Smtp For Atomic Email Marketing Software

The world of email marketing is a huge, and it’s growing every day. With so many options, how do you know which one to choose?

Atomic Email Marketing Software has made it their mission to make email marketing easy for businesses of all sizes and types. They offer everything from the basics to advanced features that help you create customized templates, track your campaigns, and measure ROI.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful email marketing solution, Atomic is the perfect fit for your business.

Smtp For Atomic Email Marketing Software

Effective email marketing is often impossible without a quality SMTP server for bulk emails.

Atomic Mail Sender with built-in SMTP solution is an ideal choice for companies that plan to send bulk emails. It is an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool.

Every entrepreneur, marketer, and user will appreciate the ability to integrate any external SMTP services into the bulk mailer.

Choice of a reliable SMTP-server

Improve deliverability by choosing between built-in server or external SMTP servers.

It is recommended to use an integrated SMTP server of our partner to improve the sending efficiency and security.

To clearly identify the company and to confirm sender authenticity, we recommend generating a DKIM signature and SPF entries. This will increase the deliverability of your email messages and reduce the possibility of messages from your domain being delivered to recipients’ spam folders.

Our own experience

Atomic Mail Sender is developed according to recommendations for bulk emails.

This provides high-quality, easy-to-create email messages and high-speed delivery to any corner of the world.

That is the main reason why large companies and organizations, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses that have chosen quality and safety, are among the users of Atomic Mail Sender.

Detailed reports

Atomic Mail Sender provides detailed reports of two types – individual reports for an individual email address and bulk reports for the entire email campaign.

Statistics can be saved to a local MS Excel file. According to your needs, there is an opportunity to create a report with different email delivery statuses.

Statistics analysis helps you optimize your marketing strategy, correct the settings of your bulk mail sender, and improve the email messages deliverability.

Customer support

Our professional team of specialists is always ready to help you with the bulk mailer customization, and choosing the proper SMTP server for your needs.

Contact our technical support via email or online chat – we have a professional team who are ready to answer all your questions about Atomic Mail Sender.

Our experts can be reached any day of the week, including weekends.

Personal domain name for monitoring mailings

If you choose an integrated SMTP server of our partner we recommend you to monitor your mailings with the help of your personal domain name.

Specify the domain name and necessary settings in your account of our partner SMTP service. The monitoring occurs through your domain, and the statistics is available in your SMTP service account.

smtp sending software

SMTP Mail Sender is a simple application that allows you to quickly send email messages through an SMTP server of your choice without the need to install a full featured email application. The program supports message attachments and SSL for secure connections and includes a simple address book to store your frequent contacts.SMTP Mail Sender is able to run from a USB thumb drive, so you can send emails from anywhere with a PC and Internet access.

Download SMTP Mail Sender

Product Details

PublisherHazteK Software (5)PriceFree
Version1.0.0.20  Last updatedDec 02, 2017
File Size61 KbRequirements.NET Framework 2.0

User Reviews

5 stars83%5
4 stars16%1
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Smtp made easy and portable5 stars by Busybusy Jan 09, 2020

It is a nice piece of software for when you need to send an email and don’t want to use a web browser or you don’t have an email client installed. The configuration is simple and straight forward. The interface has everything you need to get the job done with the added benefit of adding an attachment. In addition, I took a look at the config.conf file and found that the HazteK team took the time to encrypt the user name and password which is outstanding. Such a simple thing to overlook but increases the sense of security and the use of this application. Review details

A cool little program5 stars by Sonia.Steinhart463 Apr 05, 2015

This little program (version – 35 KB zip file) cannot be any easier to use. Works perfectly. The developer replied to my inquiry promptly and very helpfully. Thanks Joey! Review details

Easy as smtp5 stars by Gimpguy Aug 11, 2012

Does it get any easier than this? Sent a test email, worked great. Portable, yes. Light, yes. I will be carrying this with me for a long time. You can also edit in the config file.I DO WARN (at least in my case) When you edit the address book, don’t do so in the (addbook) file, it will crash when trying to open the mailer.The correct way… Open by clicking the little envelope in the mailer itself, then edit or add rather, the address and name. It will work fine then. Also as in my case, I had to keep opening the addbook file and even deleting blank characters and saving else it would crash the app.Other than that, it’s awesome, I tried it from my laptop, my son’s pc, it worked flawlessly. Definitely one of my all time favorites.


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