Best Chrome Extension For Tatkal Booking

Do you want to make your Tatkal ticket booking easier?

If yes, you must definitely read this blog. It is a guide to the best Chrome extensions for Tatkal booking. To begin with, let us understand what Chrome extensions are. They are small software programs that customize the browsing experience and add additional features to the browser.

According to Statista, Google Chrome has a market share of 67.66% as of July 2019, making it the most popular web browser worldwide. This clearly shows that a majority of people use Google Chrome for their internet browsing needs. And so, it makes sense to create Chrome extensions that enhance the user experience on Google Chrome.

A Tatkal ticket needs to be booked within minutes! For this reason, it is important that one uses a tool that makes the booking process fast and effective. In order to help you accomplish this task, we have listed out some amazing Tatkal Booking extensions for Google Chrome.

Best Chrome Extension For Tatkal Booking

Tatkal Made easy - IRCTC Auto fill Chrome Extension, Plugin, Addon Download  for Google Chrome Browser
  • MyRailInfo Plug-in / Autofill extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • My Fast Booking – Autofill Extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • Extension (Rs. 10 per booking and Rs.20 per 4 bookings)
  • Roboform (30 Days Free Trial Software)
  • Tatkal Now (First 3 bookings free then Rs. 60 for 6 tickets) {Best Tatkal Software}

1. MyRailInfo Plug-in / Autofill extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)

Auto Fill Extension is a great option to reduce the time consumed on entering the data during IRCTC tatkal booking. It is an option that helps you fill the details (like passenger names, age, etc) and save the details of your journey. Using this extension will help you fill the data automatically during IRCTC tatkal booking.

Must Watch Video to Know How it Works!
  • Visit the site
  • Install the plugin into the Google Chrome browser and it is also compatible with Firefox browser.
  • After installation of the plugin, open it.
  • Fill all details of your journey.
    • IRCTC password
    • Passenger details (name, age, sex, birth preference)
    • You can also fill the payment details if you are using credit card/debit card for payment.
  • After filling the data, click ‘SAVE DATA’ option.
  • Open the IRCTC website and log in to your account.
  • After selecting the train and the preferred class, choose BOOK TICKET option.
  • Click on the plugin, it will fill the data for you.
  • Choose the PAYMENT Option and enter the details.
  • Enter the payment details and you will get the tickets confirmed.

It is a free tool! However, after booking, the site will ask for a small donation, that start from INR 10 to anything you would like to pay.

2. My Fast Booking – Autofill Extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)

This autofill extension works similar to the above-mentioned extension. All you have to do is pre-fill all the data and save it. The data filled in the extension form will be automatically filled in the IRCTC website. Besides, there is an interesting option available in the extension, which is briefed below.

  • Open the link,
  • Install the extension to your Chrome browser and it is more compatible. This extension also supports FireFox.
  • After installation, refresh the page and select the payment option. There are three options available, free plansocial plan and premium plan.
IRCTC Tatkal Software My Fast Booking
  • If you choose free form, it will be enabled automatically.
  • If you choose social form, you should share it on Facebook and it will be enabled.
  • Enter the premium code you receive to activate the premium plan.
  • Fill all the details from IRCTC login details to passenger details.
  • Save the form.
  • Open the IRCTC website and the data will be automatically updated to the site. After booking the tickets, close the browser.

The interesting part of this extension is “Auto Book Now.” It is an additional option that is available as a part of the form.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Software 2021

After you enter the details, don’t refresh the browser. Whether it is 10 AM tatkal opening or 11 Am opening, the link will be automatically opened. IRCTC login session expires after 3 minutes of inactivity. So, please plan accordingly before you log in to the site.

Just be careful when the site opens automatically and you can proceed with the booking. This is an additional benefit that assures getting confirmed tatkal tickets.

Don’t worry if the time zone or time in your computer or laptop does not match with the IRCTC time zone. The extension is developed in tune with the IRCTC time zone and the link will be opened exactly when the tatkal ticketing hours are open.

One credit cost one rupee and you can buy in lots of 10 credits or 20 credits as you prefer. Sharing the extension and getting referrals give you one credit.

3. Extension (Rs. 10 per booking and Rs.20 per 4 bookings)

EasyTatkal is yet another chrome extension that helps you book your tatkal tickets faster in a few seconds. This extension provides a very clean and clear form to fill the details in advance.

  • Visit the site The site opens with the locked/disabled form.
  • Login to the site using your Google Plus ID or Facebook ID or you can create a new User ID.
  • After registration, click ‘Enable’ to activate the forms.
  • Enable the form filling feature to fill the details. Sometimes, the site may call for installation of an additional plug-in to unlock the form. The form will be unlocked.
  • Give a name to the form, say, IRCTC from Chennai to Delhi. So, every time, for every travel (as long as the journey destination, train you prefer and the passengers remain same), you should fill out a new form. All the forms will be stored in the extensions. So, naming the form appropriately is essential.
  • Enter the journey details – source, destination, date, quota and type of ticket.
  • Enter the passenger details – name, age, gender, meal preference, berth preference, ID card, etc.
  • Enter the mobile number registered with the IRCTC user account. Fill the IRCTC user ID and password.
  • If there are child passengers, enter the details.
  • You are done. Save the form.
Tatkal Software 2021 EasyTatkal

You need the latest version of the chromes browser to use this extension. When you open the IRCTC website to book tatkal tickets, you can see all the data being filled automatically.

tatkal ticket booking software

my fast booking – autofill extension

1. MyRailInfo Plug-in / Autofill extension

Auto Fill Extension tool reduce the time of passenger that he spend on entering the information during tatkal ticket booking. It is an addon that you can install on your laptop or desktop and enter all the necessary details in it and save it for future use. While booking Tatkal ticket, use this extension and it will automatically fill the data of passenger. It is a free tool but after successful ticket booking, the site will ask you for a small donation that starts from Rs 10. To use MyRailInfo Plug-in follow following steps:
* Visit the site
* Then install the plugin into your browser. It only supports Google Chrome and Firefox browser.
* After that open the tool
* Then fill all the details of your journey
* IRCTC user Id and password
* Then fill passenger details like name, age, gender, date of birth, seat preference
* You can also fill you payment details like credit card/debit card number and pin number
* Then click on SAVE DATA button
* Now open your IRCTC account
* Select the train and the preferred class,
* Clicked on BOOK TICKET option.
* Then open plugin, it will automatically fill all the required information.
* Select payment option
* Then click on Book Now

2 My Fast Booking – Autofill Extension

This is also an autofill extension just like MyRailInfo. Both of them are used for the same purpose. Before using My Fast Booking plugin, fill all the details in it and save it. The data that you filled in My Fast Booking plugin will automatically fill in the IRCTC website. In this tool, there are many interesting features that can help you to fill the details quickly. To use this tool follow following steps:
* Click on

* Install the tool in your Chrome browser, it also supports FireFox.

* After installation selects the payment option.

* After selecting payment mode, three options will available on your screen, free plan, social plan, and premium plan.

*If you choose its free version that it will enable automatically.

* If you choose social form then first you have to share it on your Facebook account after that you can use it.

* If you select premium plan then you have to pay some amount.

* Enter all your details in it and save it.

* Then log in your IRCTC account

* Click on plugin

* The best part of this extension is “Auto Book Now.”

* When you enter all the required details in the form, don’t refresh your browser. After that is will automatically open the link. As we know that IRCTC session expires in 3 minutes if so be active in it otherwise you have to log in again.

* If your laptop time and IRCTC time does not match that don’t worry because this extension
designed in such a way that it can open the link automatically at correct 10 AM.

* For using this extension, you have to buy its credits only after that you can use it.
3 Extension

This is an another chrome extension that will help you to book Tatkal ticket in few minutes. This extension provides a clean form to fill the passenger details in advance. Here we mentioned the procedure to use this extension:

* Click on the website

* The site will open in a disabled form.

* Login to using your facebook or Google Plus ID.

* You can also register in the website

* Enable the feature of form filling and fill the details of a passenger.

* You can also give the name of form so that user can use the same form while booking the ticket in the same train.

* When you fill a new form, it will automatically store in the extensions. So,
give a proper name to your form so that you can find it easily.

* Enter all the details that you will need during tatkal ticket booking then save the form

4 Roboform

Roboform is best known for a password manager, it is very handy to use this form while booking tatkal tickets. Roboform is an interesting software that generates, stores and retrieves the password and other information required. This extension is available for free trial for 30 days. You can buy this software in$9.95 per year. If you booked tickets frequently than you can but this software because it can use for many other purposes. Download its free version and if you like its features then buying it.

5 Tatkal Now

Tatkal Now is an another software that helps you to book tatkal ticket quickly. First three tickets are free by this tool after then it will charge Rs. 60 for 6 tickets. It enables a passenger to get confirmed tatkal ticket in just a few seconds. Tatkal Now, save the details of passenger and it will automatically fill all the details in IRCTC form.


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