Best Apps For Tracking Baby Development

Keeping track of your baby’s development is important.

In fact, it’s one of the first things you should do as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. It’s important to recognize that every child develops at their own pace—and even more importantly, every child develops differently from every other child. As a parent, it’s important to recognize this and keep an eye on your baby’s development so that you can get them the help they need if they’re not meeting milestones or developing at a normal rate.

However, there are some apps that can help make tracking easy and convenient for you. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite apps for tracking baby development:

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15 Top Baby Development Apps To Track Milestones

Best Apps For Tracking Baby Development

Having a baby is such a wonderful thing. And while parents have to endure sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, and a lot of other adjustments, nothing beats witnessing your child grow—from their first word to their first few steps.

To help you keep track and take note of your child’s development, we’ve curated a list of apps that will guide you through their progress, warn you of probable sleepless nights, tell you the next milestones to expect, suggest age-appropriate activities, and advise you on what else you can do to support their development.

  1. BabySparks
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    Baby Sparks App Screenshot.
    Baby Sparks App Screenshot.
    Baby Sparks App Screenshot.
    BabySparks supports your child’s early development by creating a personalized program revolving around meaningful play. The app provides a daily customized program, containing eight to 10 activities that come in the form of instructional videos to help you do them with your child.

The app also enables you to track your child’s progress using a comprehensive tracker, based on highlights and milestones from early development authorities such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Essential Mobile Apps For New And Expecting Parents

The app automatically measures your child’s progress and generates a simple and easily understandable graphic of your child’s development.

You can also browse activities based on categories (e.g. gross motor development), places (e.g. home or outdoors), and milestones (e.g. walking).

BabySparks offers monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.



Download: BabySparks for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

  1. The Wonder Weeks
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    The Wonder Weeks App Screenshot.
    The Wonder Weeks App Screenshot.
    The Wonder Weeks App Screenshot.
    This multi-award-winning app is based on a Dutch book that draws from years of study and observation of infant development. It discusses 10 changes in mental development, called mental leaps, that take place during the first 20 months of a baby’s life.

The app will help you to: know when to expect these difficult phases to start and end, gain insights about each leap, and take note of signals that a leap is on the way.

It also helps you to: keep track of your child’s development and milestones in a diary, tick off skills that your child has developed, and give you tips on how to help your child cope with and get the most out of these developmental phases.

The app includes extras such as a Wi-Fi baby monitor, a range of white noise sounds, an audiobook and eBook, and 350+ extra milestones to keep track of in the app’s diary.

Download: The Wonder Weeks for iOS | Android ($3.99)

  1. Kinedu
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    Kinedu App Screenshot.
    Kinedu App Screenshot.
    Kinedu App Screenshot.
    Kinedu helps parents support their baby’s development by providing them with age-appropriate activities to cover everything from pregnancy through to the child’s fourth birthday.

The app generates a personalized plan for your child based on the information you provide, including your child’s birthday and their age of gestation at delivery. It also provides detailed how-to video activities.

Kinedu provides you with more than 1,600 activities and access to a rich resource that contains more than 450 articles, telling you everything you need to know about your child’s growth.

Sites For Parenting Tips And Advice When You Need It

Another perk is that you can add an unlimited number of people to access your baby’s plan and track their progress. You can add all your family members and caregivers. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child.

Kinedu is free to download. However, some features like detailed progress reports and specialist-written articles are only available for those with a premium subscription.

Download: Kinedu for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

  1. Playfully
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    Playfully App Screenshot.
    Playfully App Screenshot.
    Playfully App Screenshot.
    Fueled by the philosophy that children learn best through play, Playfully enables parents to play with their children by providing several activity ideas that they could do in the comforts of their homes.

It determines the best activities using algorithms based on your child’s age, your rating of activities, and the milestones you ticked off.

The activities also indicate which milestones (e.g. physical, language, social and emotional, or cognitive) are being targeted and give tips on how to best target them. They also show how long you can expect them to take.

The app also gives parents a heads-up of the common materials they might need for the activities lined up for the month.

child development app 0 6 years

The App was first developed in 2013 in partnership with UU (Professor Mary McColagan) and QUB (Dr. Anne Campbell) content authors and the Child Development App Steering Group convened by the Northern Ireland Social Care Council. This steering group included input from social work, early years and education professionals and the DHSSPSNI. The App is part of a series of three Apps which won the husITa Best Human Services App Award 2017.

The App has been updated in 2018 with the assistance of content author Dr Anne Campbell, QUB and colleagues within the DOH and EANI. This App is the first in a series of three Apps (7-12 and 13-18 years).

The App allows learners/users to:

Access information and pertinent video links in relation to child developmental milestones.
Utilise theoretical frameworks, via succinct knowledge summaries, video links and hyperlinked references to enhance an understanding of child development and its relevance to practice.
Draw on significant legislation and policy relevant to work with children and families in NI.
Utilise and reflect on pertinent case studies which are based on realistic scenarios in practice.
Critically reflect on social work / early year’s observational skills and knowledge.
Make decisions based on evidence whilst on practice placement or within the work setting.
Enhance your professional competence in relation to decision making, based on observations and assessment of child development.
Understand the impact of child neglect on child development.
If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can download this app free from iTunes using the link below.

If you have an Android smartphone/tablet, you can download the app free from the Google Play store using the link below.

If you need any help/support using this resource, please contact the Social Care Council.


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