best apps for tv shows on firestick

Firestick is an app that turns your TV into a streaming device. With Firestick, you can watch movies and shows on your TV without having to hook up an external device like a Roku or Chromecast.

But Firestick is so much more than that. It also enables you to play video games and even browse the web, all on your TV screen.

The Firestick interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The dashboard displays categories of apps like Movies & TV Shows, Video Games, and Web Browsers, allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

You can also search for specific apps by name with the built-in search function.

best apps for tv shows on firestick

54 Best Firestick Apps [April 2022] - FREE Movies, Shows, Live TV & More

Best FireStick Apps for Movies and TV Shows [Free + Paid]

1. Kodi (Free)


Kodi tops the list for the best apps for FireStick because of a number of reasons. First, Kodi is a popular streaming player that streams any video content from Movies to TV Series and Live Sports to Live IPTV channels. With the help of Kodi addons, it is able to stream all the shows from Netflix, Hulu, and HBO combined. It is recommended to use the best VPN for Kodi to unblock add-ons and boost your streaming experience safely.

Kodi is a digital media player that is both free and open-source. This is the best FireStick app that you see amongst this list because it enables you to stream Free Movies, TV Shows, Live TV channels, and Live Sports. It is complete entertainment for your family that doesn’t require you to pay for any kind of subscription.

2. UnlockMyTV (Free)


This app is exactly the clone of Cinema APK that brings you Movies and TV Series from all over the world. It has the same interface as Cinema APK that streams high-quality content.

The good thing about this FireStick Movie app is its ad-free streaming. You will not find any advertisement which is a good thing. It also works with Real-Debrid and that will stream all of the libraries in HD.

Downloader URL:

3. CatMouse (Free)


CatMouse is the new streaming app and has gained popularity amongst cord-cutter fans. The interface looks similar to Terrarium TV and it features Movies and TV Series with high-quality links.

It’s another app that doesn’t show ads while streaming. You will get to see the updated content on this app, but the new content will be shown in the CAM version, and users will have to wait until the HD stream arrives. Just paste this below link on the Downloader app on Fire TV Stick.

Downloader URL:

4. Typhoon TV (Free)


Typhoon TV doesn’t depend on Real-Debrid to stream high-quality Movies or TV Shows. It is a fork of Terrarium TV (which has been shut down) and contains zero ads.

It works on Amazon FireStick 4K as well and other Amazon devices. It will make your streaming experience great again because the streams don’t take much time in loading. So you can enjoy all the content without any buffering.

Downloader URL:

5. CKay TV (Free)


CKay TV is a widely popular Live TV channel app that has categories i.e. Sports, Kids, Movies, Music, and a lot more entertainment categories.

Once you click on any section, it will give you a few options to stream. This is amongst the best free FireStick app even though it would not stream in HD quality, but it does bring you the latest movies.

Do select Android Player when streaming its video content.

Downloader URL:

6. Live Net TV (Free)


This FireStick app is a hub for over 800 Live TV channels that you can watch directly on your TV just by installing this app.

Not only that, it has a section for Movies, News, Sports, Cooking, Kids, etc.

You can also search for Live TV Channels by country name, and these channels would pop up.

Downloader URL:

7. Dream TV (Free)


Dream TV on FireStick works similar to how Terrarium TV once worked when it was up and running.

It is the best movie apps for FireStick that streams Movies and TV Shows in 4K quality and has the same interface as Terrarium, so it makes it a perfect alternative.

It has categories such as Comedy, Family, Drama, History, Crime, Romance, etc.

Downloader URL:

8. Bee TV (Free)


It is a recent Movies and TV Series app for FireStick and Android TV Box, bringing you HD quality videos.

It is the best free movie apps for FireStick where Real-Debrid can also be integrated with this app, which is a good addition.

It has an easy-to-use interface and also works well in Android TV Boxes and NVidia Shield.

However, if you’re using Bee TV with Nvidia Shield TV, it’s recommended to use a decent VPN that works with Nvidia Shield TV

Downloader URL:

9. OneBox HD (Free)


OneBox HD is the first app that comes to your mind as an alternative to Terrarium TV.

It streams movies and TV series in HD quality and that’s the most intriguing feature about this app.

You can easily seek the titles using recently added movies and TV shows.

Downloader URL:

10. Cinema HD (Free)


As the name suggests, Cinema HD is a dedicated Movie app that brings you Recent Movies, Popular Movies, and others that you can select by genre. Once you click on any movie, it will provide you with many options. It asks if you want to view the trailer, watch the entire movie, or download it on your Amazon FireStick device. It further asks you the video quality which you want to download. Make sure you have enough storage.

Downloader URL:

best live tv app for firestick


The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool for protecting privacy. With that said, ExpressVPN is an app that aims at protecting your privacy whenever you are online viewing content on Firestick.

The world is packed with hackers and cybercriminals who will stop at nothing to invade your privacy. Governments may also impose some laws that limit access to some content which can lower your streaming experience.

Despite all the measures and developments in technology, hackers seem to only be getting smarter by day. This calls for measures to shut down their activities. There’s also a need to bypass some government limitations to entertain yourself to the fullest.

This app is what you need to maintain your privacy especially if you will be streaming free content. It enables you to change the server location and access content that may be restricted in your particular country.

There are reports that some of the governments and ISP spy on peoples online activities. Aside from that, online content streaming is prone to hackers.

Therefore, the only way you can cool your feet and rest assured your online activities are private and secure is through using the ExpressVPN app. It encrypts all of your connections making them inaccessible to third parties.


Kodi is a popular application. All you have to do is download it on your Firestick and open up a door to endless streaming opportunities.

This is one of those streaming applications that will quickly turn you into a couch potato with a wide array of entertainment options. One of the things that add to Kodi’s growing reputation is its user-friendly interface. Everything is neatly laid out and you can find the various content within no time.

Entertainment is taken to a whole new level with some of the content including live TV shows, music and movies of different genres. Additionally, many Kodi add-ons give you the free pass to the huge pool of content lurking on the web.

With the right directions, install it on your Firestick and begin the quest of enjoying home entertainment to the fullest.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is among the most used steaming apps for Firestick. In most of these applications, people don’t just look for entertainment but also convenience. It’s usually very annoying to keep going back and forth while searching for content on the apps.

This application not only has an elegant interface but it’s also properly organized to ensure you can access what you’re looking for with ease.

The app consists of over 700 tv channels which are more than enough to cover all your entertainment needs. The channels can as well be placed under various categories. Another thing that will probably impress you is the VOD service. With this, you have the opportunity to watch all the movies you want on a video player of your choice.

The main advantage that comes with Live NetTV is that it’s free. There is nothing as pleasing as streaming high-quality videos at absolutely no cost. Using this Firestick app is bound to save you lots of money every month compared to the cable TV.

Cinema APK

Movies and series fanatics will fall in love with this Firestick compatible application. It’s renowned for its endless movies and tv shows streaming capability. You will never run out of content to stream or watch on this great app.

Among the things that make an app successful is its developers. Some apps out there are sloppy simply because the developers don’t pay close attention to them.

On the other hand, the Cinema APK is updated regularly. Also, once new content is released, it’s added to the platform so that the users are not left behind.

Many users are happy about the version updates. These usually help get rid of security issues and bugs. There is an assurance that you are using a safe app and your online activities are secure. Furthermore, navigation is made easy thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface. With all these benefits, what more could you possibly ask for


The TVTap unveils to you a world with all things entertainment. It’s a great app to use with your Firestick or Fire Tv with many good reviews from the users.

The app consists of hundreds of live channels grouped in various categories such as news, music, document tarries, kid’s videos, movie and sports. There is nothing you can’t find on TVTap and that’s why it’s on my list of the best apps for Firestick today.

If you are the kind of a person who likes movies; there are almost unlimited movies on the app from different genres that will keep you enchanted all day long. Sports fanatics are not left behind either. The most interesting thing about sports is usually watching live games.

This Firestick app takes care of this need through its surfeit of popular sports channels from many regions such as Europe and the USA. Furthermore, they cover different sports such as tennis, boxing, NFL and MBL. With all this handed to you, there is no way you will miss a live game.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a household name and among the industry giants for producing Live TV service in the US. Unlike some other apps, this one is a paid service but offers a wide collection of American live channels. Its basic plan comes at costs of only $25 after which you gain access to about 50 tv channels.

When compared to the cable service, sling TV is more affordable and you receive great channels in high-quality streaming.


When looking for a way to stream live TV channels, Mobdro might be the solution you have been looking for all this time. It’s not just a popular app; it’s a platform to meet all your entertainment needs. Whether its news, sports, movies or music, Mobdro has it all. Aside from this, the app includes some of the premium channels such as FOX, ESPN, AMC and HBO among many others

Swift Streamz

You probably want a reliable streaming app for watching live TV on Firestick and Swift Streams serves all the purpose. This streaming app offers more than 700 TV channels. All the TV channels are available Free of charge and are easy to navigate.

One major benefit of this app is that the channels are categorized perfectly to make it easy for you. Some of the categories to browse include USA TV, Sports TV, UK TV and Religious TV.

This is an indication that you can watch the type of channels you want at each specific time on your Firestick without any hustle.

The streaming quality is exemplary with videos of up to 1080p and 720p. The installation process is also easy and the user interface is friendly. To start watching, install Swift Streamz on your Firestick with some easy steps and get going.

TV Catchup

For the people looking for legal and free streaming applications, this is the perfect match for you. Although this Live TV streaming app is available for UK channels, it’s an option for people living in the US and those that want to have a taste of what United Kingdom’s entertainment has to offer.

One major benefit is that there are over 120UK TV that you can stream live and watch without paying a single penny. I know you want to follow up with the BBC international news, horror channels for a taste of horror movies, MORE, Film4, ITV and many others

One major drawback is that the application is coupled with ads. Though, it’s not the only option that has ads. This means that you can bear with the application despite the ad issues.


Here is another free live TV streaming app you can try today. This application is one of the best for on-demand content that includes Live TV shows, Movies and Terrarium TV. At the moment, the CatMouse Live streaming application is working marvellously. It is also popular for high-quality streaming content that sets the application above the competition.

With all the advantages named above, we are sure that this application will become mainstream soon and it will be one of your best applications for live streaming.

USTVNow Plus

USTVNow Plus is live TV that is available for payment in the US. You will find the highest-rated TV channels on it, which include AB and CBS. There are top live TV brands once you pay for the subscription. If you wish to watch for free, you can still access about seven channels.

You can download it on Firestick and enjoy TV, especially if you are an expatriate in the US because it has international live channels.
This app has an electronic program guide that helps you create a recording timetable for programs that you wish to watch later.

Pluto TV

Live TV has a flair to, and you will always love it no matter your age. If you want to flip through channels and get one that has your favorite genre, then Pluto TV is an excellent pick for you.

You can download it on the Firestick and get started today. It allows you to see a variety and experience different things on TV ranging from reality shows to historical documentaries with over 1000 channels at your fingertip

Millions of TV enthusiasts in the US are using this app for free with their Firestick because the app is updated regularly, making it better every day.

TVTap Live

This app has received great reviews on Firestick as users appreciate the variety of programs and the user interface. You can get the best channels in the world, such as CNN and CNBC.

Some of these channels are not available on cable, but Firestick has made it possible with high-quality streaming and HD videos. You can enjoy live TV that has unlimited content on this app without missing any of the shows.

Sportz TV App

If you love sports, live TV is essential for you to stream games as they happen. Sportz TV allows you to watch live TV straight from the pitch. There are other varieties of programs as well to enjoy when there is no match taking place or even stories, recaps, and other news related to sports.

There are over 6000 channels for you through this app, making it one of the best on Firestick. There is a download payment for $10, but it is real value for the money.


Now that you have seen the selections, so let us know what you think in the comments below. Tell us if you have used any and what your favorite is.

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