Responsive Web Design Software Free

Responsive Web Design Software Free

Responsive Web Design is becoming increasingly important, as more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the web. This is why designers are finding it necessary to create a website that can work on any device or screen size. Here are some of the best responsive web design software free for you to use for your next project.

Responsive Web Design Software Free

The rest comes naturally due to the software’s incredible features and assets. No matter which tool you go with, it guarantees that the end product will be mobile-ready and sophisticated. With that in mind, your freshly designed and developed page will work smoothly and stable on all devices and all modern web browsers.

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And you do not need to be a coder, not even a designer!

Although these free responsive website builders already cost you nothing, they also require very little effort on your end.

With the amount of predesigned material and all the incredible traits they come with, no skills and experience are needed whatsoever. As a result, you still appear on the web like a professional from the moment you start working with the preferred service.

If you are ready to build a personal, business, or even an eCommerce website, you came to the right place.

Test the waters, see what is possible and take your project to new heights. You are in the right hands, not able to mess anything up even if you are a first-timer. With all that said, let the excitement begin!

Best Free Responsive Website Builders


wix free responsive website builder
If you want to step things up and do something remarkable for your project, you need a Wix free responsive website builder. This tool has it all neatly packed into one bundle rich with features and all sorts of useful goodies. From start to finish, you can enjoy the entire process of site development that you will execute all by yourself. On top of that, it does not matter what type of page you would like to make, Wix is here to cover all niches easily. It rocks numerous predesigned templates, each layout is also entirely modifiable. With this in mind, coming up with the right look for your thing will be easy as pie.

Wix offers you to choose between three different site building methods. You can utilize its artificial design intelligence, ADI, the Editor, or the Code. Depending on your experience level, pick the one that feels the most comfortable and get creative.More Info


weebly free responsive website builder
Convert your passion into leads by getting the Weebly builder. This free responsive website builder offers multiple style variations, color backgrounds, content pages, and custom headers, all made with a professional touch. And you can easily come up with your variations due to Weebly’s convenience and ease of use. Weebly also has a responsive framework, leading to a better connection with your site visitors. Whether they use mobile or desktop devices, your website will adjust to each screen – even retina – like a dream.

Weebly also comes with eCommerce features such as shopping cart, secure checkout, filtered product search, and many more. Cutting-edge optimization via SEO tools is also present in this site editor to boost your online power. You can even manage your page from your handheld device and always have it under complete control. If needed, you can contact the support team at any time; they are more than happy to guide you.More Info

IM Creator

im creator free responsive website builder
Are you looking for a more brand-oriented design? The answer is right in front of you. IM Creator is a free responsive website builder with intuitive and friendly features. The color schemes of this editor are vibrant, adaptable and easily customizable for your tastes. Moreover, the animation effects and other specialties are there to amaze and wow your customers. With this straightforward approach to web design, you can vividly view your website on any device.

Whether you would like to build a one or a thousand pages large website, it is both very possible with IM Creator. The tool supports all industries and does not have issues acclimatizing your project’s needs and regulations. With the XPRS function, IM Creator provides a simple block-building process that lets you be artistic and innovative. With IM Creator, you can also sell anything under the sun with an online shop powered by ShopRocket.More Info


webflow free responsive website builder
The power to design, create and launch a fully functional and mobile-ready page is under your demand with Webflow. It is a free responsive website builder that makes establishing a fresh page a breeze. Besides, you need to have no coding knowledge and still reach the levels of professionals with Webflow’s convenience. Webflow is a visual canvas with loads of features that will instantly turn you into an expert. You can even realize stuff like parallax and hover effects and multi-step animations without complexity.

When you decide to go live, Webflow comes included with web hosting so you can truly have it all organized from one location. With Webflow, you can effortlessly hammer out business, freelance, eCommerce, blog, portfolio, and countless other websites. There are also practical video courses that will guide you through the process and develop your skills for making web spaces.More Info


The long wait for a quality website is over. Introducing Mobirise, a free responsive website builder, will lead your business to success. Of course, it does require your energy, but you are closer than ever to realizing your ideal site. Mobirise is perfect for literally any purpose, including business, product, corporate, agency and app landing pages. Both techies and non-techies will love Mobirise as it gives you the option to construct your website regardless of your skill level. Whether it is none or eleven, Mobirise is easy to use to suit your ideas.

For your information, Mobirise is an offline app for Windows and Mac users and not an in-browser editor which the major part of the builders are. Friendly support and detailed documentation make sure that customization is fast and straightforward. Come on, represent your product, show your portfolio, tell your story, and be noticed by everyone. Download it now and start right away.More Info


jimdo free responsive website builder
Do you strongly believe that your business or portfolio is the next big thing? Or you would simply like to start your project, but you do not know where to begin? Then realize the dream by working with Jimdo. This free responsive website builder functions in two super simple ways to follow. First, Jimdo Dolphin lets you answer a few questions, and then it takes care of the rest. And second, Jimdo Creator gives you a more detailed process in site-building. Jimdo is also suitable for any device, and it is guaranteed to produce retina-ready and pixel-perfect web design.

From online resumes, web stores, and travel blogs to fashion, wedding, and restaurant sites, to name a few, Jimdo is capable of making all of them. Jimdo’s standard features enable you to modify the content according to your preferences. It is very well commented and properly documented, never committing any mistake while using this builder.More Info


weblium free responsive website builder
Weblium is a full-blown free responsive website builder that works for an array of different intentions. There are tons of templates available for creating art, law, mobile app, construction, architecture, medical and photographers websites, amongst many more in between. In addition to that, you can also modify and adjust the sample’s out-of-the-box appearance and tailor it precisely to your wants.

Moreover, Weblium also has its own AI, which helps you on your journey to a successful page realization. Focus on your primary goal while integrated artificial intelligence does the rest. Weblium makes sure that your site is in tune with all modern devices and web browsers. Last but not least, the builder also takes care of hosting, domain name, and security. Enjoy the preview, and go from there.More Info


carrd free responsive website builder
If you are particularly interested in building a one-page website, Carrd is the free responsive builder that you should consider. With the editor, you can create either a personal website or a page for your marketing campaign that will help you collect leads. Of course, you have even more options that Carrd works for. Use your imagination and never limit yourself when doing the job with the remarkable Carrd.

Kick things off with a predefined style or pick a blank canvas and start from scratch. You see, you truly have unlimited possibilities with Carrd. Like that would not be enough, you need not worry about the technicalities, as Carrd takes care of it all, too. In other words, your single-page website will run smoothly on modern devices, browsers, and retina screens without a hitch.More Info


ucraft free responsive website builder
Quick, reliable and efficient are three of the many characteristics Ucraft has. It is a free responsive website builder for crafting mobile-ready, flexible and cross-browser compatible pages of all sorts. There are tons of ready-to-use templates available for you to employ and use as the base for your fresh web space. Or you can also use the one you dig the most as is. Speaking of templates, they vary from business, blog and portfolio to photography, sports, app, education and events. You see, there is something for everyone.

Ucraft is a comprehensive answer to all the web design questions you might have had up until now. Bear in mind, with the available material, you do not need to feel limited in any way. That said, Ucraft allows you to approach designing your website with an open mind and even go against the grain with the tool. What is also cool about Ucraft is the fact that it comes with its own logo maker.More Info


tilda free responsive website builder
Tilda is truly one of a kind in web design and innovation. This free responsive website builder offers many powerful theme options that can get you ahead of the competition. However, with your signature touch and creativity, you do not need to compete with anyone, your uniqueness gets noticed from a distance. Tilda has professional and intuitive characteristics, as shown in its 450 pre-built blocks, perfect for all of your web projects. This huge collection of treats includes icons, fonts, and colors, all of which can be combined with your personal touch to form unlimited different styles.

Visual content and typography are where Tilda excels the most. You can add video, photos, and galleries and further highlight and enhance your website. Hosting, search engine optimization, and Google Analytics are also part of this gem. Tilda is user-friendly, so the term hassle is out of the dictionary.More Info


readymag free responsive website builder
Too afraid or hesitant to start building something beautiful and functional? No problem, let Readymag bear the burden for you and get things moving. This free responsive website builder can work as a marketing page to present your brand, products, services, or portfolio. It is mobile-ready, designed to be flexible, extendable, and compatible with browsers. With its amazing and trendy design, Readymag was made for those who want a future-proof website look. You will surely achieve that with ease using Readymag.

With thousands of web fonts, animations and integrations, you are guaranteed to find the most appropriate and ideal design for your page. Amazon Cloud hosts all your project, but you can have it your way as well. Readymag has a mixture of different templates available for you to put in practice. However, if you would like to start with a blank skin and build from there, you can do that, too.More Info


site123 free responsive website builder
Yes, you can create your page not for cheap but for free. SITE123 is one of the best free responsive website builders out there. The tool’s name is pretty self-explanatory, but you can approach it from two different perspectives. Either we can say that you can build a page as fast as saying 1 2 3, or you only need to undergo three steps to finish the process. However, in reality, SITE123 is a combination of both. It will take you very little time to complete the establishment of your page, which requires only three moves.

Pick from a collection of stunning designs and improve them further with the no-coding-needed page editor. Once you sign up for SITE123, you will also benefit from free hosting, SEO tools and, of course, a mobile-friendly web design. Set up your online presence sooner rather than later and start making a difference. On your successful journey to hammering out a novel page, you can always get in touch with SITE123’s 24/7 live support for any additional information.

best free web design software

1. WordPress (Free and Paid) web design software

Here at, we recommend people use WordPress to create their websites.


Through our experience creating hundreds of sites, we’ve found that WordPress offers the best combination of flexibility, power, and ease-of-use necessary to build and launch content-based websites.

And it seems like the internet agrees with us! Over 35% of all websites run on WordPress. WordPress powers popular blogs, e-commerce stores, communities, and more.

To get started with WordPress, you have two options:

  1. Set up a self-hosted WordPress site (
  2. Sign up for a free account

If you’re just looking to host a small personal site, may be a great choice. However, if you’re starting a more complex project a self-hosted WordPress site is probably a better option.

If you are already using WordPress, but looking for help creating a WordPress theme or customizing WordPress pages, we recommend checking out the Genesis Theme Framework and the Elementor Page Builder.

  • How to Create a Website using WordPress (step-by-step)
  • How to Create a Blog using WordPress (step-by-step)

2. Bootstrap (Free)

Bootstrap web design software

Originally created by the engineering team at Twitter, Bootstrap is now the world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first websites.

Put simply, Bootstrap is a free library of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that simplifies the process of coding a website from scratch. Bootstrap offers dozens of features like a grid system, responsive breakpoints, and a large library of components that make coding a website quick and easy.

The component library includes headers, navigation, buttons, forms, alerts, and more. The Bootstrap team has comprehensively documented each feature, complete with examples and suggestions for customization.

To get started with Bootstrap, simply download the latest version of the Bootstrap framework, copy one of the example templates, and start coding.

  • How to Use Bootstrap (step-by-step)

3. Wix (Free and Paid)

Wix website builder software

Wix is an easy-to-use, affordable alternative to WordPress.

Much like WordPress, Wix can be used to create a variety of different sites, including blogs and stores. Through its drag-and-drop editor, Wix makes it simple to set up and launch your site in just a few minutes.

Wix is a fully-managed subscription service, meaning that the company handles all the details around hosting the site, backing it up, and handling security.

Wix offers a free, ad-sponsored plan that includes hundreds of templates and options to choose from. Paid plans start at $14 per month and include ad removal, increased bandwidth, and additional space for videos.

  • How to Use Wix (step-by-step)

4. Dreamweaver (Free Trial)

Adobe Dreamweaver web design software

Dreamweaver is Adobe’s application for coding, editing, and maintaining websites. It lets you edit websites both by coding them manually and through an intuitive visual interface.

Dreamweaver includes many of the features of a traditional, text-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like syntax-highlighting, automatic code completion, and the ability to collapse and expand sections of code. You can even use Dreamweaver with Bootstrap!

Unlike a traditional IDE, however, Dreamweaver’s visual interface is what makes it really stand out. Any changes you make in your website’s code are automatically displayed in real-time in Dreamweaver’s interface, and you can also point and click to edit your website’s code visually.

If you’d like more power than a simple drag-and-drop editor, but need something simpler than a code-only IDE, Dreamweaver is a fantastic option.

You can subscribe to Dreamweaver on its own for $20.99 per month or choose a subscription to Adobe’s full Creative Suite for $52.99 per month. Adobe offers 7-day free trials for both options, and discounts for students are frequently available.

  • How to Use Dreamweaver (step-by-step)

5. Squarespace (Paid)

Squarespace web design software

Squarespace is another good website builder that serves as a third alternative to Wix and WordPress.

Much like Wix, Squarespace offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating your website. Squarespace also offers a huge variety of different themes and color customizations and includes many of the standards you’d expect like SSL encryption and the ability to build an online store.

Squarespace’s personal plan starts at $14 per month with limits of 20 pages and two contributors. The business plan lifts these limitations and costs $23 per month.

  • How to Use Squarespace (step-by-step)

Best Software for Interface Design & Prototyping

Interface design apps and prototyping tools help designers envision and communicate how websites will look and behave before they’re launched. Here are a few great candidates to consider.

6. Figma (Free and Paid)

Figma interface design software

Despite being one of the newest tools on this list, Figma is also one of the most powerful. If you’re looking for a feature-loaded tool for interface design and prototyping, Figma may be the perfect fit.

Much like Sketch, the next app on this list, Figma features an intuitive, vector-based interface that makes designing websites simple. Anything you can do with Sketch or Adobe XD, you can also do with Figma.

What makes Figma really shine, however, is its collaborative, cloud-based approach. With Figma, multiple team members can edit a design file simultaneously. Business stakeholders can also leave comments, and developers can copy code snippets to simplify the process of turning your design into a real site.

Figma offers a free plan that includes up to 3 projects. Paid plans start at $12 per month and include advanced options like custom user permissions.


7. Sketch 3 (Free Trial)

Sketch3 interface design software

Sketch is an extremely popular interface design tool focused on simplifying the process of creating beautiful, high-fidelity mockups. Sketch gained popularity in the early 2010s when it won a design award from Apple.

Designers love Sketch because its uncluttered and intuitive interface makes it easy to create beautiful designs quickly, without the steep learning curve often associated with other design tools. Sketch also has a comprehensive ecosystem of plugins and integrations that bring added power and make it simple to integrate Sketch into your workflow.

While Sketch has recently added some features focused on prototyping and collaboration, the program isn’t as advanced in these areas as some of the other tools on this list.

Sketch is available for macOS and costs $9 per editor, monthly (or $99 per editor, annually). Sketch comes with a 30-day trial.


8. Adobe XD (Free Trial)

Adobe XD interface design software

Tired of being beaten out by simpler tools that were better-suited to interface design and prototyping, Adobe released XD in 2019 as its answer to the other tools on this list.

XD is a powerful, vector-based tool that also supports prototyping animations. If you like Adobe’s other products like Photoshop and Illustrator, chances are you’ll also like XD.

The program also supports opening and editing files from Sketch, making it a popular choice for Windows users who need to collaborate with other designers who use Sketch. That said, novices may find XD’s learning curve a bit steep, and even many professionals prefer other tools on this list.

You can subscribe to XD on its own for $9.99 per month or choose a subscription to Adobe’s full Creative Suite for $52.99 per month. Adobe offers 7-day free trials for both options.


9. InVision Studio (Free and Paid)

InVision Studio interface design software

While InVision got its start offering a cloud-based prototype service that integrates with tools like Sketch and Photoshop, it now offers its own full-featured interface design and prototyping tool called Studio.

Think of InVision Studio like an advanced version of Sketch, complete with advanced motion animations, collaboration tools, and options to create and share prototypes.

InVision Studio is currently in free beta. To share prototypes using its cloud service, you can opt for a free plan or upgrade to one of InVision’s paid offerings, which allows for more collaborators and projects.


10. Framer X (Free Trial)

Framer X interface design software

Framer originally started as a JavaScript library and toolset for prototyping, but it’s evolved into the most powerful tool on this list.

Framer X is a rapid prototyping tool that supports complex animations and generates the code for React components on the fly. At first glance, Framer’s vector-based interface looks extremely similar to Sketch, but there’s far more power under the hood.

Designers like Framer for its responsive design features, an array of premade components, and support for advanced animations. Developers love it because it simplifies the process of turning a design into production-ready code.

If you’re already part of the React ecosystem, or if you simply want a powerful interface capable of creating high-fidelity prototypes with realistic interactions and animations, Framer X is a fantastic option.

Framer X offers a free plan for up to two editors. Framer’s paid plans start from $20/month.



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