

Track Someone’s Phone Location

Step 12) Configure mSpy Process.

mSpy app will open. After this, just continue with the configuration process.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 13) mSpy Configuration done.

Allow sometime (2-3 hours) for mSpy to record the activity and send it to the server. However, it will also depend on the internet speed of the target device.

To check the phone activity of the target device, login into your mSpy dashboard on the web. On the homepage, you will see Most Messaging Contacts, Most Calling Contacts, Most Visited Websites, etc., details of the target device where you have installed the spy app.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 14) Track social media.

You can also track important information like WhatsApp history and GPS location.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Step 15) Track history.

Check Internet search history. You can also check your browsing history, emails, block websites list, etc., of the person.

Track Someone’s Phone Location
Best Apps to Track someone’s phone
Name Supported Platforms Free Trial Link
mSpy iOS and Android Yes Learn More
Umboix iPhone, Android, operating system. Yes Learn More
Clevguard Windows, iOS, and Android operating system. Yes Learn More
Hoverwatch Windows and Mac operating systems. Yes Learn More
FlexiSpy iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac. No Learn More
1) mSpy
mSpy is a mobile phone tracking app that helps to remotely monitor any person’s mobile phone actively. This app helps you view all their messages without any hassle. You can check the GPS location of your friends’ or partner’s device.

MSpy App


mSpy offers activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.
This mobile tracking app helps you to read incoming or outgoing text messages.
You will receive updates within a specified time
You can encrypt and protect your location data.
Allows you to spy on your spouse’s cell phone without getting detected.
What you Monitor using MSpy App:

✔️ Calls & Messages: View incoming/outgoing Calls, view SMS/messages including iMessage
✔️ Social Media: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Telegram, Hike, Hangouts, Line, Tinder, Viber
✔️ Location: GPS Tracking, Geo-Fencing
✔️ Internet: Browsing History, Website Bookmarks, Wi-Fi Networks, incoming/ outing emails
✔️ Others: Keylogger, Screen recorder, Application Blocking, View Photos, and Videos, Blocking Websites, Keyword Alerts, calendar activities

Key Statistics:

Supported Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad
Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes
24/7 Support: Yes – Offers a toll free helpline as well
Free Trial: 7-days Free Trial Money-back guarantee: 14-days Refund Policy
More Information >>

2) uMobix
uMobix is one of the best spy app that allows you to log into someone’s mobile and check their phone history. This mobile tracking app helps you to access the target phone,



It offers a live control panel to track the activity of your child’s phone.
You can track phone calls with ease.
You can quickly access the photo gallery.
Offers advanced GPS tracker.
It enables you to track browser history.
What you Monitor using uMobix App:

✔️ Calls & Messages: Monitor call logs, contact lists, text messages, detect deleted messages, calls, and contacts, restrict calls, diable messages
✔️ Social Media: Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Youtube, Reddit, Tiner, Zoom, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, Hangouts, Kik, and other Dating apps
✔️ Location: GPS Tracking, Geo-finder
✔️ Internet: Record browser usage, browser history, mailbox scanner, and browser bookmarks.
✔️ Others: Keylogger, Application Blocking, Photos, and Video tracker, sim card replacement, regulate data usage, blocking the website, Wi-Fi, and devices, additional apps for parents

Key Statistics:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS
Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes
24/7 Support: Yes
Free Trial: 7-days Free Trial Money-back guarantee: 14-days Refund Policy
More Information >>

3) ClevGuard
ClevGuard is a phone tracking app that allows you to track someone’s online activity without them knowing remotely. It offers real time location tracking features that allow you to access phone files quickly from any place. It also helps you set up geofences and get alerts when that person enters or exits the boundary.



This mobile phone hacking app allows you to track the cell phone securely of a person.
You can get real-time data sync by either 3G/4G network or by Wi-Fi.
You can record phone calls on your child’s phone.
Clevguard offers support for multiple languages.
You can capture screenshots remotely.
This spy app provides 24/7 support via chat and email.
It enables you to get someone’s personal data and passwords.
What you Monitor using Clevguard App:

✔️ Calls & Messages: Monitor call logs, contacts, and messages, record call logs
✔️ Social Media: WeChat, Viber, Kik, QQ, LINE, LINE Lite, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, etc
✔️ Location: GPS/Wi-Fi Locations, Geo-fencing
✔️ Internet: Monitor Browser History
✔️ Others: Location History, monitor Photos, Video Preview, Calendars, Data Export, Keylogger, App activities, capture screenshots.

Key Statistics:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows
Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes
24/7 Support: Yes
Free Trial: No Money-back guarantee: 30-days Money Back
More Information >>

4) Hoverwatch
Hoverwatch allows you to track SMS, GPS location, call history, and social messages of a target device. This cell phone tracker app supports various social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram.



You can see the information received and sent by the user.
Allows you to track a cell phone’s photos, screenshots, phone’s exact location, and save SMS messages.
You can easily install software from your online account.
It enables you to know the Internet history of someone’s Android phone.
This application helps you to control your employee and children’s activity online.
You can remain invisible while using this location tracking service.
What you Monitor using Hoverwatch App:

✔️ Calls & Messages: Records incoming/outgoing calls and SMS, tracks incoming/outgoing calls and SMS, access to phone book information, and saves it.
✔️ Social Media: Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber
✔️ Location: GPS Tracking, sim card location
✔️ Internet: Record and monitor browser history
✔️ Others: Takes screenshots of activities, detects any sim card changes, saves full agenda, including plans, appointments, and reminders implemented in your calendar, takes camera shots

Key Statistics:

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes
24/7 Support: Yes
Free Trial: Yes – 3 days Money-back guarantee: No
More Information >>

5) FlexiSPY
FlexiSPY is the phone tracking app for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It allows you to spy on a computer or target phone.



Provides feature for parental control feature.
It helps you to track the online activities of your family members
It provides a hassle-free remote installation service.
You can track a child’s phone’s log-on/off activities.
Allows you to installing software or uninstall or deactivate the software remotely.
It can run in Hidden Mode in your lost or stolen phone.
It provides a certain key combination for accessing call logs and location sharing data.
Provides dashboard alerts.
You can send remote commands from the mobile or web.
Automatic remote updates with location history.
What you Monitor using FlexiSPY App:

✔️ Calls & Messages: Monitoring incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, MMS, contact list, SMS Remote Commands
✔️ Social Media: Monitors Facebook, LINE, Viber, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Hike, Kik, Instagram, Skype, Google, Hangouts, Telegram, Tinder, WeChat
✔️ Location: Geo-tracking, Geo-fencing
✔️ Internet: Monitors Browsing activity, Browser bookmarks, Network connections
✔️ Others: Monitors Audio files, Application activity, Keylogger, Photos, Videos, wallpaper images, calendar, Send Remote Commands from Web, Dashboard Alerts, check device battery status.

Key Statistics:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows PC
Live Demo: Available GPS Location Tracking: Yes
24/7 Support: Yes
Free Trial: 24 Hours Free Money-back guarantee: 10-days Refund Policy
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❓ What are the Best Apps to Track someone by cell phone number without them knowing?
Following are the Best Apps to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing:

mSpy – Best for Android & iOS Devices
uMobix – Best for Kid’s Social Media Monitoring & Tracking
ClevGuard – Best Overall
Hoverwatch – Best for Android, iOS, and Windows
FlexiSpy – Best for Employee Monitoring
⚡ Why Track Someone Without Them Knowing?
Here are some prominent reasons of Track Someone Without Them Knowing:

You do not need to involve any authority or the cellular service provider of the target.
There are many parents who use spy on their kids’ phones to ensure they are safe and do not indulge in harmful activities. They can take measures to keep them safe
It is useful when someone requires a medical emergency, strikes an unknown place, or is stuck in illegal activity.
You can monitor a phone’s incoming & outgoing calls, SMSs and track the phone’s location in real-time.
These apps are undetectable and go unnoticed by the end-user.
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✔️ How to select the best Mobile Spying Apps?
Phone spying apps are smartphone surveillance applications. Here are key factors in choosing the best Spy app:


You should make sure that the mobile spying app you are likely to use should be compatible with the OS of your phone, which can be either iPhone or Android devices.

Location tracking:

GPS tracking system helps you to track the location of the target phone. A mobile spying app can track cell phone locations secretly to know the whereabouts of your children or even employees. Check our list of Smallest GPS Tracker.

Call log and SMS tracking:

Call logs and SMS tracking is certainly one of the best features to look for in cell phone spying apps. Some advanced mobile spying app allows you to intercept calls and the surroundings of the phones too.

Ability to work in stealth mode:

As it is a spying app, it must be capable of working in a stealth mode by activating it. You should be able to install this app in to on the target device and be sure it will monitor someone’s phone activity without someone’s knowledge.

Price and quality co-relation:

You need to understand that a cheap app will give you cheap features, and a pricey app will give you quality features. However, that does not mean that you should buy a costly spying app. If the spying app offers great features and justifies the price, you can readily go for it.

🚀 Which phone models can you track with the phone tracking apps?
There are many different phone models available in the market, and not all of them can be tracked with the phone-installed phone tracking apps. The one thing that is certain is that these apps will work with most iOS and Android phones.

iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus.
Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.
Google Nexus 4 and 5.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
iPhone 6S Plus (without Apple SIM)
iPhone 7 Plus (without Apple SIM)
iPhone 8 Plus (without Apple SIM)
iPhone X (with Apple SIM)
However, you can also use it in many other iOS and Android devices. To check if your phone supports phone tracking apps, you need to open the settings on your mobile and find out which version of Android is installed on your cell phone. It is important that you contact the app’s customer support to check for compatibility.

❗ Is it legal to log into other people’s Mobile Phones?
Yes, logging into someone’s cell phone is not currently mentioned as a crime in any country or region. However, if the phone owner is not aware, it will be considered a privacy invasion, leading to legal action that varies by country.

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