Best Apps For Tracking Goals

Goals are important. They help us make plans, organize our time and resources, and prioritize what we want to accomplish. But it’s not always easy to keep track of your progress toward those goals—especially if you have a lot of them!

To help you stay on track with your goals, we’ve put together this list of the top apps for tracking goals. These apps are designed specifically for keeping track of your goals in all areas of life, from career to health to finances. Some offer features like goal-setting reminders and notifications so that you can stay motivated without having to rely on memory alone.

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Best Apps For Tracking Goals

Ready for a new year, new you? Maintain your resolve and motivation throughout the year by using technology to help track your goals. Whether you want to spend more hours at the gym or save money for a dream vacation, goal-tracking apps can help by gamifying the process of forming new habits and help you succeed in reaching your goals and targets.

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According to a recent study, gamification — the “implementation of game design elements in real-world contexts for non-gaming purposes — can help improve task meaningfulness, and certain game-design elements can trigger different motivational outcomes. Elements like badges, leaderboards, and performance graphs provide a sense of accomplishment and encourage ongoing commitment to goals and tasks. With this in mind, it’s time to trade in the Candy Crush and download an app that will get you crushing goals instead. Read on to learn more about five great apps for tracking goals and healthy habits.

Strides – Track up to seven goals/habits at a time
This iOS compatible app wins for best all-around tracking app based on the sheer number of flexible options it provides. The free version lets you track up to seven goals and habits and it features four tracker types: habit, target, average, and project.

  • Habit: With a simple swipe, you can log your success in creating good habits (getting to work on time) or eliminating bad ones (quitting smoking). Flexible reminders keep you on track.
  • Target: Set a target, such as saving a specific dollar amount by a particular date. The app helps break down that target into achievable increments and keeps you on pace to deliver.
  • Average: Gain insight into trends over time by tracking streaks and success rates on any goal.
  • Project: Create milestones and break down large projects into manageable tasks. The app tracks your completion rate and provides flexible reminders.

The Strides app will walk you through the process step-by-step with easy-to-use templates. The dashboard displays all of your goals, and helpful calendars, charts, and progress graphs make it easy to monitor success.

Pros : Lots of functionality with four different tracking options and a helpful all-in-one dashboard.

Cons : Users may find the feature-rich functionality overwhelming to set up and maintain. Only available for iOS. – A personal coach in your back pocket
Available for both iOS and Android, features a simple interface that allows you to create goals and set targets and reminders that help measure progress and hold you accountable. You can also connect with friends on the app to help challenge and motivate each other. The free version of the app also includes community support features where users can connect with each other to ask questions, offer support, or leave encouraging comments.

In addition to the free habit tracker, offers habit coaching from $15/week and leadership coaching services from $249/month.

Pros : Super easy set up and you can add an app widget to your iPhone’s Today View for easy progress check-ins.

Cons : The coaching element of the app isn’t free. – Digital task manager
Love making lists? You’re going to love This award-winning app organizes tasks, lists, and reminders in one app that syncs with all your devices (Android or iOS). Your to-do list is accessible everywhere and shareable with anyone.

The integrated calendar tracks progress and adds smart reminders so you stay on schedule. Use Siri or Alexa to easily add items to your task list and organize projects by setting task priorities or categories and add notes, subtasks, and attachments.

Pros : Simple daily planner that combines your to-do list, calendar, reminders, collaboration tools, and even your grocery list to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Cons : When adding items to task list using voice recognition (Siri or Alexa), you cannot specify the category.

Habit Streak – Goal tracking made simple
Streak your way to long-term success with Habit Streak — an ultra-simple app that makes it easy to track daily accomplishments for Android users. This minimalistic tracking app keeps you on the straight and narrow by reporting your daily success on each habit and goal. Missed a day? Sadly, your streak goes back to zero and you start over.

Pros : Goals or habits are framed as questions that you respond to daily, which makes tracking simple. For example, “Did you do at least 10 minutes of exercise?” or “Did you only check Twitter once?”

Cons : This app may be too simplistic and doesn’t provide reminders throughout the day. Also, breaking a streak may prove too heartbreaking for some users who might prefer to track average success over a period of time instead.

Way of Life – Change the way you live
Quickly and easily identify the habits — good or bad — that you want to address in your life and track your daily routine using Way of Life’s unique colour-coded system. Features include reminders and a diary, which allows users to take note of what helped or hindered their progress that day. Simplified charts and graphs give you weekly, monthly, or annual trends at a glance.

Pros : Available for both iOS and Android, this app lets you easily track both good and bad habits.

Cons : The free version only lets you track up to three habits.

Will you be enlisting the help of an app to keep your goals on track? Whether you’re making Strides or creating a never-ending Habit Streak, here’s to a successful year ahead!

best goal setting app android

Let’s admit, we all want to be productive in our daily life. However, we all were messed up between our personal and professional life. To be productive, one needs to learn time management skills.

How well you manage your time between tasks and manage your daily life defines your productivity level. Although you can’t become a productive person overnight, you can take small goals to become more productive than yesterday.

List of 10 Best Goal Setting Apps for Android
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Therefore, in this article, we will list down some of the best goal-setting apps for Android. All of these apps were free to download and would help you to set up your goal. Not only that, but some of the apps will even motivate you to work on your goal without procrastinating. Let’s explore the list.

  1. Habitica


The app has all the features that could help to make your habit of remaining attached to the work that you will set on the app.

To motivate you, the app provides you rewards and some tasks that will help you reach the destination quickly. So utilize it, and you will know about that!

  1. Loop Habit Tracker
    Loop Habit Tracker

If you are looking for an Android app to create and maintain long-term positive habits in your life, then look no other than Loop Habit Tracker.

The app has an advanced formula for calculating the strength of your habits. It also shows detailed chats and statistics of how your habits have improved over time.

  1. HabitHub

Habithub is another powerful app that can track habits, accomplish your goals, and finally rewire yourself. It comes with a powerful reminder system that will help you stay on top of all your habits. This is one of the best goal tracking apps you can have on your Android smartphone.

  1. Fabulous

You can use the Fabolous Android app to coach yourself to reach your goals, lift yourself to Get Active, Eat Better, Sleep better, lose weight and stay motivated.

With Fabulous, you can receive science-based coaching to increase your energy levels which can help you achieve your goals.

  1. 7 Weeks
    7 Weeks

7 Weeks is the easiest way to develop a new habit or goal or break a bad habit. The Android app creates an ultra-simple strategy to complete one day of your habit/goal at a time.

Each day you complete helps you to get one step closer to not just making or breaking a new habit, but it increases your motivation, willpower, and discipline.

  1. HabitBull

HabitBull is another best Android goal-setting app on the list, which is powerful and can help you keep track of your day-to-day habits.

The best thing about Habitbull is that it allows users to set goals and track anything and everything.

  1. LifeRPG

LifeRPG is another best Android app that allows users to set goals and achieve them. The best thing about LifeRPG is that it allows users to sort out missions by suggested priority.

Apart from that, LifeRPG allows users to assign unlimited goals which needed to be accomplished. The app can also lead you to improve your skills toward anything as it shows a radar chart that displays your top skills and the skills you need to work on.

  1. Goal Meter
    Goal Meter

Goal Meter is a multi-purpose app that allows users to create a to-do list for goals and habits. The best thing about Goal Meter is that it allows users to improve their daily routine and schedule the day in advance. Apart from that, it was the interface that makes the app more interesting.

  1. GoalMap
    Goal Map

GoalMap is one of the best and unique goal-setting apps you would love to have on your Android smartphone. The best thing about GoalMap is that it allows users to choose from predefined goals or create their own.

Creating goals is easy with GoalMap; users just need to tap on the ‘+’ icon and update the goals. Another thing about GoalMap is its community-based app that means you can connect with others to find motivation.

  1. Lifetime Goals
    Lifetime Goals

Lifetime Goals is a relatively new Goal setting app available on the Google Play Store. The great thing about Lifetime Goals is that it allows users to list their goals, attach pictures, assign categories, set reminders, etc. Not just that, but Lifetime Goals also allows users to keep track of their achievements.

So, these are the best goal-setting apps for Android. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, if you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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