Chrome Extension For Blocking Sites

An extension to block sites, social media, and time wasters! Websites like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter have been reported by millions of users as productivity wasters. This Chrome extension will block those websites with one click. There are also two modes to choose from. The first mode is where blocking gets done automatically at set intervals chosen by a user. The second mode is when you choose when to block a website for a specified amount of time. Lastly, there is a configuration page for users that wish to customize the extension’s functionality and appearance. To get this tool visit our  Google code page  or check out our fresh new landing page or check out our features page.

How to Block Websites on Chrome Desktop and Mobile

Chrome Extension For Blocking Sites

The internet is full of information that can help you work more effectively. Unfortunately, instant access to such an overwhelming amount of content can also backfire. What starts as a quick jaunt to your social media feed or favorite website ends with dozens of open tabs – and hours of wasted productivity.

We’ve all been there. Even with extraordinary discipline, it’s easy to fall prey to these distractions. It’s far too easy to open your laptop, pull up a project you need to work on, and then completely lose track of your responsibilities after seeing a notification from a friend. There’s so much content out there begging for your attention, and it’s tough not to give in.

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The good news?

There are plenty of website blocker tools that can help you overcome the temptation of distracting and addictive tech. Instead of forcing you to rely on willpower alone, these tools cut off access to your biggest distraction sources.

A host of features and price ranges are available. Let’s break down some of the most popular website blockers so you can make an informed decision.

Freedom for Mac and Windows

  1. Freedom for Mac or Windows
    Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps, but it does so much more than that. It’s an all-in-one distraction blocker that allows you to block distracting websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, or the entire internet. No matter what is distracting you and stealing away your time and attention, Freedom gives you back control. Freedom is the only website, app, and internet blocker that syncs blocks across all of your devices. With Freedom Premium you can add unlimited devices and custom blocklists and stay focused on what’s important by committing to blocking distractions in advance or by scheduling recurring block sessions to make productivity a habit.

In addition to blocking distractions, Freedom now also offers a variety of other tools such as Focus Sounds that can help you get in the zone and maintain your focus throughout the day.

For more fine-tuned distraction blocking and control, Freedom offers features like Locked Mode, Block All, and Block All Except.

Locked Mode helps you commit to your block sessions by making it impossible to quit an active block session.
Block All allows you to block all websites when you really need to turn off the internet with a flip of a switch.
Block All Except lets you block the entire web, except for the sites you need access to do the work that matters.
Pros: One of Freedom’s biggest advantages is the ability to block distractions across all of your devices. Users can sync their block sessions across their Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices, which means no more blocking your computer and then sneaking off to your phone for a Facebook fix! Freedom is also excited to now offer support for Chromebook and Linux via our browser extension.

In addition to blocking sites and mobile apps, Freedom also blocks desktop apps. So if you find that Outlook, Mail, Steam, Fortnite, or even Chrome or Safari are killing your productivity, you can temporarily block them during your Freedom sessions.

Cons: The Freedom team is currently working on adding several new features to the app, including calendar scheduling and stats reports to see where you’re spending most of your time online.

Price: Freedom offers users three different payment plans for Premium:

Monthly: $6.99/mo
Yearly: $29/year ($2.42 per month)
Forever: $129 (one-time purchase to have Freedom forever)
Not sure if Freedom is right for you? Good news—you can sign up for a seven-use free trial and see the benefits first-hand.

Get Freedom and block websites and apps on every device!
StayFocusd chrome extension

  1. StayFocusd
    StayFocusd is an extension available on the Google Chrome web browser. This makes installation extremely straightforward – even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

Pros: Many website blockers have users enter a list of specific websites (often called a “blacklist”) to block for certain time periods. The StayFocusd approach is a bit different. Users enter the maximum amount of time they would like to spend on specific websites before being blocked. So you can allow yourself some time for idle browsing.

One of the biggest advantages of StayFocusd is its versatility. You can set time limits for as many websites as you like; all you have to do is type them into the extension. As long as you’re using Google Chrome, the extension will work on various platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)

Cons: The downside, of course, is that StayFocusd is limited to the Chrome browser. And, unlike other website blockers, you can’t set multiple blocks of blocked time. Finally, you still might find yourself wasting too much time during peak work hours if you’re too generous with your time limits.

Price: Stayfocusd is free on Google Chrome

Limit chrome extension

  1. Limit
    Limit is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to limit your time spent on distracting websites.

To use Limit, simply select the website you find most distracting and choose a daily time limit. For example, you could limit yourself to ten minutes a day on Facebook, or half an hour a day on Duolingo.

Pros: Limit is a great way to maintain a simple limit on your browsing habits. You’ll be surprised how free you feel when you hit your limit – and know that you’ve turned off distractions for the day. It’s a simple behavioral nudge that goes a long way towards helping you be more productive.

Cons: Like all browser extensions, Limit can be uninstalled. So if you find yourself needing something a little more strict, Freedom is a great choice for blocking distractions on all your devices.

Price: Limitis a free Chrome browser extension.

Pause chrome extension

  1. Pause
    Pause is a simple extension that challenges you to momentarily pause and reflect before visiting a distracting website. In doing so, Pause breaks the cycle of distraction and helps you be more focused, productive, and intentional with your technology use.

When you load a distracting website, Pause creates a gentle interruption by displaying a calming green screen. After pausing for five seconds, you can then choose to continue to the site. The interruption created by Pause gently nudges you to make informed, intentional decisions about how you are spending your time.

Pros: We think that Pause is an incredible tool for being more intentional with your web use. Pause comes pre-seeded with a list of 50 top distracting websites, and you can add or remove sites from your Pause list. You can also configure the amount of time you’d like to be Paused.

Cons: We are very partial to Pause – it is a simple extension, with a huge impact. Maybe the only con is that it is free!

Price: Pauseis a free Chrome browser extension.

Focus chrome extension for focusing on your work

  1. Focus
    Focus is a Chrome browser extension designed to help you stay focused on your studying, learning, and the work that matters. Focus is great for students as it blocks all non-educational websites to keep you productive and away from all the distractions the internet has to offer.

To use Focus, simply set a pin, decide which websites you want access to, and let Focus block the rest. If you want to visit a site you have blocked, just enter your pin, and decide how long you want to be on the blocked site.

If you’re a parent, you can set the pin for child. Or, if you’d like to use it for yourself, have a friend or partner set it for you to help you commit.

And voila! You now have a set of internet guardrails that help to help you stay productive and on task whether you’re studying, remote learning, or need an extra boost self-control to finish a project.

Pros: Instead of having to decide all the websites you want to block, Focus simply lets you decide which sites you want access to and then blocks the rest. It’s quick and simple set up makes it easy to get back on track and committed to your goals.

Cons:Like all browser extensions, Focus can be uninstalled. So if you find yourself needing something a little more strict, Freedom is a great choice for blocking distractions on all your devices.

Price: Focus is a free Chrome browser extension.

Forest mobile app

  1. Forest
    Forest is an ingenious little app that encourages you to plant virtual trees instead of visiting distracting websites on your mobile devices. One of the oldest apps in the space, we’ve always like Forest’s behavioral approach to making you use your phone less.

Pros: Forest doesn’t actually block anything – it simply encourages you to put your phone down. You might think of this as a con, but for many people, that simple nudge will work! And once you put your phone down, you’ll start growing virtual trees, which give you positive feedback on your time spent away from distractions.

Cons: Well, Forest doesn’t actually block anything – so its not for everyone. If you need a stricter blocker, you might want to choose something else on this list. But you might be surprised just how well a little virtual tree could work keeping you away from websites!

Price: Various prices for iOS, Android, and Chrome.

Leechblock Mozilla add-on

  1. LeechBlock
    LeechBlock is Mozilla Firefox’s answer to StayFocusd. This browser add-on has been blocking distracting websites for over a decade.

Pros: One of the first things you’ll notice is the extensive versatility and customization options. Users create groups of websites LeechBlock will restrict. These websites can then be assigned across up to six different time blocks. For each time block, users decide which sites to block, when to block them, and how to block them. An interesting feature is the password option. Users can choose to enter complex passwords before visiting distracting websites. This is less restrictive than a complete block, but it slows users down enough to really think whether they want to visit the website.

Cons: LeechBlock’s advantages can also become its downsides if you aren’t tech-savvy. With so many options and configuration settings, the interface can be overwhelming. It’s also a browser add-on, which makes it easy to remove if you’re determined to visit distracting websites.

There’s also a Mozilla Firefox issue to think about. Starting with Firefox version 57 (released in November 2017), only extensions built with the WebExtensions framework are compatible. This led the LeechBlock developer to rewrite the extension from scratch, releasing a new version called LeechBlock NG. The software is still under development, so there could be bugs, and not all the features of the old extension are included.

Price: Free on Mozilla

Freedom for iOS and Android
8.Freedom for iOS and Android
Blocking websites on a Mac and Windows computers can boost your productivity, however that productivity will be short-lived if it means you can just turn to your phone or tablet when your brain starts to crave your blocked distractions.

We offer Freedom on iOS and Android devices so that you can sync your block sessions across all of your devices because distractions aren’t always device-specific. The Freedom iOS app will block apps and websites based on your custom blocklist, and can be used simultaneously in sessions with your Mac or Windows computer or any number of other devices.

The Freedom Android app will block apps of your choice, and like any of the other Freedom apps, initiate or sync with your Freedom sessions if you choose.

Pros: Freedom is the only complete multi-platform website and app blocker solution. So even if you have every popular device on the market (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Mac and Windows computers) – Freedom has you covered on all of them, at the same time if you’d like!

Price: Included in Freedom Premium (see Freedom for Mac and Windows above)

Do Your Best Work with a Website Blocker
You need to be focused and productive to do your best work. Willpower can get you started, but with all the distracting websites and apps out there, why not equip yourself with the best tools to help?

A website blocker will free up time and energy for you to focus on the truly important stuff. And there’s always time for those silly cat videos after work!

how to block websites on chrome mobile

With easy access to Internet and omnipresence of Android devices, more and more people are asking these similar questions. While, blocking websites can keep us, especially our kids away from malicious contents, also help us concentrate on our work or study. So, in this article, you will be finding the 6 ways on how to block websites on Android phone or tablets, with or without App.

Method 1. How to block websites on Android without app
Method 2. Switch to a family-friendly web browser
Method 3. Use a website blocker app
Method 4. Use a parental control app
Method 5. Use an anti-virus app
Method 6. How to block a website on Android by editing hosts file
Cisdem AppCrypt icon image Cisdem AppCrypt
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Allow you to block by blacklisting or whitelisting
Let you block websites at certain times with the Schedule feature
Also password protect any apps on Mac
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Let you lock apps during certain times with Schedule
Block inappropriate websites for kids
Help limit screen time for kids or yourself
Block distracting websites and improve productivity
Protect important or private apps
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1 Block websites on Android phone or tablet without app

How do I block websites on Android Chrome without installing any app?
In fact, most of Android users choose to block websites with a 3rd party tool in the end, for being simple and efficient. But if you are still looking for ways to block a website on Android phone or tablet without installing any App, you will need to tweaking the setting of your web browsers manually or add some extensions to your web browser.

There are many web browsers available, but here we just pick the top 4 web browsers among Android phone or tablet users: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge to show how to block websites without app. For Samsung users, we also add the steps to block websites on Samsung Internet on Android.

Block websites in Google Chrome on Android
Can you block specific websites on Chrome for Android without using third-party apps? Unfortunately, the answer is no. But it does allow users to block notifications and pop-ups from all or selected websites. Below is how.

Run your Google Chrome App on your Android.
Go to the website you want to block.
Tap the vertical 3 dots on the right of the address bar, then go to Info icon.
Tap site settings.block in chrome without app
Change the Permissions by taping a setting, you can block media, pop-ups or others.

The internal settings of Google chrome don’t allow users to block websites on Android directly, but only block contents (like video and sound) and make its webpages incomplete, to make users quit the website for the reason of bad experience.

The good news is there’s a workaround.

Another way to block websites in Google Chrome on Android permanently is using an extension tool. But as we all know, the Google Chrome extension are designed for desktop only, if you want to add chrome extension to Android device, you will need to download and install an extra web browser (recommend Yandex Browser), then go to Chrome Web Store, search “Block Site” and add the chrome extension to Yandex browser. The inconvenience is, you will have to visit websites and block them in Yandex.

On a site note, UC Browser, a web browser popular in Asia, is in a similar case. It lets users easily block things like ads and notifications. But there aren’t built-in feature or extensions provided to block websites on Android.

Block websites in Mozilla Firefox on Android
There is a super easy and free way to block websites in Firefox on Android, using the free add-ons, since Firefox allows users to add plugins to its browser.

Open your Firefox app on your Android phone or table.
Enter the url and find the page.
Then search for “Block Site” add-on, and click “Add to Firefox”.block site on firefox
Once the plugin added to your Firefox, go back to Add-ons page and tap Block Site, then add URLs for websites that you want to block in Firefox on your mobile phone.
Block Websites in Opera on Android
Though Opera allows users to block Ads within the application, it doesn’t support to block websites on Android, you will need to utilize the extension we mentioned as above.

Open Opera app on your Android phone or tablet.
Enter “” in the address column, then find “Block Site” on the add-ons page.
Then add “Block Site” to your Opera.
Open the add-ons and enter the URL for the websites you want to block from Opera on your Android device.
Block websites in Edge on Android
Microsoft Edge, previously known as Internet Explorer, is quite popular among parents, which allows parents to add child account and control which websites their kids can access to. The steps to block websites on Android are not that easy, but once you have set up a child account, your kids will be kept away from distractive or harmful websites when using Android phone.

Step 1. Get your kids or others a child account on Microsoft Edge. (You can do this step using a large screen PC or Mac)

Login into your Microsoft account online.
Choose Family > Add a family member link > Child, enter the email address of added person.
Click “Send invite” button, then check and confirm the invitation in Outlook account of the added person.
Step 2. Block websites in your Edge account. (You can do this step using a large screen PC or Mac)

Login into your Microsoft account online again.
Choose Family > Your family > Content restrictions > Web browsing.
To be able to block websites on Android on Edge, go to always blocked, add the URLs of websites you want to block.block sites on edge
Step 3. Install and set up Microsoft Edge on Android phone or table

Open Microsoft Edge app on Android phone.
Tap the three-dotted button to sign in with the Child account you have added.
Block website on Samsung Internet on Android
For Samsung users who prefer to utilize its integrated web browser, they should update to version 7.2 or later, since this version comes with a protected browsing mode to detect deceptive sites.

But if you find this helps nothing, you can try following to block websites on Samsung Internet.

Open you Google Chrome App and login into.
Open Samsung Internet app, tap Menu > Ad blocker, choose one from the available list to install.
Download and install the blocker to block websites on Android on your Samsung Internet.

2 Block websites on Android with a family-friendly web browser

Now that most of users access to websites via web browser on their Android phone, is there any web browser that provides a clean and safe online environment. Yes, you can use SPIN Safe Browser.

SPIN is a web browser built in an Internet filter to block porn, inappropriate contents automatically. You don’t need to sign up, login in, or configure, once you make it as your defaulted web browser, it will work.

Step 1. Go to Google Play, install SPIN Safe Browser to your Android phone or tablet.
Step 2. Tap the Settings on your Android device
Step 3. Tap Applications > Default Applications
Step 4. Tap Browser app to open the list
Step 5. Choose SPIN from the list to make it defaulted web browser.
Step 6. Open SPIN and you will find some websites are blocked automatically.spin safe browser

3 Block websites on Android with web blocker app

In fact, the easiest way to block websites on your phone is using a professional web blocker app, which helps to block all kinds of websites on all types of web browser, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera, even Samsung Internet. Here we recommend a highly-ranked web blocker apps for you, which is BlockSite.

Just as its name suggests, BlockSite is designed to block unwanted websites on Android devices. It ranks as No.1 on Google Play in the niche of web blocker, and has received tons of positive reviews. It does a good job of blocking any URL users wish. In addition, it comes with a built-in porn blocker and a scheduled blocking feature. It’s all up to you with regard to what and when to block. It also plays the role of an app locker. You can use this app to stay focused and become more productive. The ease of use and simple user interface makes it stand out among its kind.

Step 1. BlockSite is available for download on Google Play. Get it there and install it on your Android phone.
Step 2. First, You are recommended to turn the Block Adult Websites feature ON.
Step 3. Tap the add icon at the lower right corner and enter the website you want to block there.Step 4. Return to the main interface. To set a schedule, just click the alarm clock icon at the upper right corner.

4. How to block websites on Android using parental control app

This method is about how to restrict websites on Android by using parental control app. If your child is still getting into unwanted websites and software, I believe Kaspersky Parental Control is your best choice. This program works with the standard browser Android and holds your children back from other browsers that haven’t been filtered. To flexibly block access to inappropriate websites, you can follow the steps below to block certain websites on Android.

Step 1. After you have installed this app on your Android phone, open the app to configure it.
Select the website categories you want to block. Next, it will let you impose control on the apps your kids use. You can add or remove apps that allowed by default in the list.
Step 2. You need set up a password and activate the app as the device administrator.
Afterwards, register with your e-mail address to finish the process. You can use this e-mail to connect the customer service in case of forgetting the administration PIN.
Step 3. Make sure you have set default browser for surfing the website.
This selected website browser is only allowed and other websites are blocked by default on Android. At last, you can block websites on Android with ease.

5 Block sites on Android with anti-virus app

Antivirus application is another tool recommended to block unwanted websites on your Android phone or tablet. And here are 2 options on the anti-virus app.

1) Trend Micro
This is a reputable security agency whose key responsibility is distributing and developing multiple security applications. This is also a real market bellwether and a trustworthy app for block websites on your Android.

Key Features

Detect and protect if there is any ransomware
Block dangerous websites on Android device
Scan and boost phone performance according to actual needs
Scan Wi-Fi for safe network connections
Step 1. Firstly, launch Trend Micro on your device.

Step 2. Press Safe Surfing in the main menu and switch the slide button next to Parental Controls for creating a new account.

Step 3. Input the password for your newly created account. Click “OK”.

Step 4. Tap on Blocked List, then type or paste the address of the website and tap Save option.

2) Virus Cleaner by Hi Security
Another option for anti-virus app is Virus Cleaner from Hi Security, it is one of the most popular Android application on Google Play to guarantee the security of your Android device.

Key Features

Remove junk files or cache easily and thoroughly
Scan and boost phone performance to run faster
Optimize CPU usage and cool it down
Scan files for safety
Lock apps to protect privacy
Block harmful websites for safe browsing
The steps to block websites on Android device with Virus Cleaner is super easy, just follow the instructions once you have installed the app.

6 Editing host files to block websites on Android

Or, if you are familiar with host files, you can do the blocking programmatically. Just edit the host files on your Android device to block specific websites. Host file is a plain-text file in an operating system to map hostnames to its IP address. There are 2 ways to do this, either on a Windows PC or using an Android app on your phone or tablet.

1) On Windows PC
Go to Platform-tools ( download page and get the SDK Platform-Tools on your computer.
Install the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) command-line tool on your computer, it allows you to control device over USB.
Connect your Android phone or tablet to computer via USB.
Go to cmd prompt and run the command “adb devices”
Then input “adb pull /system/etc/hosts F:\hosts”, or you can replace F with the directory you want to copy the host file to, download the host file.
Go to the directory where you have saved the downloaded host file, edit with Notepad or other text editor.
Add the IP address and websites URL to the host file and save.
Then input the command “adb push F:\hosts /system/etc/” to put the host file back to your device with ADB. You can replace F with the directory where you save the host file
2) On Andoird Device
Note: If you choose to block websites on Android without root, then you can ignore this method.

Download ES File Explorer File Manager from Google Play and install it on your Android file explorer
Open the tool, then click on the / button, scroll down to find hosts file.
Click on the hosts file, navigate to Open as > Text > ES Note Editor > Edit.
Add the websites you want to block onto the host file. For instance, if you are prepared to block, you must write down By the way, you have to reboot your Android phone for activating the changed settings.
Extended: Block websites on iPhone and iPad
It is not difficult for us to block certain websites on iPhone and iPad. Following method is compatiable with all models. It’s recommended to update your devices to the latest operating systems.

Step 1. Go to Settings app on your iphone or iPad.

Step 2. Tap on General > Restrictions.

Step 3. Click Enable Restriction and set a new passcode.

Block Websites on iPhone and iPad- set passcode

Step 4. Scroll down to find and tap on Websites option.

Block Websites on iPhone and iPad- tap on Websites option

Step 5. In this step, you can choose Limit Adult Content. Or click Specific Websites Only to add websites to block on your device.

Start Blocking Websites on iPhone and iPad

Wrap up
That’s the full guide to block websites on Android phone or tablet. Of course, you are always recommended to use a professional tool, no matter it is a web blocker or an anti-virus application. Do you have any recommendations? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and opinions.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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