Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners Mac

If you’re a beginner in the world of graphic design, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. With so many different software packages available, how do you know which one to choose?

Don’t worry! We can help. This article is going to give you all the information you need to know about some of the best graphic design software for beginners on Mac. We’ll explain what each package has to offer, and give you our recommendations on which ones we think will work best for newbie designers!

Whether you’re just starting out or have been designing for years, it’s always good to know what options are out there. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular programs and see how they compare!

Here we go…

Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners Mac



By Canva

4.7 (9570)TOP PERFORMER / 2022View the Capterra ShortlistDesign and publish anything in a few clicks. From brochure to video, access thousands of templates, images, videos, and more for free. Learn more about CanvaCOMPARESAVE

Adobe Creative Cloud


By Adobe

4.7 (6784)TOP PERFORMER / 2022View the Capterra ShortlistCloud-based solution that provides graphic designing through video and film editing, online sharing, audio recording and more. Learn more about Adobe Creative CloudCOMPARESAVE

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)



4.4 (2867)ESTABLISHED PLAYER / 2022View the Capterra ShortlistGraphics manipulation platform that enables designers to develop images, icons and more by using various design elements and tools. Learn more about GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)COMPARESAVE



By Corel

4.5 (1097)ESTABLISHED PLAYER / 2022View the Capterra ShortlistFor vector illustration, layout, photo editing, typography, and so much more, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite does it all. Learn more about CorelDRAWCOMPARESAVE

Adobe Photoshop


By Adobe

4.8 (684)TOP PERFORMER / 2022View the Capterra ShortlistImage editing tool that helps businesses edit and enhance photos, create digital drawings & store files in a centralized repository. Learn more about Adobe PhotoshopCOMPARESAVE



By Bohemian

4.7 (684)Digital design toolkit for app building with broad choice of design symbols that can be reused and shared with the design community. Learn more about Sketch

best graphic design software free

1. Vectr

FixThePhoto editors’ choice

  • vectr free graphics software

  Editors’ Rating (5/5)
Windows / Linux / Chrome OS / WebUSE VECTR FOR FREEPros

  • Cross-platform and browser versions
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Easy project sharing
  • WordPress integration


  • Not found

This is a graphic design free software for creating different projects – from t-shirt prints to full-fledged graphics for websites. Vectr has a simple and intuitive interface, allows you to export created files in real-time.

Also, this software provides functionality for exchanging the information between different devices, which makes it convenient for team design.

Their website tells you several times that it’s not difficult to use and the developers can help you any time and with any question.

The Vectr’s learning curve is low. That’s why if you can’t afford to buy more expensive vector programs, this will be a great option for you to start.

It’s very simple to find various tutorials using Vectr software as there are about 30 of them on their website. You can use this software both online and via download. As for your work, it will be automatically saved and synched.

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2. Canva

The best program for quick editscanva free graphics software

  Editors’ Rating (5/5)
Web / iOS / Android | Read Canva ReviewUSE CANVA FOR FREEPros

  • Access from any computers and devices
  • Thousands of templates
  • Easy to use


  • Requires fast Internet

Canva has 10 million users and provides universal tools using which you can design anything you want, including email headers, presentations and infographics for blogs. The design of their website is very intuitive and beginner-friendly. It also has a drag-and-drop function and high-quality free graphic templates.

This software is a popular option for non-designers at a last resort because it works well with graphics. If you are going to work with simple graphics, this is the best free online graphic design software. It’s wonderful if you want to make something fast and do not have much time to acquire professional skills.

3. Visme

The largest library of visual assetsvectr free graphics software

  Editors’ Rating (4/5)USE VISME FOR FREEPros

  • Lots of templates
  • Saves color palettes
  • Suitable for teamwork
  • Can create animation and videos
  • Integrates with other apps


  • More expensive than competitors

Visme is an online tool for branding and creating visual assets such as charts, slideshows, storyboards, and even social media ad units. You can cope with such a variety of tasks thanks to an extensive stock library of graphic resources. Visme focuses on brand aesthetics and has features to preserve color palettes, images, videos and other assets of your brand/company.

In addition to classic presentations, you can create short videos and animations with transitions. The software offers numerous templates and allows you to add text or select the transition you want.

One of the most important innovations is the possibility to work as a team on the same file. You can draw up a special plan and develop a report or diagram of your business for your design team.

Visme integrates with many applications so that you can retrieve assets and data that you already store somewhere. What I really like is the possibility to download and share a file from a view-only link, inviting people to leave comments and annotations on the file.

4. SVGator

Specialized toolset for creating vectors

  Editors’ Rating (4/5)

  • Intuitive feature set
  • Vector-oriented tools
  • Drawing options
  • Detailed tutorial


  • No mobile versions

SVGator is a user-friendly program for drawing SVGs. You can open a free SVG maker in any popular browser and start your creative workflow. The interface is absolutely clear and you will easily figure out how to use the provided functions to draw ideal lines and shapes with minimum effort on your part.

The highlight of the program is the possibility to create and export as many static SVG files as you need without spending a cent. Though it is simple to use, the range of features is far from entry-level. Seasoned graphic designers will surely appreciate quick node workflow, top-notch graphic tools, a high-end grid system, smart guides, and snapping options. All these functions are located on the UI for fast access.

What’s more, there is a detailed tutorial on the website describing the process of using this software to create different types of graphic design. If you are currently in a creative rut, you can examine the work of other users, to get inspired.

5. Inkscape

A powerful software for vector graphics. Free even for commercial useinkscape free graphics software

  Editors’ Rating (4.5/5)
Windows / Mac / LinuxUSE INKSCAPE FOR FREEPros

  • Completely free
  • Plenty of filters
  • Contains new nice effect tools
  • A lot of educational content


  • Can be very slow in large projects

This open-source vector free graphics program is widely known as a free analog of Adobe Illustrator. The difference between them is in the fact that Inkscape uses Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) as the main format. Designers, who are familiar with vector graphics, will easily master this program. Here you can create projects of any complexity.

It is a winner in Inkscape vs Photoshop battle, if you need a program for beginning graphic designers as it provides a large number of modern tools and effects, including complex path manipulations, node editing, bitmap tracing, and path-based text. 

As soon as you enter their website, Inkscape immediately shows that it’s a professional tool for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. However, there is a separate page that contains instructions and tells how to download it.


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