Best To Do List App Android Free

This app is the best to do list app android free. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from other apps in the same category. The reason why I use this app is because it’s very easy to use and also very convenient.

Here are some features:

  • you can set reminders for yourself so that you don’t forget anything important
  • it allows you to organize your tasks by priority, date or time
  • if there’s something urgent happening at work and need some help right away then all you need is this app on your phone!

Best To Do List App Android Free

Todoist (Android, iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Web)

Best Android to do list app for balancing power and simplicity

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Todoist for Android

Todoist is probably the best known to do list on the market right now and with good reason. It’s available for basically every platform on earth, meaning syncing to other devices is not a problem. The interface is a compromise between ease-of-use and power, meaning you can organize tasks however you like without feeling overwhelmed. And adding new tasks is quick thanks to features like date recognition—type “clean out my inbox Thursday” and a task called “clean out inbox” will be added due on the upcoming Thursday. Tasks can be organized using projects, due dates, labels, and filters. You can also integrate Todoist with other applications using Zapier, meaning you can connect your to do list with over 1,000 other apps.

The Android version builds on all this while managing to feel right at home on your phone, thanks to a Material-inspired interface. A widget lets you see your tasks and quickly add new ones, from your homescreen. Optional notifications let you know when tasks are due, and you can even see a summary of today’s tasks every morning if you want. All of this makes Todoist a great to do list app to try out, even if you don’t quite know what you’re looking for in a to do list app.

Todoist price: Free; some features, including labels and attachments, require a subscription that starts at $3 a month.

TickTick (Android, Windows, macOS, iPhone and iPad, Web)

Best Android to do list with calendar and Pomodoro integrations

Tick Tick for Android

TickTick is a lesser known app, but one well worth paying attention to. The design looks spartan to start, but don’t be fooled: This is a surprisingly complete app. Adding tasks is quick thanks to smart date recognition. There are numerous ways to organize your tasks including due dates, lists, and tags. And support for numerous platforms means you can sync all of this to pretty much any device you own.

But TickTick also offers features not seen in other applications. There’s a calendar view which can integrate with your Android calendar, allowing you to see your tasks and your appointments in one interface. There are multiple widgets offered for your homescreen: you can see any list or calendar view, then add tasks in just a couple of taps. And TickTick also comes with a built-in Pomodoro timer: Set which task you’re working on and start a 25-minute session of focus.

It’s a powerful collection of features, and there aren’t many downsides. I personally don’t love the sound TickTick plays when you complete a task but quickly found a way to turn that off. That’s what using TickTick is like: There are plenty of helpful features, but if you don’t like something you can probably change it.

TickTick for Android price: TickTick offers a free version. Premium subscriptions, which offer features like white noise for the Pomodoro timer and custom swiping actions, start at $2.40 a month

Microsoft To Do (Android, Windows, iPhone and iPad)

Best Android to do list for Microsoft power users (and Wunderlist refugees)

Microsoft To Do for Android

To Do is the result of Microsoft buying Wunderlist in 2015. Try it out and you’ll see Wunderlist’s DNA everywhere, which is to say this is a perfectly pleasant to do app. Tasks can be organized by due dates or in a list. Entering tasks is quick, and there’s even a quick add notification you can pin for access from anywhere on your phone. To Do can also remind you to plan your day in the morning. There are a few visual tweaks you can make, such as a dark mode. You can also set a theme and icon for all of your lists, which can help you keep things organized. And Microsoft To Do integrations on Zapier means you can integrate your tasks with 1,000 other apps.

But the real killer feature here is integration with Microsoft’s ecosystem. “Both Android and Windows users can add tasks to To Do via Cortana. You can also sync tasks with Outlook, assuming you use the same Microsoft account for Outlook and To Do.

Microsoft To Do also offers migration for Wunderlist users, which will prove essential when Microsoft shuts down Wunderlist on May 6, 2020. Some Wunderlist features, such as collaboration, aren’t yet offered in To Do, so some users might want to stick with Wunderlist in the short term. Long term, however, To Do looks like it could become a solid offering…and it’s pretty great right now.

Microsoft To Do price: Free

Google Tasks (Android, iPhone, Web)

Best Android to do list for users of Gmail’s integrated tasks

Google Tasks for Android

The web versions of Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar offer a simple to do list in the sidebar. If you use that to do list on the desktop, Google Tasks is the app you’re looking for on your phone. All of the tasks you add there will show up in this app.

This is a very spartan app. Tasks can be organized by due date, lists, and…that’s about it. There are no widgets, no pinned notifications for entering tasks, and generally not a lot of customization options. You can’t even set up Google Assistant to add tasks to Google Tasks. Android is Google’s operating system. Google Tasks is a to do app from…Google. You’d think integration with Android would be better.

Having said that you can get a lot of out Google Tasks with some setup. And you can use Zapier’s Google Tasks integration to connect this task list with over 1,000 other apps. But the integration with Gmail’s and Google Calendar’s desktop sidebar alone is what makes Google Tasks worth checking out for committed Google fans (though Google Keep is arguably a better option for power users).

Google Tasks price: Free

Google Keep (Android, iPhone and iPad, Web)

Best Android to do list that integrates with Google products

Google Keep for Android

Google Keep isn’t exactly a to do app, but it also isn’t exactly not one. Keep, which integrates with the sidebar of Gmail and Google Calendar’s web version, allows you to quickly create sticky notes. You can use this for all kinds of things, not just task management, but a few features make this the best Android task management app offered by Google.

First of all you can add a reminder date to any note, which means you can effectively set due dates for tasks and projects. Second, you can add a checklist to any note, allowing you to check off multiple steps in a project. Third, you can see these tasks on your home screen and quickly add new ones, thanks to a couple of widgets.

It’s somewhat improvised as a to do list, sure, but in many ways, it works better than Google’s own Tasks. Plus you can quickly add photos and other attachments, which makes Keep useful as a reference. If Google Tasks doesn’t quite cut it for you, but you don’t want to give up on integration with Google services, Keep is well worth a look.

Google Keep price: Free.

best to-do list app free

To-do list apps

1. Wunderlist

(Free + IAP)

One of the most popular to-do list apps, Wunderlist provides an easy daily planning for work tasks, household routine, movies to watch – literally everything you might forget. Reminders and due dates will help you avoid missing deadlines and failing to get important tasks done. Hashtags and folders simplify organization of a work process. Share your to-dos with colleagues, friends or family; comment the items and add notes to capture your ideas. The app is available for the widest range of devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and the Web.


(Free + IAP)

Another simple tool that helps you remember every task. Reminders, systematization and chats are available – like in many other similar apps. The specific feature is Assistant that automatically reviews your tasks and suggests the ones that it can do for you. The authors declare that “smart robots and diligent humans will help you accomplish your tasks.” In the paid version, collaboration, location-based reminders and unlimited attachments are offered additionally. The app can be accessed through iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Web, Chrome and Mac.

3. Todoist

(Free + IAP)

Available for almost any platform, Todoist is considered one of the best to-do list apps for work and everyday life. It offers access to your task lists from anywhere. You can share your tasks with friends, family or colleagues to get more done. Breakdown into subtasks, reminders, comments and attachments are available, as in many other apps. The fun feature is Karma that allows you to track productivity and visualize the dynamics of your achievements.

4. TickTick

(Free + IAP)

The app offers task lists with subtasks, deadlines, reminders and attachments. The free basic version has limited number of lists, tasks and users. Apart from unlimited tasks and bigger user count, the Pro version includes calendar view, task filters, Siri integration and some other advanced options. This tool might be one of the best to-do list apps for teams, as it allows sharing lists and assigning tasks to colleagues.


(Free + IAP)

Back then, there was an open-source to-do list app named Astrid, which was purchased and then shut down by Yahoo. The source code was still available, so user Alex decided to clone the old tool for those who were missing it, and built Tasks. The app has major Astrid features and more: task priorities, categories and tags, reminders of due and overdue tasks, synchronization with Google Tasks and customizable color schemes. Additional plugins and extensions are available as an in-app purchase.

6. One List


Those who hate the minimalistic (some would rather call it depressive) color schemes of most to-do lists probably remember the Clear iOS app. It had stunning colorful interfaces, but now it seems to be abandoned by the developer. One List for iOS is one of the possible replacements: it has bright task lists with customizable themes and allows color-coded prioritizing, setting due dates and configuring reminders. “One list to rule them all,” as the developer promises.

7. Suru


For many of us, a to-do list has to be attractive or we’ll never open it. Folks at Esoteric Development, the authors of Suru, definitely know that. The beautiful interface with seven color palettes is not the only advantage: this iOS app allows to break down tasks into subtasks, prioritize, structure and share your projects, and to export task lists into PDF. You can add descriptions and photos to your to-dos so nothing slips out of your mind.

8. Google Keep


This note and to-do list tool for Android and iOS is a convenient way to capture tasks and ideas, collaborate with others, plan projects or events. The app is available from almost any device and offers task lists, tagging and reminders (including location-based ones). Add photos to your notes to avoid long verbal descriptions. What’s more, instead of typing your notes, you can just record a voice memo and Google Keep will transcribe it.

9. Google Tasks


A simple Google Tasks manager, available for iOS and Android. It easily synchronizes with Google Calendar and Gmail, which helps you back up important tasks and access your to-do lists from anywhere. Break down tasks into subtasks, set up recurring tasks and create lists. Get reminded at the right time and place by setting up geo-reminders, like for example “remind me to take out the trash when I get home.”


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