Best Apps For Wine Ratings

Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, and many people around the world enjoy wine as an accompaniment to their meals. In addition to helping you select the right wine to go with your meals, there are apps that can help you find a good winery near you. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite wine apps here.

Best Apps For Wine Ratings

Like a fine wine, we’ve got better with age and now wine apps are a thing. The world of wine can be overwhelming, intimidating and complex with ‘vionology’ confusing beginner wine enthusiasts wishing to learn more. Luckily, the experts at Cult Wines ( have put together a list of the best 5 wine apps to use when choosing your next drink.

Tom Gearing, the managing director of Cult Wines and runner up in Season Eight of the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ notes ‘wine apps are great for novice ent husiasts to get the closest they can to a conversation with a wine expert. Through apps you are able determine what key fragrances, tastes and regions you really like and that’s a great starting point.’ With over a decade of fine wine investment and collection management services to a global audience, it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about wines. So here is a rundown of the best 5 wine apps to make buying a bottle easier.

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Source: Depositphotos
Source: Depositphotos
  1. Delectable (Android, iOS: Free)It’s the app of our dreams- the Instagram of wine. Delectable is renowned for one of the best wine label recognition features so it’s easy to search a wine’s age, tasting notes and reviews. Users can be ‘verified’ meaning you can decipher reliable, expert opinion from amateur wine connoisseurs. You also get an overall rating so you can learn which is the most popular, liked wine in case you’re really stuck so overall, it’s one of the best wine apps on the market.What we like:
    – A fun feed to allow easy navigation
    – The social aspect – connect, chat and meet fellow wine enthusiasts!
    – Fantastic label recognition software
    – Verified user feature
    – Category focus and trending labels makes finding popular wines easyWhat we don’t like:
    – Niche, finer wines are sometimes missing from the app
  2. Wine Searcher (Android, iOS: Free)This is the best app for those on a budget. Wine searcher is an incredible app tool that allows you to scan over 55,000 global retailers to find the best price for your bottle. Naturally, the information surrounding wine regions and types of grapes is a cut above the rest and the app makes it easy to store this information for future use.What we like:
    – Budget friendly
    – Daily articles to read
    – Good links to underlying merchants
    – Mobile friendly and easy to navigateWhat we don’t like
    – The retailers listed bottle doesn’t always mean it’s still there. You may think you’ve found the perfect wine, but it could be out of stock!
    – The free version of the app has no faults. However, some say that the annual subscription ($70) is unreasonable as you can find the same information for free via a google search
  3. Vivino (Android, iOS: Free)Vivino offers information about wine to both novice and seasoned wine lovers. Not only does it tell you the region, tasting notes and ratings surrounding a specific wine, but it tells you how it ranks in comparison to other wines. This feature makes it easier for the user to purchase different brands with similar tasting notes to wines they have previously enjoyed. If the app is unable to find the vintage you are looking for, Vivino’s customer service team is fantastic in manually identifying wines for their users.What we like:
    – A less personality focussed social feed. This may sound odd but for the user who couldn’t care less about what other people are drinking, this is perfect.
    – Includes winemakers notes and compares similar wines at different price points
    – Great customer service team
    – Great food pairing suggestionsWhat we don’t like:
    – The app sometimes does not find vintage wines, meaning the user must call customer service to get an answer
    – The apps design. This may sound silly, but an all red app can become a little intense over time
  4. Decanter Know Your Wine (iOS: Free)An app dedicated to teaching its users about wine. Could we think of anything better? This learning app comes with 10 free modules for users to increase their knowledge about some of the world’s best wine regions and grape varieties. This is not a cramming tool or a confusing quiz, but rather an app designed to help information sink in through a series of short bursts.What we like:
    – Uses highly effic ient learning methods. For instance, spaced repetition is scientifically proven to help a person’s long-term memory
    – Questions are regularly added. There are over 600 wine questions broken down into 48 modules (over 10 of which are free)
    – The app provides online quizzes for you to practice your learned knowledge.
    – Provides a different, more proactive angle to learning about wineWhat we don’t like:
    – Several glitches in the past. Whilst many of these have now been fixed, issues included users permanently losing their completed course data due to an upgrade, lagging speed of questions and payment issues when choosing to upgrade the app.
    – Not compatible with Android devices.
  5. Cellar Tracker (Android, iOS: Free)A less visually aesthetic app but unsurprisingly, one of the most popular. With a database of over 2.1 million wines and 5.9 million tasting notes from community and wine experts, Cellar Tracker’s softwa re quickly recognises and comments on wines once you enter or scan them in. One user reviewed ‘once entered it is easy to keep track and the programme reminds you if a wine is in its drinking window or needs drinking up.’ Basically, it’s your best digital wine inventory.What we like:
    – Extremely large database
    – Makes managing your wine collection easy and convenient
    – Track your consumption history
    – Reminds you if a wine is in its drinking window and shows the user the bottles current valueWhat we don’t like:
    – Clunky interface. Not visually pleasing and can make an easy app appear overwhelming
    – Dated design. You are unable to slide across pages but must scroll up and down the page instead
    – Nothing too different than Cellar Tracker’s website which processes and offers information faster on a larger screen

best wine app for android

using phone with glass of wine
 PeopleImages / Getty Images

Apps are everywhere these days and for wine lovers with Android devices, the options are virtually endless. Which apps are right for you? That depends on whether you are looking for wine recommendations, or want to share your favorite vino virtually with friends. Maybe you’re after tracking and cataloging your top sips or just want to know the lowdown on a particular wine—where it’s from, who made it, and how much others like it.

In any case, there is a slew of Android-specific wine-themed apps ranging from regional help to winery apps, and food and wine pairing to wine buying apps that promise to give you a wine buying, drinking, and pairing edge.

  • 01of 06Vivino Wine ScannerTwo cell phones displaying Vivino Wine Scanner appVivinoOne of the best all-purpose wine apps around, Vivino allows smartphone users to snap a label shot and use the image to look up the wine’s tech sheets, ratings, winemaker’s notes, and more. Tracking your favorite wines and sharing them with friends has never been easier.Cost: free or $4.99 if you go pro.
  • 02of 06Local Wine EventsWine glass illustration (Local Wine Events logo)Local Wine EventsA great website and a terrific app for the android wine lover. Local Wine Events keeps you abreast of all of the local wine-related classes, tastings, festivals, fund-raisers, and happenings in your area. With on-site ticket sales (and often discounts) you can get the lowdown on events and purchase your tix all in one fell swoop.Cost: free
  • 03of 06Hello VinoWoman holding cell phone displaying Hello Vino wine assistant appHello VinoThis app also boasts label recognition and bottle tracking, but really shines brightest in the wine recommendation for special occasion and food and wine pairing spotlight. Easy to use and offering reliable and tasty pairing partnerships for your food and wine adventures, Hello Vino is a top pick app for the android market.Cost: free
  • 04of 06America’s Wine TrailsIllustration of grapes (America's Wine Trails logo)America’s Wine TrailsFind the nearest wineries to your travel destinations or use for wine trip planning purposes, America’s Wine Trails app is a partnership between WineAmerica and Wines & Vines that brings the country’s 277 wine trails to your phone with winery information, trip planning details, and helpful hints.Cost: free
  • 05of 06Wine DictionaryWine Dictionary logo consisting of illustrated wine glass in between letters A and ZWine DictionaryIf you are new to the vino scene, you may need to brush up on some wine lingo (and pronunciations), and with a swipe of the finger, you’ll be interpreting vineyard vocab in no time. Also, love that users can make wine word suggestions.Cost: free
  • 06of 06Swirl ProIllustration of wine pouring from bottle into wine glass (Swirl Pro logo)Swirl ProA full spectrum wine app—perfect for wine newbies and seasoned enthusiasts alike, Swirl Pro offers wine buying and pairing suggestions, details on grape varieties, customized wine lists, and some cellar management tools. Easy to use at the wine shop when you are looking to pair the right wine with dinner tonight.Cost: $2.99


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