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Making SEO easier for you and your company has been our mission since we started making SEO tools.

If you’re like us, you get excited every time Google changes their ranking algorithm.

And if you’re like us, you want to know exactly how you can use that to your advantage—without getting penalized by the search engine gods.

So we created Little Seo Tools.

It’s a tool that lets you see what Google is thinking and how your website stacks up to their standards at any given time.

Little SEO Tools is the easiest way to track your SEO and find out what needs to be improved on your website. We’ve designed it to be easy to set up, easy to use and easy to share with your team. And with our help desk, our customer support and our knowledge base, we’ll always be at your side as you grow your business online!

Little Seo Tools

1) Plagiarism Checker 

Small seo tools

Plagiarism checker

If you want to boost your website’s rank with your content then you will have to keep it unique. Copied content will only degrade the reputation of your content and ranking will be adversely affected.

Hence you require original content for your blog/website. Plagiarism checker will help you to find if your content is original or not. This one from small SEO tools will also let you know the exact source from your content has been copied.

Plagiarism is not always intentional as sometimes you may write fresh content but the same content is already available on the web. In that case, plagiarism checker will let you know the uniqueness of your content.

This is one of the most popular SEO tools among bloggers and online marketers. You only need to paste your content and the tool will detect its traces.

2) Alexa Rank Checker 

Alexa rank checker

You can use this small SEO tool to check the ranking of your blog provided by This website will let you know the popularity of your website among the users. The ranking provided by this tool is based on their specific country and also globally.

If you have just started your blog then you can use this is one of the best small SEO tools to compare your website with other websites on the basis of their performance.

3) Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword suggestion tool

As you know that keywords make the base of your content. Keywords decide whether your content will trend in search engines or not.

There are possibilities that while writing content, the right keywords might not hit your mind. You can use this small SEO tool to serve the purpose for you as this will suggest you relevant keywords that you can use in your content.

You must note that this tool will only suggest some keywords and you will have to do research on your own to find out the most searched keywords.

The suggested keywords can be further used as seed keywords to find out more unique keywords. Hence Keyword suggestion tool can be extremely helpful to create effective content.

4) Small SEO Tools DA Checker

Domain authority checker

Domain authority is used to predict how the website will perform on the search engine.

Small Seo tools DA checker will help you with this purpose as it provides the ranking that will let you know the expected performance of your content. This small SEO tool is fast and smooth and will serve the purpose for you.

5) Page Authority Checker 

Page authority checker

Page authority checker is very much similar to domain authority checker, the only difference is that domain authority tells you how well your website will perform on search engine whereas page authority checker will let you know how powerful your content is and this small SEO tool tells you this on the basis of a scorecard ranging from 0 to 100.

Hence checking your URL on this tool just like the domain authority checker is also important for an effective content.

6) Small SEO Tools Grammar Checker 

Grammar checker

If you want to earn conversions through your blog then you will have to create flawless content. The content should not contain any grammar error or such. The audience won’t trust you if your content will contain grammar mistakes.

If you are a new blogger/online marketer then writing a grammar error-free content is not easy and there comes this small SEO tool to help you out.

Small SEO tools grammar checker will point out the major faults in your content so that you can correct them and make your content more effective.

The tool will point out basic grammar errors and punctuation errors as well. The process is really simple, you can just copy-paste your content from your editor app to this tool and it will point out the mistakes.

7) Broken Link Checker

Small seo tools

Broken link checker

Your audience will only find you genuine if your website is perfectly optimized and contain no flaws. The issue with a broken link on a web page is really common and every blogger/online marketer can become a victim of that.

User’s trust will be broken if they will find a broken link on your page as the link will not lead them to anywhere.

Nobody likes to get lost while searching for anything. We expect web pages to lead us on the right path. Broken link checker will help you to solve this problem.

This tool will let you know about the broken links available on your web page so that you can fix the issue.

8) Backlink Checker Tool

Small seo tools

Backlink checker

Monitoring your Backlink profile is really important when it comes to ensuring a better rank of your website/blog on the search engine.

Hence it is always advised to track your Backlink profile within regular intervals. The result can be further used to get more benefits from SEO. This small SEO tool can be used to check the backlink profile.

You can also connect with other bloggers with the use of this tool. Spammy or unwanted links can also be disavowed by using this small SEO tool.

Your web page might contain certain hyperlinks that link your page to some of your own web page or website. This is really important as it will determine the popularity and efficiency of your web page.

Backlink checker will let you know about the good links that are available on your web page. You can use this tool to either update those websites with some other or remove them permanently.

You might not get enough time to search those links in your web page hence you can use this tool to serve the purpose for you.

9) Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter

Article rewriter

As the word suggests Article rewriter will just rewrite an existing article. This tool will use different words/phrases at the place of existing words/phrases to create some kind of uniqueness in the content.

This tool can be really helpful for those who write bulk content on a regular basis. You must always take care of a few things while using this tool as this is the only bot and you can’t just rely on that.

Sometimes it can also create absurd words/phrases to introduce uniqueness in the content. You must recheck the content and try to ensure if there’s no flaw in the content manually.

Hence, small SEO tools article rewriter can be of great help if used smartly.

10) Domain Age Checker 

Small seo tools

Domain age checker

This small SEO tool will let you know the age of your domain. For example, if your domain was created in 2005 the tool will mark it 20 years old in 2025.

This tool becomes helpful as it will give you the exact age of your domain and you can then decide if you want to resume with the same domain or there is a necessity to change it.

what is small seo tools is a entire set of equipment that helps maximum online marketers inclusive of search engine optimisation specialists, site owners, bloggers, and social media entrepreneurs. Nearly everyone running a blog has surely used or heard of While offers 50+ tools to help bloggers, we will take simplest the most critical ones for evaluation.​

1) Plagiarism checker:

Having original content is very essential for bloggers. A small trace of duplicate or copied content can harm the reputation and rankings of your blog. SmallSeoTools provides a plagiarism checker that easily finds traces of copied content in your blog posts or outsourced content.

This tool has been a favourite of bloggers who outsource content from freelance writers. All you need to do is paste the content from your draft and it will detect if it contains traces of plagiarised content.

Benefit: You can check up 300 words in one go.

2) Keyword Rank Checker:

If you want to track the ranking of your blog posts based on keywords you are focusing on, you can use this tool. You can then analyse if your posts are performing well in the SERPs. You just have to type your blog URL, enter your focus keywords (up to 5 at a time), and check your rankings in Google.

Includes Yahoo and google both rankings.

4) Backlink Checker tool:

It’s a good practice to check your backlink profile once in a while. Use this tool to check your backlinks and you can use the data to get more SEO benefits.

For example, you can connect with bloggers who link to you and build relationships. You also can disavow unwanted or spammy links.

5) Domain Authority Checker:

SmallSeoTools has the best domain authority checker after moz toolbar. It is pretty neat and fast and serves its purpose of checking domain authority.

Similarly, it also has Page Authority checker to calculate the Page authority of your URL.

6) Keyword Suggestions Tool:

If you are in a hurry or don’t want to invest money in a keyword tool, you should try out keyword suggestions tools by SmallSeo.Tools. While this is not any phenomenal tool but can help you get started up with a few variations of your parent keyword.

You can then use these derived keywords as seed keywords to discover new keywords.

7) Grammar Checker Tool:

For writers and bloggers, SmallSeo.Tools has a grammar checker tool that serves the purpose and detects any grammatical errors in your sentences or copy. It’s as easy as just paste your text and it displays the errors.


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