Free Seo Tools For Youtube

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of different tools out there that can help you get the job done. For instance, if you’re trying to optimize your Youtube video for search engines, then you’ll need a tool that helps you do just that.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best free SEO tools for Youtube so that you can achieve your goals without having to spend any money on programs or subscriptions.

26 Top YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Reach and Ranking [2021]

Free Seo Tools For Youtube

Boosting your YouTube reach and video rankings is about more than just pumping out video after video. You’ll get better results when you focus on quality over quantity. That’s how you can rank higher and nab that top spot, skyrocketing your video views and subscribers – or at least stop putting out mediocre videos because you’re trying to meet some arbitrary quota. But as anyone who’s ever tried to boost their reach and increase video views on YouTube can tell you, it isn’t easy. Fortunately, we’ve found 26 awesome YouTube SEO tools that can streamline your path to a growing and engaged YouTube following.

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26 Top YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Reach and Rankings:
1 . TubeBuddy

  1. YouTube Analytics
  2. vidIQ
  3. YouTube Autosuggest
  4. Google Keyword Planner
  5. Keyword Tool (
  6. Rank Tracker
  7. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  8. Kparser
  9. YTRank
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    Why YouTube Optimization Matters
    YouTube is a powerful search engine. In fact, it’s the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. And, Google loves YouTube content. When you do a Google search, video content stands out from the rest of the search results:

When you focus on creating the right YouTube content using the right keywords and tags, you put yourself in an excellent position to rank higher on Google and YouTube’s internal search. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 26 YouTube optimization tools you can use to get more YouTube followers and improve your ranking without spending countless hours creating videos just for the sake of creating videos.

26 Best YouTube SEO Tools
When you consider that video is the top-performing content across all social media platforms it just makes sense to focus on creating the best, most optimized YouTube videos possible. You can then share them across your social networks, growing your followers, and increasing your reach. But with more than 2 billion users on the platform, getting your videos found can be a bit difficult.

That’s where these YouTube optimization tools come in.

Here you’ll find all the tools you need to create great videos, find the right keywords and tags, find out what your competitors are up to, and track the performance of your YouTube channel.

Manage Your YouTube Channel
A successful YouTube channel requires a bit more than just posting videos. You also need to track the performance of your videos to make sure that you’re not wasting time and money on content that’s missing the mark. In this section, you’ll find YouTube optimization tools that will help you understand how your channel is performing so you can take steps to correct its course or share the content that’s performing well to your other social networks.

1 . TubeBuddy
youtube seo tool tubebuddy

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that offers tons of different ways to effectively manage your YouTube channel. It includes productivity, video SEO, data and research, promotion, and bulk processing tools. Using TubeBuddy, you can create and schedule your YouTube videos, use saved responses for easy content moderation, and build end-screen templates, among other cool things.

  1. YouTube Analytics


YouTube’s own analytics tool is one of the best tools you can use to find out where your channel is succeeding and where it isn’t. You can use it to learn more about your audience and the content that grabs them, improving your YouTube video views, and keeps them engaged. You’ll also be able to check out the watch time on your videos (a signal in YouTube’s search algorithm) and how your following is growing.

  1. vidIQ

VidIQ is a browser extension that shows you the stats you need to track your YouTube performance. You can also add competitor channels to see how they compare to your own as well as set up email alerts to find trending topics. There’s even a Facebook Syndication feature that lets you share your video instantly across social media platforms.

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Identify Your Best Keywords
Descriptions and titles are important information for YouTube users. When you include the right keywords in your YouTube video descriptions and titles, users are better equipped to decide if your video is right for them. In this section, you’ll find YouTube optimization tools that can help you find the keywords that will get your videos ranked and viewed.

  1. YouTube Autosuggest

If you’ve ever searched for a video on YouTube, you know that the moment you start typing, YouTube starts offering suggestions for keywords and phrases to help you along:

This is a great tool for users but it’s also an extremely useful tool for creators. Similar to Google Trends, you can enter your keyword or topic into the search field on YouTube and use the autosuggest results to find keywords that you should include in your video description, tags, and title.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google offers tons of free tools that creators can use to find just the right keywords to include in their content. Google Keyword Planner is a great tool. You can access Google Keyword Planner from your Google Ads dashboard (you don’t have to run ads to use it). It will help you find the keywords that are worth the most for Google searches so you can plug those keywords into your YouTube descriptions and titles.

  1. Keyword Tool (

Keyword Tool is a freemium tool you can use to find topics that your viewers might be interested in based on what they’re likely to search for. Just enter a high-level keyword or topic and Keyword Tool will give you suggestions in the form of questions, prepositions, and even hashtags. The paid version starts at $69/month and gives you access to search volumes, cost-per-click, competition data, and trends.

  1. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is another freemium keyword research tool. You can use it to pull keywords from YouTube’s suggestions and view search volume, competition, expected visits, and more. Rank Tracker is great for finding keywords that will put your videos in the running for that coveted featured snippet position that puts you at the top of the search results. The paid version starts at $72/year.

  1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer has one of the largest databases of YouTube keywords. You can search for your keyword and find local and global search volume, clicks, click percentage, and clickstream data so you can find out how many people search a certain term on YouTube each month. There are also keyword ideas reports that can give you some great keyword or topic ideas.

  1. Kparser

Kparser is another easy-to-use paid keyword research tool that focuses on long-tail keywords. You can add keywords before and after your target keyword (similar to but Kparser lets you choose the parsing depth.

  1. YTRank

YTRank is a super simple free tool you can use to track YouTube rankings for a target keyword. Just choose the location you want, add your YouTube video URL, and add your keywords.

Research Profitable Tags
YouTube tags are words and phrases that let YouTube know what your video is about. Like keywords, tags are an important ranking factor in YouTube’s search algorithm. Here you’ll find YouTube optimization tools that will help you find the most profitable tags for your YouTube videos.

  1. RapidTags

RapidTags is a free tool that quickly generates tags you can use for Youtube. You can apply a language filter for different locations. Just enter your target keyword into the search box and you’ll get a list of tags you can use on your YouTube videos.

  1. TagsYouTube

Similar to RapidTags, TagsYouTube lets you enter your target keyword to get a list of related tags you can add to your YouTube content. This tool also includes features like a thumbnail generator, advanced title, and description.

Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing
Researching your competitors on YouTube is a great way to come up with better video marketing strategies of your own as well as get inspiration for new content. In this section, you’ll find YouTube optimization tools that will help you get a leg up on your competition.

  1. Rival IQ

Rival IQ offers YouTube analytics information that will help you understand your competitors so you can make better decisions about your own channel and get better results. Rival IQ will show you how often your competitors post content, the engagement their content gets, likes, dislikes, subscribers, views, comments, and more.

  1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a keyword tracking tool that lets users run daily checks on YouTube rankings for any location and device. You can even set a target URL for each search and all of the non-target URLs will show up in red. You can track rankings on five search engines and up to five competitors.

  1. SerpStat

SerpStat is a keyword research tool that gives you insight into what your competitors are doing. You provide one target keyword and SerpStat will provide suggestions that you can rank for as well as finding search terms that potential leads are looking for.

  1. TagsForYouTube

The free TagsForYouTube Chrome extension lets you see the video tags for any video by clicking show more under the video description. This is a great way to find out what tags your competitors are using in their videos so you can use them, too.

Keep Your Comments Clean
Moderating your YouTube comments is important. Not only do comments play into YouTube’s algorithm, but keeping your comments clean helps to keep the information your audience receives accurate and improves your brand’s reputation and credibility. Here you’ll find YouTube optimization tools that will help keep your comment sections safe.

  1. YouTube’s Comment Moderation

YouTube’s built-in comment moderation tool lets you customize settings to automatically filter out comments that are inappropriate. You can add specific users to approve their comments automatically, enter a list of words you want to block, and block messages that include hashtags and URLs.

  1. Smart Moderation

Smart moderation is a paid tool that provides comment moderation for social media platforms. It connects to your social profiles and deletes unwanted comments as they’re posted. It’s AI-based so can moderate comments nearly as well as a human can. And, thanks to the AI, the tool learns the longer you use it. Pricing starts at $79/month.

Create Great Videos
Creating great YouTube videos starts with a great topic but you’ll also need to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails and edit your video to ensure that it flows well—and to add titles and visual effects. Here you’ll find YouTube optimization tools that will help you create YouTube videos people want to watch.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is an easy-to-use option for finding excellent video topics. Simply type in your general topic or keyword and specify YouTube Search. From there, you can choose a location, category, and time period to get the most relevant results.

  1. Camtasia
    Camtasia is a brilliant YouTube opti

mization tool for those of us who do webinars, tutorials, and presentations because it gives you a way to record your screen, including the movement of your mouse and keystrokes. You can then edit your videos to add effects, animations, annotations, quizzes, notes, and more as well as including music or narration.

  1. Canva

Canva is one of the best tools around for creating YouTube video thumbnails that really pop. You can start your design from scratch or find a beautiful template from the thousands Canva has to offer. Canva has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it delightfully easy to create eye-catching visuals that will get your YouTube videos noticed.

  1. FotoJet

FotoJet is a Canva alternative that includes an advanced YouTube thumbnail creator. It lets you edit and optimize your thumbnail to your heart’s content by adding filters, cropping and resizing, rotating images, and a whole lot more. Like Canva, FotoJet has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to use.

  1. Snappa

Snappa is an all-in-one graphic design software that has tons of great templates that make it easy to create stunning YouTube thumbnails. Snappa also walks you through the design process step by step, which is great for those with limited design skills.

  1. iMovie

If you use an Apple product to create your YouTube videos, chances are you’re more than a little familiar with this video editing tool. iMovie has an intuitive interface, letting users easily crop, trim, and rearrange videos however they want. You can also add visual effects and titles, as well as easily publish to YouTube.

  1. Blender

Blender is a free video editing tool that offers some advanced features. You can use Blender for VFX, animation, modeling, rendering, 3D, and even to create video games. In addition to those fun tools, Blender lets you trim videos, and add filters and transitions to make your YouTube videos unique and fun to watch.

  1. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is a paid Windows-only video editing tool that has the standard tools you’d expect (crop, resize, trim, rearrange, etc.) as well as a split-screen interface stop motion animation, and more. You can even upload your videos to YouTube directly from the software.

best seo tools for youtube

When you think of search engines, it’s usually Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo. Yet YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users.

Most people consider YouTube a social media platform. And it is, but it also behaves a lot like a traditional search engine. Visitors enter a query and get a list of videos ranked by relevance.

Optimizing your video content is critical for ranking in search so the audience can find you on YouTube. Fortunately, many of the traditional SEO rules apply to YouTube, too: Find the right keywords to communicate relevance, design a good user experience to drive engagement, and use analytics to find and fix whatever is not working.

Optimizing #video content is critical to rank well #YouTube, one of the world’s largest search engines, says @ab80 via @CMIContent.CLICK TO TWEET
With that said, here’s a rundown of tools to help you manage your YouTube SEO. Some are your general, run-of-the-mill SEO tools. Others are designed specifically for YouTube. But each one is useful for growing your YouTube presence.

Tools for researching trends and keywords
Use relevant keywords in your title, description, and tags to make sure your video content gets found. These tools will help you identify search trends and find the best keywords.

Google Trends
You may be familiar with Google Trends for tracking whether interest in your chosen topic is up or down. But you might not realize it also shows YouTube-specific trends. Click on “YouTube Search” to explore video-related trends and opportunities. Given that the data is coming from Google (which owns YouTube), it’s as trustworthy as it gets:

YouTube autocomplete
The first place to look for the right keywords is YouTube’s autocomplete feature – start typing your seed keyword into the search bar and see how YouTube interprets it by showing autocomplete suggestions:

A screenshot of YouTube’s autocomplete feature.

Use @YouTube’s autocomplete feature to identify the best keywords, advises @ab80 via @CMIContent. #SEOCLICK TO TWEET
Rank Tracker
If you have a bunch of keywords, you can automate the process with the help of a specialized keyword research tool. The free version of Rank Tracker (disclosure, I am the creator) allows you to use nine keyword research methods, which are likely to result in thousands of prospective keywords. Don’t worry – you can narrow the selection using custom filters (aim for the highest search volume and the lowest competition).

Keywords Everywhere
For something lighter and more convenient, look into Keywords Everywhere. The browser extension allows research of keywords on the go. It augments the autocomplete features of YouTube and Google with valuable metrics.

AnswerThePublic is another handy solution for keyword research. This beautifully designed online tool allows you to research the most common questions associated with your keywords., Kparser, and Keyword Keg
These paid solutions for keyword research provide cost per click (CPC) and search volume information. Keyword Keg offers a limited version free, but you’ll need the paid version for larger-volume campaigns.

Keyword Planner
You can also turn to the Keyword Planner section of your Google Ads account and enter your seed keywords to get a bunch of closely related keywords. One downside with a free account is that you don’t get the exact search volumes for your keywords, just approximations.

Here’s a handy video guide my team put together that covers these and other YouTube keyword research and optimization tools:

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Tools for finding the most profitable YouTube tags
The tags people add to videos help YouTube place the videos into proper categories. But tags aren’t displayed on a video’s page, so researching them is a hassle.

You can open the page’s source code and look for tags there or install a browser extension that will do the job for you.

vidIQ Vision for YouTube
This tool analyzes videos on the go and provides a summary on the page, complete with tags and other information:

An image of vidIQ Vision for YouTube summary, complete with tags.

@vidIQ analyzes #videos and provides a summary on the page complete with tags, says @ab80 via @CMIContent. #toolsCLICK TO TWEET
YouTube Tags
Another browser extension option, YouTube Tags, shows the tags for each opened YouTube video. It provides an excellent overview of any video ranking for your topic.

RapidTags generates multiple tags related to your topic. Put in the URL or topic of your video and see what tags come up. One downside, though, the free version is limited.

Add #video’s URL or topic to @RapidTagsPromo to see multiple tags related to your topic, says @ab80 via @CMIContent. #toolsCLICK TO TWEET
Tools for managing and auditing your channel
Keep an eye on your video successes and failures. Knowing which videos work for your brand – and which ones don’t – can help you understand the effectiveness of your keywords and inform future opportunities.

YouTube analytics
YouTube’s native tool provides an overview of your channel, accessible through your channel dashboard. It tells you who your audience is and what other kinds of videos they enjoy watching. You can see the timeline of views/engagement with your audience as well. It’s made for people who already have several videos and want to survey their success.

TubeBuddy is one of the most feature-rich apps for running and optimizing your YouTube channel. You can use it to analyze your channel’s stats and perform competitive research. You can also use it to edit your video data (thumbnails, annotations, and descriptions).

@TubeBuddy is the most feature-rich app for running & optimizing your @YouTube channel, says @ab80 via @CMIContent. #toolsCLICK TO TWEET
tubics and quintly
Try tubics for keyword research, channel audit, and more. A similar tool, quintly, provides a convenient reporting feature in addition to data on subscribers, engagement, watch time, and so on. Though quintly wasn’t specifically created for YouTube, it’s easy to integrate.

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Research your competitors
Several tools can give you a rich profile of your competitors’ YouTube presence. Use this information to create more effective videos and text-based content.

Rival IQ
With Rival IQ, you can see a general outline of a competitor’s growth, what works, what doesn’t, what tags they are using, and so on.

A screenshot of a detailed profile of a competitors’ YouTube presence using Rival IQ.

@RivalIQ can give detailed profiles of your competitors’ @YouTube channels, says @ab80 via @CMIContent. #toolsCLICK TO TWEET
This tool helps you evaluate your channel and shows you the best-performing videos in a category or location. That makes it indispensable in SEO research.

Socialinsider’s YouTube competitor analysis tool provides an in-depth look at the history of ranking and performance of your and your competitors’ content.

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Tools for moderating your comment section
Though you may not think of it as an SEO factor, the comments section can have an indirect effect on your rankings. Comments can make or break your YouTube channel. The comments under the most innocuous, helpful videos can become a vile pit of rot that harms your brand.

Comments can make or break your @YouTube channel, says @ab80 via @CMIContent. #SEOCLICK TO TWEET
YouTube comment moderation
YouTube’s comment moderation feature is probably the best tool for this task. It lets you add filters to automatically deal with inappropriate commenters and create a list of forbidden words to quarantine comments incorporating them.

Smart Moderation
Smart Moderation does the same thing YouTube’s moderation tool does but across several platforms at once. And it doesn’t just quarantine comments with forbidden words – it deletes them.

Watch your YouTube SEO
YouTube is the definitive content platform for billions of people around the world. To make the most of it, brand marketers need to think about SEO before the content gets created – and follow through long after the videos are posted. Not doing so means you’re investing in videos that will never realize their potential on YouTube.


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