Best Apps For International Calls

When you’re abroad, staying in touch can get expensive. Whether you’re on an international business trip or a vacation with your family, cutting costs on calls is important. Sometimes it’s possible to find great deals on international calling plans, but it’s not always easy to know what the best options are. For help reducing your international call charges without sacrificing the quality of your telephone connection, check out these helpful apps for Android™.”

10 Best International Calling Apps 2022 |

Best Apps For International Calls

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Most Secure: WhatsApp
WhatsApp calls screens
What We Like
Free voice and video calls.

Group calling available.

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End-to-end encryption.

What We Don’t Like
Frequent use could cause data overage.

Encryption only in effect if both parties have the right version of the app.

WhatsApp is a messaging and voice call app for Android and iOS that uses data, not your cellular plan. You can make voice and video calls to people all over the world for free, though you need to keep an eye on your data usage each month. The app also supports group calls.

In 2016, WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption that applies to all messages and calls using the app. However, if you’re chatting with someone who has an older version, none of your communications are encrypted.

There are also web and desktop versions of WhatsApp. You can’t use it to call emergency services such as 911 in the U.S.

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Best For Group Calls: Skype
Skype’s share and connect screen and dialer
What We Like
Free calls to Skype users.

Can send a video or voice message if the recipient misses your call.

What We Don’t Like
Risk of data overage.

Doesn’t use end-to-end encryption.

Skype is a VoIP service that’s been around since 2003 and has always been an easy way to make free national and international calls. You can use it for voice and video calls, as well as group calls with up to 10 participants for free when communicating with other Skype users.

Charges apply if you contact someone outside of Skype, but the company is upfront about the rates, and unlimited monthly packages are available.

Like WhatsApp and other services that use data, you can’t use Skype to contact emergency services, since they can’t accurately pinpoint your location. In addition to Android and iOS, you can also make international calls from your PC or Mac computer, web browser, and even Xbox.

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Best For Video Calls on iOS: Facetime
Facetime video
What We Like
Free video calls over Wi-Fi.

Communications protected by end-to-end encryption.

What We Don’t Like
Android users can only join calls in progress.

Older devices only support video, not voice, calls.

FaceTime is a free voice and video call app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. You can call people over Wi-Fi or using mobile data around the world, except for a handful of countries. To set up an account, you need an Apple ID. On an iPhone, FaceTime automatically registers your phone number. On an iPad or iPod touch, you can register an email address.

To contact friends, you need the phone number or email associated with their Apple ID. You can also switch to a FaceTime call during a regular phone call as long as you both have accounts. If you’re running iOS 15 or later, you can also invite Android users to calls already in progress with a special join link.

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Best For Calls Between the U.S. and Canada: Google Voice
Google Voice app message list and dialer
What We Like
Can forward up to six numbers to your account.

Free voicemail transcription.

Can record incoming calls.

What We Don’t Like
Can only make outgoing calls from the U.S.

Free calls available only between the U.S. and Canada.

Not free to call landlines, only other Google Voice numbers.

Our Review of Google’s Voice Phone Service
Google Voice is a VoIP service that’s mostly free. You can forward up to six numbers to your account, but have each one ring before going to voicemail. If you turn on transcription, you can receive emails or text messages with transcripts of your voicemails. In addition to Android and iOS apps, you can also use Google Voice in a desktop browser.

If you’re in the U.S., most calls to people in the U.S and Canada are free. Rates for calls to other parts of the world vary. Google lists the pricing by country on the Google Voice website.

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Good VoIP App: Viber
Viber app calls screen and options menu
What We Like
Free calls to other Viber users.

Simple sign-up.

What We Don’t Like
Calls and texts aren’t encrypted.

Uses data.

Our Review of the Viber App
Viber is another VoIP service that offers free voice and video calls to other users, and cheap rates for calls to landlines and mobile phones. All you need to register is a valid phone number, which your contacts can use to find you on the app. Viber has Android and iOS apps, as well as a browser version.

While Viber isn’t as popular as WhatsApp and Skype are in the U.S., it’s popular in other parts of the world, such as Eastern Europe. Like its competitors, it can also send messages, and you can also share photos and other media through the app.

free international calling app for android

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Free international calling app
10 Best Free International Calling Apps for Unlimited Calling, Text & Videos

Somya Gupta
March 20, 2020 | Updated on April 20, 2022 | 8 Min Read

Communication tools such as international calling apps are being widely used for developing not just business relations but also doing meaningful conversations. People across the world uses the best international calling apps for calls, text & video conversations. Moreover, the interface of most paid and free international calling apps is user friendly, thus letting users rely on them without any technical issues.

Free international calling app
There are multiple options available to select the appropriate free ISD calling app as per your professional or personal requirement.

How Technology is Making Free International Calling Possible

Free international calling apps make use of the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to make audio and video calls from any device which is connected to the internet. You can use any device, be it your desktop or smartphone to make free international calls.

10 Best International Calling Apps for Free ISD Calling
Google Duo
Facebook Messenger
The best free international calling apps are compatible with multiple devices. Further they have such basic features enabled that make your international calls and chat processes an absolute delight.

Best international calling app
Viber free international calling app lets you connect with other Viber users through WiFi networks. This free ISD calling app is quite convenient for those who want to make and receive long international calls without having to spend extra money.

You can also initiate group conversations with best free international calling app and express yourself more freely with stickers. Video messages allow you to come face to face with your clients and dear ones, no matter where they are located.

Features of Viber:

Library of GIFs and stickers for adding expressions to messages
Manage conversations with unlimited people
Delete messages sent by mistake
Check who has and who hasn’t read your message
Easy to switch between desktop and mobile versions
Discover feature to identify new connections.

No login hassles as your login id is the telephone number
Good number of emoticons to select from
High quality image transfer
Create groups and easily add participants to these groups.

Not possible to pin contacts
Too many ads
Only small sized files can be shared.
Compatibility: One of the best internet calling apps Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Free international calling app for android
You can use WeChat free international calling app to not just make calls or write messages but also book hotels, flights, etc. Further, this international free calling app can be used for sending emails. What’s more, recharge your mobile through WeChat.

People can express themselves better with this app for international calling, as it has various social media features such as like, comment and share option.

Features of WeChat:

Moments option to upload images/videos and share those with others
Transfer money with this free voice calling software
Mini-programs to access editing tools n within WeChat.
Games come pre- installed within this international calling app
Facebook login is enabled within WeChat
Easily listen to voice messages without downloading them.

Interact with strangers through shake, lift around and bottles option
Live chat enabled
Supports multiple platforms

Not possible to check whether a contact is online or offline.
Compatibility: One of the best free international calling apps for Windows, Mac, Web, Android and iOS.

Call international numbers free
IMO is one of the best free international calling apps because it gives its users the advantage of quality video and voice calls. Calls made through IMO free international phone calls app are encrypted for security purposes and you can make upto six encrypted calls through this international free calling app. Exchange messages with friends and acquaintances even if the internet bandwidth is slow.

Features of IMO:

Calls encrypted to ensure privacy
Low memory size of the application
Send PDFs, music, videos and other such files
Dialing screen
Cloud storage facility
No ads

IMO creates small sized cache files
Group chat feature is also available
Intuitive interface
Quick and instant file sharing and messaging.

Drains battery
Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Rebtel international calling app is known for linking people without depending on WiFi connection. While calling rates do apply, the charges are minimal, such as around ₹700 per month for unlimited ISD calls from India. You can even use a local phone line to enjoy quality calls without any incidences of call drops.

Features of Rebtel:

Free app to app calls
Calling cards
Mobile recharge
Access numbers
Complete calls & transaction details

Low international calling rates
User friendly interface
Easy set up and sign up process
No WiFi required for making calls

No image sharing option
Messaging feature missing
No WiFi is it’s USP but some sort of internet connection is still required.
Compatibility: Android and iOS.

Best internet calling app
TextNow is a free international calling app that also offers a free phone number for making online calls and text messages. Users can purchase a suitable plan for using this app so that without WiFi connection also international calls can be made. Using this app, you can call or text anyone in the USA or Canada for free.

Features of TextNow:

Caller id to identify unknown numbers
Voicemail transcription
Floating chat for quick access to messages
Call forwarding to not miss important calls
Customisable tones
Emojis and stickers

Unified inbox
Seamless calling process
Paid plans available to check ads.
Secure messages through passcode.

Phone number resetting issues
Compatibility: Android, iOS and Windows.

Free ISD calling app
Skype is one of the best international calling apps used for both professional and personal purposes. Conferences and meetings are also arranged through this international free calling app. Audio/video recording is the unique selling point of Skype app.

Features of Skype:

At a Glance option to check people available online
Group chat and video option
Multi device support is available
Screenshare option for organising meetings with clients
Add people with ease through phone book
Create favourite section for selective contacts.


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