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Whether you need help getting more traffic or converting leads into sales, we have a solution for every business owner out there. You can also check out our blog posts for information on how to increase conversions on your website, improve your keyword rankings in Google and much more.

Fiverr Seo Tools

Fiverr SEO Tools | How To Rank Fiverr Gig | Fiverr Keyword : Easy ways to get daily orders on Fiverr. By ranking your Fiverr gig on the first page. Through some of our amazing tools and social media tricks to rank your gig. So you can also earn money online as a Fiverr freelancer.

Nowadays, every new freelancer is hustling on Fiverr to rank on the first page. It’s tough to rank on Fiverr in 2021. As many freelancers are working for many years. They have made their place on Fiverr by working hard. As now, there are many tutorials available on youtube where they teach how to rank. But that is doesn’t work for everyone.

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Fiverr has many different services for there clients. Fiverr is one of the top freelancing websites online, where everyone can earn money online. Fiverr offers there services from 5$ to 999$ to there clients.

New Fiverr freelancers try to give their services at 5 $, which are very cheap. So because of this reason, many new growing businesses try to make out there work over here on Fiverr.

How to do proper Fiverr Keyword Research? Top Helpful Tricks in 2022
Keyword Research is something very important when it comes to Ranking a Fiverr Gig. One of the secrets for success on Fiverr is proper On-Page SEO of Gigs by finding the most relevant keywords.

Some sellers seem to get 50+ regular orders while others cannot even get a single one. Why does this happen? Because people usually don’t know how Fiverr works. Keywords help us in making the Fiverr Search Algorithm work how we want it.

Where to include keywords in Fiverr?
You can include keywords in Fiverr in your Gig Title, Tags, and Description. These three things help your Fiverr Gig Rank better and appear on the first page of search results.

Finding Keywords From Fiverr Search
Finding Keywords from Other Sellers’ Gigs
Don’t use way too many keywords
Add Keywords in Description (The correct way)
Using Keywords in Tags
Keywords used in Combination

Finding Keywords From Fiverr Search
Keywords can be found if you use Fiverr’s own search engine. Try a search for something a buyer would type for when looking for Gigs related to Logo Design.

Finding Keywords from Other Sellers’ Gigs
One other way to find keywords for your Gig is to research the Gig of other sellers who already have Gigs on the first page for a very specific keyword.

For example, Let’s look at Gigs on the first page for the keyword “Logo Design.

SEO tricks for gig titles

Looking for tricks to improve the quality of your Gigs? Follow the below tips on optimizing your Gigs for SEO and your business will reap the benefits.

How to get a great URL for your Gig
A Gig’s first title generates its URL. This URL is unchangeable, so keep that in mind when you first create your Gig. Using the Gig title to create a URL that is memorable, attention-grabbing, and reinforces the excellence of your service will give you an edge over the competition.

Sample Gig Title Version A: I will best example gig title ever! URL: username/best-example-gig-title

Now, as you can see, this first sample Gig tile is not buyer friendly because it is not grammatically correct. However, it generates an SEO-optimized URL that reinforces what exactly your service is.

Crafting a buyer-friendly title

After the URL is generated and permanently set, you can then update your Gig title to be something more buyer-friendly. Check out the following example:

Sample Gig Title Version B: I will create a very unique Gig title for you.


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Using a consistent keyword in your Gig title, description and tags will help improve your search ranking on Fiverr. Additionally, creating a username with a phrase or word related to your area of expertise will reinforce your Gig to a potential buyer. Use the repetition of keywords to your advanta

How To Promote Fiverr Gigs? | 11 Fiverr Gig SEO Tips To Rank Your Gigs
Fiverr Gig optimization Tips | How to Promote Fiverr Gigs?
Fiverr is also like Google. It also has a search engine like Google and follows a well-defined procedure to rank gigs. So, here we provide you with 11 leading and working tips to rank your gig on top at Fiverr.

Research is the Clue
Once a woodsman was asked, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” he replied, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my ax.” That’s the main thing missing nowadays in people whether they are on Fiverr on working in other life fields. The research on what people want from you and the best method to get a job efficiently remains unsolved. Similarly, most sellers on Fiverr click on “CREATE A NEW GIG” without knowing the purpose of creating that. No doubt, they make a bundle of Gigs doing this, but they return unearned at the end of the day. So, the key to success is proper research.

Importance of having a Healthy Profile
An attractive profile is significant to convince the buyer to trust in you. The buyers always analyze your profile before hiring you for their projects. So, having a healthy profile can help you rank your gig on top from scratch. Learn more to Build a Stand-out Fiverr Profile.

Make a proper Keyword Research
The keyword is like the core heart of your Gig. By keywords, you give your buyers a proper address to reach your gig. That is why keyword research is the real area to work hard. You can use several tools like LSI graph, KWfinder, etc. to make proper keyword research related to services on Fiverr. This research plays a vital role in knowing how to promote Fiverr gigs.

Use Keyword-enriched Title
After you’ve done proper keyword research, then you’re one step away from boosting your Gig ranking by using it primarily in the Gig title. Using Keywords in the title informs the search engine that your gig is related to the particular buyer’s search. Your title structure should be like a Primary keyword.

Deliver on the Same Day
To understand how to promote Fiverr gigs you must know the importance of timely work delivery. Everybody wants to perform his/ her job in minutes. As a New Seller, you should try your best to deliver the order in one day to get a handsome start. But as you get your Seller Level update, you can extend this to 2 or 3 days and offer Gig Extras to make more money.

Sense-making Price
Although, the newcomers to Fiverr often think that they must offer their services for $5 to get the first order. But this may not work in all cases. When you set your Gig Price to very low even for a quality job, the buyer may consider that you don’t offer high-quality stuff. This thing can devalue your Gig in front of the Fiverr search engine as the public did not enjoy it. Sure, ask for a reasonable price to get good rankings in the Fiverr search.

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Use Accurate Tags
Fiverr allows up to 5 tags to use in the Gig. When the keyword is a direct address, these tags are like sub-routes telling the search engine that these some other routes also lead to the same destination. So, use the tags you think might create relevancy to your services and improve your Fiverr Gig SEO.

best seo fiverr gigs

If you’re looking to improve your visibility on search engines and drive more traffic to your website, then Fiverr SEO gigs can be a great way to get you some good traction. The Fiverr Marketplace makes finding the services you need easily accessible and affordable. That means you can explore and try different services without making a major commitment to an SEO provider.

However, SEO is a process, not just a one-time event. It’s important that you’re strategic in your approach.

That’s what this guide is about. It’s designed to help you start from the beginning, and understand (at a basic level) how to use various types of SEO gigs to get you the kind of results you want to see.

But first, let’s explore briefly why using Fiverr SEO gigs can be a good approach to fulfilling your needs.


The platform started as a marketplace for $5 services from freelancers. You could find anything from logo design to animation videos to SEO services (and much more). Buyers for these services could find and compare options to meet their needs, all with a very low investment to get the work done. It’s been a great tool for startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and just about anyone trying to build a brand online.

Over the years, the platform has evolved to make it even more robust. While it’s still the home of the $5 gig, you can find many more advanced services (full website design, etc) which can cost much more. This means the level of talent there isn’t limited to freelancers who are only willing to work for only $5. It’s not realistic to find a web designer who is only willing to build your website for just $5. But you can find highly rated freelancers who also offer web design services (at often still affordable prices).

A few factors that make the Fiverr platform a great place to find talent are:

  • Its affordability makes many services more accessible to brands who don’t have monster budgets.
  • Gigs are typically scalable. That means you can get an entry-level service for a low price, or you can upgrade for more features and/or faster completion timelines.
  • The built-in review system means that every gig is rated by the buyers. This gives the freelancers a high level of motivation to deliver well on all of their gigs or risk not getting the work they desire.
  • Seller levels also show you who is consistently delivering at a high level. This means you can pick someone who has proven themselves over and over again.

With that, let’s take a look at six Fiver SEO services that you can use right now to build a stronger presence on search engines.


fiverr seo

The first thing you should be looking at when trying to improve your SEO is the technical structure of the website itself. Some of the most common factors that limit websites are technical issues resulting in broken links, slow page load speeds, missing code/information on pages and posts, and many other issues.

Therefore, getting a deep scan on your website can reveal specific actions you can take to ensure you have a technically strong website.

Many of the issues have easy fixes, especially in a WordPress website with good hosting. A good technical SEO audit report will also prioritize the importance of the issues for the greatest impact. If you have a little technical knowledge, you might be able to correct the issues on your own. But a good upgrade to this report includes having the experts to take care of everything for you.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will do a technical SEO audit on your website

  • Basic: Technical SEO Audit Report ($5)
  • Standard: Audit Report and WordPress Cleanup ($50)
  • Premium: Plus Homepage Optimization ($135)


fiverr seo, seo keywords

Once you have a strong technical foundation with your website, the next step is to understand the keywords people are using to get there. And this is more than the simple term(s) you use to describe your own service. The key here is finding the terms other people use to find you.

With an SEO Keyword Research Report, we start with the core keywords you use to describe what you’re offering on your website. Then we look at exact match, phrase match, broad match, and related keyword terms.

From this data, we’re able to prioritize the keyword phrases by things like total monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and potential click rates. That information can inform several other aspects of your SEO strategy, including overall website architecture, topics for blog posts, and terms used in link-building strategies.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will provide SEO keyword research for your website

  • Basic: SEO Keyword Research Report ($5)
  • Extras: Action Plan (+$20)


fiverr seo, on-page optimization

The next step continues with the on-site SEO theme. Once you’ve corrected the technical foundation, and you know the keyword terms you should be targeting, then a good on-page optimization service will help you ensure the content on the page is well optimized for the target keyword(s).

These reports provide optimization ideas related to strategy, SERP features, backlink opportunities, semantic content, technical SEO, and user experience.

Additionally, these reports are great for any page you want to get ranked, not just the homepage. So if you have pages for core products, service areas, or other authority pages, then run this on each one to ensure you’re maximizing your opportunity to get found for a range of terms.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will provide SEO on-page optimization reports

  • Basic: On-Page SEO Report ($5)
  • Standard: On-Page Report + Meta ($30)
  • Premium: Full Page Optimization Service ($85)


fiverr seo, keyword positions

Now that you’ve taken care of all of the on-site elements, we can start evaluating how the search engines see your site. That’s where a Keyword Positions Report can help us see what terms you’re currently ranking for, and the positions you rank for them.

This information can be used in a variety of ways. Typically, when we build an SEO strategy for our clients, we look for low-hanging fruit in order to achieve some easy wins. The goal is always to get terms ranking in the top three positions on the first page, which is where over half of all clicks go. So we look for the terms in positions 4-10 on the first page and terms on pages two and three of the results. With these terms, we can try some of the more simple tactics that can get the site ranking better more quickly.

Exactly how we use this information can vary quite a bit, which is why a consult is a good follow-up to this report. We can help sort through the data to ensure you have the right plan for how to move forward.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will provide SEO keyword position reports for your website

  • Basic: Position Report ($5)
  • Standard: Position Report + Site Audit Report ($10)
  • Premium: Reports + Consult ($50)


fiverr seo, local seo, business listings

Link-building is still one of the most powerful signals we can send to search engines to show the value of a page/site. And while there are several tactics we use to create a strong backlink portfolio, there is one thing we’ve seen make a huge difference for local business rankings. Creating (or cleaning up) your local business citations has proven to be a crucial factor in strong rankings.

Basically, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of online directories that have (or could have) listings for your business. Yelp is a big one. But there are lots of those kinds of sites. And there are two keys to leveraging these directories. First, it’s important to ensure the NAP (name, address, phone) matches what Google and your website show. Inaccurate listings can damage your credibility, and therefore negatively impact your rankings. Second, each of these listings typically has a link back to your website. And quite often these are from higher-authority websites, which results in good credibility links boosting your authority.

The report shows you the accuracy of your listings on top directory websites. Then cleaning up those listings (or creating them where they don’t exist) is a high impact service we suggest for every small business.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will do a local SEO business listing audit

  • Basic: Local SEO Business Listing Audit ($5)
  • Standard: Local Citations Building Starter ($295)
  • Premium: Full Local Business Listing Cleanup ($695)


fiverr seo, content research

As I mentioned earlier, good SEO is a process. That’s why having an ongoing content strategy is one of the best things you can do to increase your website’s overall keyword value. It not only increases the number of terms you can end up ranking for, but it also creates more entry points onto your site that can potentially reach the coveted top three positions.

Blogging for your business is tricky, though. By now I’m sure you can see how strongly we feel about leveraging the data and being strategic about the approach. That’s why we like to do a little content research using the target keywords.

Research like this can be done for every blog post you produce. And it’s the foundation for every blog post our team of SEO writers produces. Ultimately, the goal is to produce content that has search engine and social media value. This approach can help you build a library of great resources that can drive traffic for years to come.

Recommended Fiverr SEO Gig: I will provide SEO content research and template

  • Basic: Content Research and SEO Template ($5)
  • Standard: Content Research + 500-Word Post ($95)
  • Premium: Content Research + 1,000-Word Post ($170)


It’s not super difficult to drive substantial traffic to your website through search engines. But you do need to be strategic about how you go about it.

You can leverage Fiverr SEO gigs to help you explore SEO services and drive more traffic to your website. It’s important, however, to not just go out and buy random gigs making big promises. You should know where you are with your website, where you want to go with traffic, and where your greatest opportunities for traffic can be found. Then build a plan that drives you towards your goals.

If you want to start by chatting through any of this, we’re always happy to talk (for free) and get you pointed in the right direction. You can schedule some time with us anytime. And feel free to grab some of the gigs featured here to get your SEO strategy moving in the right direction.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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