Chrome Extension For Password Manager

In the last few weeks we developed a Chrome extension that can help you remember your passwords. This is the first post of a series regarding this project. The goal is to introduce you to our development process, some of the tools we used and some of the challenges we faced.

The context of this project is set in November 2020, during the covid pandemic. We were working remotely and had to deal with timezone differences between Europe and America.

We were assigned to make a chrome extension for a password manager.

Chrome Browser Extension

Chrome Extension For Password Manager

Nowadays in a digital world, one thing you need is to have many passwords for different purposes. Google Chrome’s in-built password manager will help you to store all your login information for many websites. Without Chrome password management feature, you will need to remember them in memory. However, letting Chrome to completely handle your passwords may not be an ideal solution as well. In this article let us check out why you need dedicated password management tools and 5 Chrome extensions for password management.

Why You Need Password Management Tool?

Here are benefits of using dedicated password management system:

  • Chrome password management isn’t completely secure. It is easy for anyone having admin access to your computer can get the full access of your passwords stored in Chrome browser. You need to have a solid management policy for your password and avoid leaving your credential easily accessible to others.
  • Dedicated password management tool uses  two factor authentication to protect your passwords. As an example, a random one time passcode is sent to your smartphone or you need to answer challenge questions before accessing passwords. Chrome does not offer any smart detection of unusual activities or two factor authentication.

Chrome Extensions for Password Management

Although the built-in password manager for Chrome is quite useful, it still can’t compete with real password management extensions. Here are a few extensions that you may consider to use. Remember, all password management extensions need you to register an account with the developer site.

1. Lastpass: Free Password Manager

Lastpass is an ultimate password manager for Chrome browser. Although you can use all features for free in Chrome extension, you can separately use premium app on your device for $2 per user or $4 per family of 6 users.

  • Lastpass is a cloud-based password extension for Chrome and other web browsers.
  • It is also available as mobile apps and desktop PC programs.
  • Has a powerful mechanism and requires various two-factor authentications to prevent unauthorized individuals from breaking into your password vault.
  • Your login information is encrypted and stored on Lastpass servers.
  • The extension for your browser will encrypt and decrypt passwords as needed, so even people in Lastpass can’t see your passwords.

LastPass Password Manager

2. Dashlane – Password Manager

Dashlane is a Chrome extensions you can securely manage all website’s password in one place. The developer claims that more than 8 million users are using Dashlane. Below are some of the features of Dashlane – Password Manager.

  • It encrypts and stores your password.
  • You can generate random passwords that will be difficult to break.
  • Effective and easy to use interface, so you can access passwords easily on any platform.
  • If you decide to make your own password, Dashlane will analyze its strength.
  • You can choose to keep all login information locally, instead of in cloud storage, to improve security.
  • Your information is AES-encrypted, so even if hackers manage to intercept your data, it will take too much effort to break, especially if you change passwords regularly.

You can work with the standalone extension or install desktop app.

Dashlane Password Manager Options

The free version supports up to 50 password storage on a single device. You need to upgrade the extension to premium to sync passwords on multiple devices, get premium support and VPN. The premium version will cost you $4.99 or $9.99 per month  based on the features.

3. RoboForm Password Manager

RoboForm Password Manager helps to store all Chrome password in one place similar to other extensions.

  • One click login to websites using stored passwords.
  • The extension will automatically store the password for new websites.
  • Supports multi-step logins using “Matching Logins” feature.
  • Synchronization with multiple devices
  • You can save passwords to RoboForm account.
  • Has built-in password generator to create strong passwords.

RoboForm Password Manager

You can either use the extension in standalone mode or combine with installing a desktop app.

4. KeePass

KeePass is a free and open source password manager for all your needs. This is a Windows based app also available for USB device which you can without the installation . KeePass stores all your passwords in a local database and you need extensions like CKP – KeePass Integration for Chrome to retrieve the password from KeyPass database to Chrome.

  • This is suitable for people who are not comfortable of storing passwords in the cloud.
  • You can export passwords to a file in text, CSV. XML or HTML format.
  • It also allows to import passwords from other password manager apps.
  • Easily transfer the master password database from one computer to another.

KeePass Stores login information locally on your computer, so it’s totally under your control. One problem with this, you need to be fully responsible with your password. If your laptop is stolen, it’s possible for people to have complete access to your accounts. You will also need to manually sync between your devices.

5. 1Password

1Password is a Chrome extension to manage the desktop app. You can install the desktop app on Windows or Mac and use this extension on Chrome to retrieve the stored passwords.

  • Allows to use tags so that you can quickly search and find the passwords.
  • Easily create password and fill credit card details.
  • Option to remove sensitive data.
  • You can login to allowed apps using single tap. There is big list of allowed apps including Tumblr and Twitter.

The premium version offers more features and will cost $2.99 per month for single user and $4.99 per month for a family of 5 users.


If you have to store few passwords only on Chrome browser then you can simply rely on the built-in password manager. However, if you have many passwords, credit card details and auto form filling features then try one of the above mentioned desktop apps. You can install Chrome extension for the app and retrieve the password for logging into your website in single click.

free password manager chrome extension

I tested the top password managers on the market to find the best ones for Google Chrome — and I found 10 which were better than the rest.

While Chrome does have an inbuilt password manager, it has several downsides — it generates relatively weak passwords (with no customization), it frequently won’t auto-fill, it’s not well-maintained, there’s no protection against someone stealing your login info, and it only works on certain Google products (like Chrome).

As convenient as it may be, it’s not nearly as good as the other Chrome password managers on this list, which have things like:

Multi-OS sync.
Customizable password generation.
Advanced security protocols.
Excellent auto-fill.
Sharing options.
Family controls.
Cloud storage.
And a lot more…
I spent several weeks testing all of the password managers with Chrome extensions I could find — comparing and ranking them based on functionality, features, and overall value.

Here’s what I found out.

Quick summary of the best password managers for Chrome:
1.🥇 Dashlane — Best overall password manager for Chrome in 2022.
2.🥈 1Password — Excellent security, very intuitive interface.
3.🥉 LastPass — Good free plan, wide range of extra features.

  1. RoboForm — Advanced form filling and bookmark sync.
  2. Keeper — High security with tons of extras (but basic Chrome extension).
    Numbers 6-10 of 2022’s top Chrome password managers.
    How I Rated the Best Password Managers for Chrome in 2022.
    Top Brands That Didn’t Make the Cut.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Password Managers for Chrome.
    🥇1. Dashlane — Best Overall Password Manager for Chrome in 2022
    🥇1. Dashlane — Best Overall Password Manager for Chrome in 2022
    Dashlane is my favorite Chrome password manager — it syncs unlimited passwords across unlimited devices, works across all major OS, and comes with standard high-security features like 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), and a zero-knowledge protocol.

Dashlane’s Chrome extension is great — it worked flawlessly every time I navigated to a login field, and it worked on many login forms that Chrome’s password manager didn’t. I was also impressed with Dashlane’s ability to accurately fill in my address, credit card, and driver’s license information on a wide range of complex web forms. And unlike Chrome’s password manager, Dashlane works across both Google and non-Google applications via its own web-based and mobile app.

Dashlane also has a lot of advanced features:

Dark web monitoring.
Virtual private network (VPN).
Password strength analysis.
One-click password changer.
1 GB cloud storage.
Emergency access
Unlimited sharing.
I really like Dashlane’s built-in VPN. It includes unlimited data and is pretty fast, making it a good VPN for streaming and downloading. I also like the one-click password changer — after a full security audit of my entire password vault, Dashlane instantly replaced many of my weak passwords with significantly stronger ones. I think this feature is pretty cool, and it works across more than 300 websites.

Dashlane has several packages — there’s a free version, but it only runs on 1 device and it only stores 50 passwords. Dashlane Premium ($4.99 / month) is where you get all of Dashlane’s features for a single user, whereas Dashlane’s Premium Family ($7.49 / month) comes with 5 more licenses, private member accounts, and a family management dashboard.

DashlaneRead Review
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Bottom Line
Dashlane is my #1 password manager for Chrome in 2022. The Chrome extension is fast, easy to use, and intuitive — working flawlessly across all the websites, login fields, and web forms I tested it with. Dashlane has an extremely high level of security, and it comes with lots of advanced tools like a VPN, dark web monitoring, a one-click password changer, and unlimited password storage. Dashlane Free comes with a 30-day free trial of the Premium plan, and all Dashlane purchases have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read the full Dashlane review >

🥈2. 1Password — Most Intuitive Password Manager + Good Chrome Integration
🥈2. 1Password — Most Intuitive Password Manager + Good Chrome Integration
1Password is highly secure, very easy to use, and it provides all of the features I expect from a premium password manager — including an intuitive browser extension optimized for Chrome (called 1Password X).

I really like 1Password X — it worked well when I tested it, easily saving and auto-filling passwords and payment info anytime a login or payment field appeared. And it suggested strong, customizable passwords whenever I created new accounts.

1Password also includes features like:

Password vault auditing.
Dark web monitoring.
Family vault sharing and protections.
2FA (TOTP, biometric, and USB token).
Built-in TOTP-authenticator.
Hidden vaults (Travel Mode).
I really like 1Password’s password and security auditing tool — called Watchtower. While security auditing is not a unique feature among password managers, Watchtower made it really easy for me to see which passwords were weak, re-used, and even outdated. Watchtower also checked my saved accounts for security breaches on the dark web (luckily, no breaches were found!).

I also like that I could create multiple vaults for storing my logins and files. I separated my data into two vaults — one for personal and one for business — so I was able to quickly find all the info I needed.

1Password offers two packages. At $2.99 / month, 1Password Personal provides all of 1Password’s features, but it doesn’t have password sharing options. 1Password Families covers 5 users and adds shared vaults, permission management, and account recovery tools for $4.99 / month. I also really like that 1Password allows users to add additional Families users for a low cost per additional user.

1PasswordRead Review
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Bottom Line
1Password is a highly secure password manager that comes with an easy-to-use Chrome extension. The extension worked great on all the sites I tested it on, and I was particularly impressed with its auto-filling and password-generating capabilities. 1Password has advanced features like vault organization, password history, password auditing, and dark web monitoring. 1Password offers two plans — 1Password Personal and 1Password Families — and you can test both with a 14-day free trial.

Read the full 1Password review >

🥉3. LastPass — Best Free Plan Features
🥉3. LastPass — Best Free Plan Features
LastPass is secure, easy to use, and comes with a good free plan — LastPass’s Chrome extension made it especially simple for me to generate and save new logins. I was also impressed with its form-filling capabilities — it made almost no errors even when filling out complex web forms.

LastPass’s free password manager also offers:

Unlimited passwords.
Unlimited devices (either mobile or desktop).
Multiple account recovery options.
Password strength tool.
One-to-one password sharing.
Automatic password changing.
Basic multi-factor authentication (MFA).
Credit monitoring for US users (1 card only).
I really appreciate that LastPass provides various zero-knowledge account recovery options. If you happen to forget your LastPass master password, you can regain access to your vault in just a couple of easy steps. Most password managers don’t offer account recovery (so if you lose your master password, there’s no way to recover your passwords), so I think it’s great that LastPass makes it very easy to recover your account.

I also like how simple it is to check the strength of your passwords, share passwords with other users, and set up 2FA. And I’m a fan of LastPass’s automatic password changer that lets you automatically change passwords for some sites instead of needing to visit those sites and manually change logins. Dashlane’s automatic password changer is a bit better (more sites, easier to use), but LastPass’s auto-changer works well (and I’m fairly certain it will soon get even better).

Upgrading to LastPass Premium also brings you unlimited use on both mobile and desktop, 1 GB secure cloud storage, emergency access, password sharing with multiple people, advanced MFA, and dark web monitoring, for only $3.00 / month. And LastPass Families ($4.00 / month) covers up to 6 users, includes unlimited shared folders, and has a family management dashboard.

LastPassRead Review
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Bottom Line
LastPass offers a wide range of free features, a high level of security, and a user-friendly Chrome extension. The extension makes saving and editing logins simple, and it’s great at auto-filling even complex web forms. LastPass Free has unlimited password storage on either unlimited desktop or unlimited mobile devices and includes extra features like an automatic password changer, account recovery, and password analysis. LastPass Premium adds cloud storage, advanced MFA, dark web monitoring, and emergency access. There’s no money-back guarantee, but LastPass Free includes a 30-day free trial of LastPass Premium.

Read the full LastPass review >

  1. RoboForm — Excellent Form-Filling Capabilities
  2. RoboForm — Excellent Form-Filling Capabilities
    RoboForm is a secure password manager with the best form-filling capabilities on the market. Most of the password managers on this list offer pretty good auto-filling for credit cards, bank info, and home addresses. However, RoboForm offers 8 different templates for things like passports, vehicle registration, tax ID and income, etc. During my tests, I simply selected an identity in the RoboForm Chrome extension and clicked auto-fill, and then the extension automatically filled in all the details into various kinds of advanced web forms… with no errors at all!

RoboForm also comes with:

Unlimited passwords across unlimited devices.
Two-factor authentication.
Secure folder for sharing passwords.
Secure bookmarks storage.
Emergency contacts.
I personally love RoboForm’s secure bookmarks storage — this made it very easy for me to organize and access my favorite sites from any device or browser. RoboForm is one of the rare password managers that encrypts, stores, and syncs bookmarks, and this is one of the things I like most about it.

RoboForm Free includes unlimited passwords, form filling, password sharing, password security auditing, and bookmarks storage. The free version includes a 30-day free trial of RoboForm Everywhere which adds syncing across all devices, two-factor authentication, cloud backup, emergency access, and a lot more, for just $1.16 / month. RoboForm’s Everywhere Family plan is the same, but it covers up to 5 users for $33.40 / year.

RoboFormRead Review
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Bottom Line
RoboForm is a secure, easy-to-use password manager with one of the best form fillers on the market. The RoboForm Chrome extension makes it easy to save and fill login credentials, and it automatically inputs personal information into advanced and complex web forms. RoboForm also has good security features like two-factor authentication, emergency access, and cloud backup. RoboForm’s free version comes with a 30-day free trial of RoboForm’s premium package. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read the full RoboForm review >

  1. Keeper — Advanced Security Features (but Basic Chrome Extension)
  2. Keeper — Advanced Security Features (but Basic Chrome Extension)
    Keeper has an excellent level of security — it protects user data with a zero-knowledge policy, advanced encryption, and a wide range of MFA options, including biometric scanning and smartwatch compatibility.

Keeper’s desktop app contains a ton of additional features, but I’m disappointed that the Chrome extension doesn’t offer much more than saving and auto-filling passwords. Competitors like Dashlane, LastPass, and 1Password have better Chrome extensions, with more features and functionality.

Keeper’s advanced security tools include:

Dark web monitoring.
Encrypted messaging app.
Encrypted file storage.
Password security audit.
Keeper’s encrypted messaging app is an interesting feature I haven’t seen in other password managers. I think it’s pretty cool that I could retract messages, set self-destruct timers, and safely store photos and videos within the app’s gallery.

Keeper has a free version, but it’s really basic — it doesn’t even have auto-fill! Keeper Unlimited gives you unlimited devices, password sharing, MFA, emergency access, and more. Keeper Family adds up to 5 licenses and 10 GB cloud storage. Keeper starts at $3.75 / month, and optional add-ons for both plans include dark web monitoring and the encrypted messaging app.

KeeperRead Review
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Bottom Line
Keeper has a lot of security features, including multi-factor authentication, dark web monitoring, and an encrypted messaging app. It has more advanced tools than many other password managers, and none of them are challenging or hard to use. The Chrome extension is somewhat basic, but it makes it easy to generate new passwords, save logins, and auto-fill web forms. Keeper has two plans to choose from — Unlimited and Family — and you can test all the premium features with a 30-day free trial.

Read the full Keeper review >

  1. Avira Password Manager — Streamlined Interface with Intuitive Features
  2. Avira Password Manager — Streamlined Interface with Intuitive Features
    Avira Password Manager is easy to use, and it comes with a good but basic Chrome extension, good security features, and a good free plan. During my tests, the extension worked really well. It asked me to save my password and username each time I created a new account, and it automatically filled my login credentials for my saved online accounts.

To access all of the other features, including the password generator, I had to open the web dashboard. But I don’t think this is a problem for most users, as the web dashboard is super-simple to navigate and use.

Avira Password Manager also offers:

Biometric logins for mobile users.
Built-in 2FA authenticator.
Password vault auditing.
Data breach scanning.
Avira Password Manager Free is one of the best free password managers around. It includes almost all of Avira’s features, plus unlimited password storage across unlimited devices. But upgrading to the premium version is also worth it, as Avira Password Manager Pro includes password vault auditing, data breach scanning, and priority customer support for only $2.67 / month.

You can either buy a low-cost monthly or yearly subscription for Avira’s premium password manager, or get it bundled with the Avira Prime package, which includes Avira’s password manager, antivirus suite, and VPN.

Avira Password ManagerRead Review
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Bottom Line:
Avira Password Manager is an intuitive Chrome-compatible password manager with a really good free plan. Avira’s free version offers unlimited password storage across multiple devices, as well as biometric login and a built-in 2FA authenticator. You can upgrade Avira by purchasing the standalone app, or getting it as part of the Avira Prime antivirus bundle, which is one of our top antivirus packages in 2022. All Avira purchases have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read the full Avira Password Manager review >

  1. Sticky Password — Secure Data Sync Options
  2. Sticky Password — Secure Data Sync Options
    Sticky Password is a beginner-friendly password manager with a good Chrome extension and advanced security features like local data syncing.

The Sticky Password Chrome extension is simple to use — I like that you can create and save new user identities and store bookmarks, all from within the extension. I also like that the extension has an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you add and edit login information for the site you’re currently using.

I’m a fan of Sticky Password’s Wi-Fi-only sync option that enabled me to sync my devices over my Wi-Fi network instead of using Sticky Password’s cloud. I also like that you can save the portable version of Sticky Password onto a USB flash drive — letting you access all stored info on any Windows PC (but not Mac).

Sticky Password’s free plan includes unlimited passwords, secure notes, two-factor authentication, and the portable USB version. Sticky Password Premium ($29.99 / year) adds unlimited devices, cloud and Wi-Fi syncing, password sharing, and more.

StickyPasswordRead Review
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Bottom Line
Sticky Password is an easy to use password manager with advanced security features like local Wi-Fi sync and a USB portable password vault. Its Chrome extension is pretty good, and it lets users save and change logins, auto-fill passwords and web forms, create new user identities, store bookmarks, and more. Sticky Password’s free version includes a 30-day free trial of Sticky Password Premium. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the company donates a part of the profits from each premium license to a manatee conservation fund.

Read the full Sticky Password review >

  1. Password Boss — User-Friendly with Plenty of Features
  2. Password Boss — User-Friendly with Plenty of Features
    Password Boss is a decent password manager that is both simple and feature-rich — making it a good choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

I had no problems using the Chrome extension — I could easily generate new passwords, save new login credentials, and fill out web forms. It didn’t fill out web forms nearly as well as RoboForm did, but it still did a good job.

Password Boss includes a wide range of features, including password sharing, secure file storage, two-factor authentication, emergency access, and more. It doesn’t have any unique features, but all the tools worked exactly as promised during testing.

Password Boss’s free plan doesn’t offer much. It only includes storage for unlimited passwords and payment information, and there’s also a password sharing feature (but it’s pretty limited). The Premium and Family packages are where you get all of Password Boss’s features, and the only difference between the plans is that Password Boss Family covers up to 5 users. Password Boss Premium costs $2.50 / month, and Password Boss Family is priced at $4.00 / month.

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Bottom Line
Password Boss is a simple-to-use password manager with lots of features — including a password generator, password sharing, identity and payment info storage, two-factor authentication, emergency access, and more. The Password Boss Chrome extension is intuitive, and it easily saves and fills passwords and web forms. You can try out Password Boss risk-free using the 30-day free trial that is available with the free plan.

Read the full Password Boss review >

  1. RememBear — Best Easy-To-Use Option for Beginners
  2. RememBear — Best Easy-To-Use Option for Beginners
    RememBear is a great beginner-friendly password manager — and it’s also very secure, with zero-knowledge architecture and high levels of encryption.

I had no trouble using RememBear’s Chrome extension — generating and saving passwords for new accounts was super simple, and the auto-fill feature worked well.

RememBear doesn’t have a lot of extra features, but it does have:

Unlimited syncing across unlimited devices.
Built-in authenticator.
Secure file storage.
Account recovery.
Very cute bear graphics!
I like how all of RememBear’s features are easy to understand and use — and I’m a huge fan of the bear cartoons that provide instructions on how to access the tools and make password management more fun!

I was surprised to see that RememBear doesn’t have two-factor authentication for securing RememBear accounts. However, it does have a built-in authenticator that generates one-time codes for 2FA-compatible sites — I was able to generate all of my TOTP codes from within RememBear instead of needing to use a third-party authenticator app.

RememBear Free is decent, but it only works on one device. If you need more devices, RememBear Premium adds on multi-device syncing, priority support, and account recovery for $72.00 / year.

RememBearRead Review
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Bottom Line
RememBear is a simple and secure password manager that does basic password management very well. Its Chrome extension and desktop app are both very user-friendly, and they both make generating, saving, and auto-filling passwords super easy. RememBear uses 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption, has a zero-knowledge policy, and comes with one of the most fun and beginner-friendly interfaces I’ve ever seen. RememBear doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, but you can test all of its features with a 30-day free trial.

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  1. Bitwarden — Best Open-Source Option
  2. Bitwarden — Best Open-Source Option
    Bitwarden is a fully open-source password manager — it’s got advanced security features, a decent extension for Chrome, a good free plan, and affordable packages for personal and family use that start at just $10.00 / year. However, it’s not nearly as intuitive as the other password managers on this list.

Bitwarden’s Chrome extension offers access to Bitwarden’s password vault, password generator, and 2FA authenticator. Unfortunately, the extension can be a bit clunky — during my tests, the auto-save function would sometimes fail to save my newly created logins, and I found the auto-fill to be a bit unintuitive.

Bitwarden’s extra security tools include:

2FA with third-party apps like YubiKey.
2FA generator and authenticator.
Storing data on a local server instead of in the cloud.
Password strength and data breach reports.
Bitwarden Free includes essentials like unlimited passwords and saving personal and financial info, plus extras such as 2FA and self-hosting on your own local server. Bitwarden Premium adds other security tools, like a 2FA code generator, password security auditing, and 10 GB cloud storage. And Bitwarden Families also includes unlimited sharing and up to 5 users.

BitwardenRead Review
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Bottom Line
Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that provides a good set of security features for a really good price — but it’s not very easy to use. Bitwarden’s Chrome extension doesn’t always auto-save logins, and the auto-fill function could be a bit more intuitive. However, Bitwarden is one of the cheapest password managers out there, and you can test out some of its features with Bitwarden Free. All premium purchases have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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