Best Logo For Youtube Channel

We are a new youtube channel, working to break down the financial jargon and make it more understandable. We, as well as our audience, have worked in finance, and have found that many people are not very happy with the current state of financial education.

As such, we hope to help others feel more comfortable with their own financial decisions.

To do this, we will be creating videos on basic finance topics, such as investing, debt repayment strategies, budgeting and saving for retirement.

If you can create a logo for us that includes a graph or chart of some sort within it, we would greatly appreciate it!

Best Logo For Youtube Channel

1. PewDiePie

YouTube statistics don’t lie – PewDiePie is big. With 104 million subscribers, PewDiePie is the most popular YouTube personality in the world. And his brofist logo is just as recognizable and well-known as his name or videos.

PewDiePie’s YouTube logo has gone through a couple of changes since he first came onto the scene in 2011, starting from a wordmark in a unique font to the famous brofist fitted in a P-shaped logo. The latest design of this Swedish YouTuber has entirely departed from the previous symbol to just swirls of black and red lines. It’s edgy and pretty out-there, but what else could we expect from PewDiePie?

2. JackSepticEye

Custom and unique content is vital for your brand, according to branding statistics. Seán McLoughlin knows this well. Better known as JackSepticEye, runs a gaming channel and is famous across the globe for his comedy and witty comments.

JackSepticEye’s YouTube channel logo, which is also his mascot, is called Septic Sam, Septiceye Sam, or just Sam. Sam is a giant green eye with a blue iris and tiny, dark-green veins running through the inside. 

The idea for the logo actually came from a mishap Jack had as a child, which resulted in him developing an eye infection or septic eye. His eye started to turn a nasty shade of green as it got infected, hence the inspiration for possibly one of the most famous YouTuber logos on this list. The green in the design also stands for his Irish heritage, and it’s his favorite color, as well.

3. VanossGaming

Canadian video game commentator Evan Fong, or VanossGaming, is best-known for his “funny moments” gaming videos. His first logo featured just his initials set against a black background, forming an emblem. It could be a great gaming logo for an e-sports team as well.

In 2015, however, he released a new design that quickly became an extremely popular YouTube gaming logo and his most recognizable symbol. The new icon is a stylized depiction of an owl face in white or gold, with the owl’s beak and face forming the letter V. This minimalist logo represents the mask of Fong’s character model in Grand Theft Auto Online.

4. Markiplier

Markiplier is yet another YouTuber popular for his gaming videos and colorful commentaries. Another thing that he is famous for, in addition to changing his hair color once in a while, is the pink mustache he sometimes wears.

So, it would make sense that his cool YouTube logo would sport one, too. A white, block-style letter M, made to resemble a face, and a bushy, pink mustache — Markpiler’s logotype is colorful and vivid, just like his personality.

5. DanTDM

UK-born Daniel Middleton, aka the Diamond Minecart or DanTDM, is best known for posting Minecraft videos, although he has dabbled in reviews and other gaming videos. True to his name, and his game, his logo has always included the diamond as a focal point. 

Although his YouTube logo design is most commonly a light-colored diamond against a darker background, there are alternate versions, such as rainbow flag background for pride month or a yellow-golden one for Halloween.

6. Shane Dawson

Famous in almost every corner of the world for his videos on conspiracy theories and docuseries on other YouTube personalities, Shane Dawson’s iconic logo used to consist of a pyramid with his initials in the center. However, he recently completely changed it to an image of a pig’s head, which is now featured on all his merchandise.

This is one of the YouTuber logos that has gotten some mixed reviews by fans. Some love the new image, while others think it’s ugly. Nevertheless, Shane Dawson still has over 23 million subscribers and his merch is selling like hotcakes, which goes to show that not everyone has to like a logo for it to be popular.

7. Tyler G (Also Known as DIY Tyler)

As the name suggests, Tyler G’s goal is to provide viewers with tutorials on DIY and home improvement projects. His design is an excellent example of how to make a YouTube logo that is a visual extension of a channel. 

The word “DIY” in the logo is made out of tools, like hammers and protractors, whereas the entire design is shaped like a construction sign, complete with four nails in the corners. It’s a creative logo, but more importantly, it is a design that speaks volumes about the nature and purpose of the channel.

8. The Tin Can Brothers

This comedy group consisting of three friends from LA posts hilarious parodies, sketch comedy shows, and more. The Tin Can Bros design is one of those cool YouTube logos, and popular logos in general, that are simple, but recognizable.

The logo clearly shows the trio’s love of mustaches (they all wear fake mustaches, their signature look) and the name of the channel — the logo is shaped like, you’ve guessed it, a yellow tin can. It’s playful, memorable, and instantly associated with this comedy channel. Everything one would look for in a YouTube icon. 

9. Cocomelon — nursery rhymes

Counting over 80 million subscribers, this kids’ YouTube channel showcases what the name suggests — nursery rhymes, CGI cartoon characters, and places. And the YT logo of Cocomelon doesn’t stray far from that concept.

A colorful and cute image of a child’s face in a watermelon shaped like a TV, complete with a ladybug on the side, this design is a wonderful representation of what an ideal kid-friendly logo for a children’s channel should look like.

10. Marshmallow

Almost everyone on the planet has heard of Marshmallow. He has dozens of hits, 45 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and one of the most unforgettable, easily-recognizable, and coolest YouTuber logos that acts as his DJ logo as well— the smiley face with the crossed-out eyes and cheerful grin.

This symbol is so irrevocably linked to the DJ’s image, it’s hard to decide what’s more famous: his songs, drum tutorials, or his logo.

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