B2b Email Marketing Tools

B2B Email Marketing Tools

It’s no secret that marketing is a crucial part of any business. You need to make sure you are reaching the right people and getting your message across in the best way possible. That’s where email marketing comes in! Email marketing can help you reach your customers, build relationships with them, and increase sales by letting you send out personalized messages based on their interests.

There are many different B2B email marketing tools out there that can help you manage this process more efficiently. Some of these tools include:

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-Leads360: This tool allows you to track leads and convert them into customers. You can use it to create automated lead nurturing campaigns as well as set up drip emails where new leads are sent specific information based on what stage they are at in the sales process. This helps ensure that leads aren’t being ignored or forgotten about once they’ve been gathered up from an event or website signup form.

-MailChimp: MailChimp is one of the most popular B2B email marketing tools because it’s easy-to-use, has great customer support, and doesn’t cost too much money if you’re just starting out with your company’s online presence (you pay based on how many subscribers there are).

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B2b Email Marketing Tools

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27 Must-Try B2B Marketing Software Tools (Email, Content & More)
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The B2B marketing sphere is full of different software to make running a company just a bit easier. But sometimes you need to filter out all of the bad ones and get the ones that will truly optimize your business.

Before we go into each software, you should be mindful of what you’re wanting and what you should consider.

You don’t want to make the mistake of downloading or purchasing a piece of software and then stop using it as it didn’t meet your needs.

Overall, it’s imperative that you research and examine your options. There are many factors and questions to consider when you’re looking at marketing software. They include but not limited to:

Pricing: Most software comes with various pricing options. Whether it’s added features or additional support, they can add up to be costing you more than you had hoped.
Integrations with other tools: Most software offers integrations with other software to make it easier to manage your marketing and workflows in one place.
It’s also important to consider the preferences, as they can also determine how you select your software:

Does the software offer any training or free demos: You want to factor in how long it might take your brand to implement and familiarize themselves with the software. It’s important to ask questions and see if the software offers any type of support around this.
Social media capabilities: Some marketing software can integrate with popular social media platforms like Instagram. This can allow you to manage your social media within the software and for easier content creation.
In this post, we’re going to highlight the most popular B2B marketing software available today. You heard right, we’re talking about everything from Buffer to HubSpot, ActiveCampaign and more.

Let’s get into it…

Marketing Automation Software
Sales Nurturing Software
Email Software
Email Research
Meeting/Webinar Software
Social Media Management Software
Marketing Automation Software

HubSpot is a massive inbound marketing software platform with multiple tools inside it. They have a content management system (CMS), a marketing tool, a sales tool, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system, all geared toward helping you accomplish 6 main things:

Build and modify your site without IT
Get your content in front of the right people
Drive more traffic to key landing pages
Convert more visitors into qualified leads
Turn leads into customers with less effort
Track customers and report your impact on the bottom line
Top features:

List tool to segregate tasks, leads, and priorities.
Workflows to help organize your team based on tasks.
Pipeline Management to help you stay on top of what deals are currently in the works & how far along they are.
Predictive lead scoring to help figure out which leads will get you the most engagement.
What’s unique:

Ability to record and organize every interaction your customer has with the brand.


Pricing for their Marketing Hub goes from a free plan to an enterprise solution starting at $2,400 USD/month

Kickstart your inbound marketing today by bringing team and data together with this platform.


Pardot is a marketing automation software that is joined with Salesforce that focuses more on visually displaying the needs of the company. Because of its partnership with Salesforce, Pardot combines your sales and marketing team into one easy to use software to:

Generate more leads and move them quickly through the pipeline
Engage buyers on their terms with dynamic, personalized campaigns
Understand each step from click to close, capturing true marketing ROI
Top features:

Sales alignment to easily sell your products.
Smart Lead generation for a steady stream of high quality leads.
Lifecycle ROI reporting to figure out what’s working and what needs fixing.
What’s unique:

Easy CRM integration to help you tie together all of your tools without unnecessary headaches.


Pricing starts at $1000 US/month and goes to $3000 US/month.

Get started and dive deeper with your marketing by using Pardot.


Is a marketing automation software that focuses much more heavily on a personalized experience with personalized:

Digital Ads
Social and Mobile
Top features:

Focus sales to higher prospects
Scale automated marketing campaigns
Easy to measure and optimize your marketing programs
What’s unique:

Interest through an SEO focus to attract clients.


Pricing upon contact.

Learn more about how you can get a personalized experience and take your marketing to new heights.

Qualaroo is versatile online survey software that has a unique approach towards collecting customer feedback. Its proprietary NudgeTM technology lets you create and place surveys (desktop/mobile website, linked, emailed, or in-app) that can be very accurately targeted to visitors/users based on their time spent/location on page, the number or frequency of their visits, their purchase or payment history, and many other specific factors. It helps you:

Ask the right questions to the right users at the right time
Delight users by collecting feedback without interrupting them
Gather actionable insights through AI-powered Sentiment Analysis
Run exit surveys to uncover ‘why’ potential buyers aren’t converting
Improve product development with prototype testing at every stage of the design process
Top features:

Highly advanced targeting for actionable insights
Skip logic & question branching
White-labeling & customization
Powerful integrations with the most popular tools, such as Hubspot, Zapier, Slack and more
Artificial intelligence-based feedback analysis backed by IBM Watson
What’s unique:

Encourage engaged users to share positive reviews that you can use for marketing & intercept negative feedback early and privately to identify areas for improvement.
Carry out Sentiment Analysis of massive amounts of free-form open-ended customer feedback with IBM Watson’s Artificially Intelligent Natural Language Processing.

Apart from the free plan, Qualaroo’s pricing plan begins at $40/month and goes up depending on your needs.

Boost the ROI on your marketing with actionable insights from Qualaroo.


SurveySparrow allows you to turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, it’s software enables users to create and distribute surveys that offer a chat-like experience. It facilitates the easy sharing of surveys, helping you to:

Automate tasks with recurring feature and schedule reminder emails.
Capture feedback from structured and unstructured sources.
Top features:

Create personalized surveys tailored to the recipient.
Collect more data without making surveys detailed with a unique set of question types.
Integrate your surveys using Zapier.
What’s unique:

With the option of themes, add excitement to your surveys. Users can design everything about your survey from the background, buttons, colour, and font.

A basic plan starts at $19 US/month and goes up depending on your requirements.

Try SurverySparrow and build a better experience for your audience.


Instapage is a software that helps marketers create better landing pages. The software is designed to help businesses execute and deliver a post-click click experience. This tool lets you build landing pages without the need to hire a web designer, allowing you to:

Identify poorly performing or problematic areas of a web page.
Contextualize web visitor behavior.
Break down a population of users by demographics, sequence actions and time.
Top features:

Unlimited A/B split testing.
Real-time reporting.
Google Ads & Analytics Integrations.
What’s unique:

Facebook Ads Manager integration that gives an overview of your ad-to-page performance.


Their pricing begins at $199 US/month for a business plan and goes up depending on customer needs.

Create a personalized post-click experience by using Instapage experiences.


Instazood is one of the most renowned automation services on the market. It’s a cloud-based automation tool that allows you to promote your Instagram marketing activities to boost your brand awareness. Instazood positions itself to:

Easily manage your posts on Instagram.
Find potential leads.
Help you boost your engagement and followers.
Top features:

Schedule your content at the best time of day based on target audience interaction.
Manage comments from a single feed like answering questions.
Automatically send messages to followers, including sending a customized welcome message to new followers.
What’s unique:

Automatically follow new users, like and, comment on posts, and unfollow non-followers.


Pricing begins at $14.99 US/month and goes up depending on your needs.

Discover what Instazood can do for you and your Instagram engagement.


SEMrush is a software that helps brands run digital marketing efforts. The software allows marketers to boost their SEO, PPC, content, and social media activities. SEMrush makes it easy for you to see how your brand and content are doing. It positions itself as an industry leader, helping you:

Have better keyword research.
Identify new keyword opportunities.
Track past and current rankings.
Perform backlinks analysis
Top features:

Reveal any company’s website traffic and performance.
Qualify leads, prospects and customers.
Analyze Google ranking factors affecting your brand’s online performance.
What’s unique:

Tweak your social media campaigns based on benchmarking data.
Get into your competitor’s marketing strategy and tactics with Traffic Analytics.

SemRush’s pricing starts at $99.95 US/month and goes up depending on your requirements.

Curious? Checkout how SEMRush can improve your marketing efforts.

Sales Nurturing Software

Is a Content Management software that makes streamlining your sales activity that much easier. It allows you to quickly contact any leads you have with:

Built-in calling
SMS marketing
Mass calling made easy for sales team
Top features:

Built in one click calling
Automatic call logging
Record calls
Inboxed calls
What’s unique:

Schedule meetings via SMS, or send SMS in bulk


Basic plan starts at $65 US/month and goes up to $165 US/month for businesses.


All of their examples are based around the show Arrested Development and other awesome shows, which is just adorable.

Start today and see how you can streamline your sales efforts.


SamCart helps you create a beautiful page that showcases your products and services online while accepting the order all on the same page. It’s a web-based shopping cart builder built for businesses’ that are looking for a tool that allows them to sell online. It helps you:

Increase conversion rates
Track and run custom reports on sales
Conduct A/B testing
Top features:

Incentivize sales with discount codes
Allow customers to easily add another product in the checkout.
Easily manage customer email communications with tools like AWeber and ActiveCampaign.
What’s unique:

Connect to Stripe to accept payment from major credit cards and sync to PayPal to accept payments.

Plans begin at $49 US/month and go up depending on your needs.
Act now and see what SamCart can do for your business.


ClickFunnels is one of the world’s most popular online sales funnel platforms where users can quickly and easily create beautiful sales pages that convert visitors into leads then customers. This tool helps strengthens users’ marketing, selling, and delivery of products and services. There are various types of sales funnels and each one needs to be designed in a way that attracts others. Their core offerings are:

Conversion tracking.
Dashboard for monitoring KPIs.
A/B testing.
Content management for marketing efforts like blogs and newsletters.
What’s unique:

Drag and drop page builder that lets users create pages inside sales funnels without a single line of code.


ClickFunnels pricing begins at $97 US/month and varies depending on your business goals.

Don’t delay; start managing your entire sales funnel in one place.

Email Software

Are you new to the email marketing game? Still, trying to build up your email list? MailChimp is probably going to be the best place for you to start. That said, there are a few MailChimp alternatives if you’re ready to level up your email marketing. They’ve been focused on helping new businesses get started in email marketing by offering a free plan and allowing you to:

Connect store to the emailing list for easy integration
Mobile optimization
Ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram that can be integrated into the email
Top features:

Large selection of templates
Built in photo editing
Easy E-commerce integration
What’s unique:

It’s free and easy to get started with. It’s perfect for someone just starting up their email list or business, without much experience in email marketing.


MailChimp is free up until you have 2,000 subscribers, at which it scales based on subscriber count.

Start now and watch what Mailchimp can do for you.


Looking to invest in automation? ActiveCampaign may be the best bang for your buck. Their automation flow editor is one of the most user-friendly in the industry. Factor in their tag and CRM functionality and ActiveCampaign positions itself as an industry leader, helping you to:

Run targeted campaigns on autopilot
Tag subscribers and add them to multiple lists
Personalize email content to differentiate messages
Set reminders to take action or a follow up on a reply
Create high quality emails with their drag and drop editor
Top features:

Filter messages to go to the right person
5 step automatic emails
Pre-created automation flows
What’s unique:

Auto-imports contacts from CRM’s, eCommerce platforms, customer service solutions, etc.


Based on 1,000 email subscribers, pricing starts at $29 USD/mo for the lite version, and $279 USD/mo for the enterprise plan.

Activate your entire customer experience by leveraging your email marketing efforts.

Campaign Monitor:

Similar to MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor is an email marketing software that embraces its position as a user-friendly platform. It comes preloaded with a deep collection of templates for whatever the purpose of your campaign may be. Their core offerings are:

Easily personalized emails to valued customers
Simplified campaign creation with a drag and drop approach
Top features:

Customized signup forms
E-commerce integration with Shopify and other shop sites
Customized transactional emails in line with your brand image
What’s unique:

Allows for the most personalization for each customer you’re in contact with.


Pricing starts at $50 US/month and goes up depending on subscriber numbers.

Get started with Campaign Monitor today.


Although it isn’t one of the mainstream email platforms like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact or MooSend, Campaigner still offers a handful of unique features to differentiate from the competition. Their primary value offering is the ability to send recurring emails on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom basis. They also allow B2B marketers to:

Auto-respond to emails depending on relevancy
A/B split test their email campaigns
Organize and create detailed email workflows
Setup recurring email campaigns
Top features:

Easy to use media library
Mobile email reporting
Monitor customer purchase behaviour
What’s unique:

Easily categories and organize your emails into grids.


Pricing starts at $19.95 US/month and goes up depending on subscriber numbers.

Want to drive your sales and revenue with your email marketing automation? Campaigner can do that.


Similar to Campaigner, Mailigen isn’t necessarily one of the big names of the industry. That said, they do offer a clean, easy-to-use platform with all the core features you’d expect from an email marketing provider, with a focus on humanizing your email efforts. Their core features are:

Intuitive A/B split testing
Deep collection of customizable templates
In-depth email campaign analytics
Top features:

Visual HTML code editor
Allows RSS or XML-based emails
Behaviour based segmentation
What’s unique:

You can test subject lines with an advisor before sending it off to see what click-throughs you can get.


Pricing starts at $10 US/month and goes up depending on subscriber numbers.

Create stronger human connections with your emails by using MaiGen.


Automizy is a breakthrough email marketing automation platform that makes you an open rate guru. The interface is intuitive and the feature set is designed to help you get the highest open rate and consequently increase revenue generated from email campaigns:

Create high-performing email automations easily
Resend emails to non-openers automatically
AB Test automated emails
Improve your subjects line before hitting send
Manage your subscribers effortlessly
Top Features:

AI-powered Subject Line Tester
Visual Automation Builder with Blueprints
Machine Learning powered AB testing
Intuitive list and contact management
What’s unique:

The ability to AB test automated emails and improve subject lines before sending a campaign. Their AI-powered subject line tester grades subject lines based on data from over 100K campaigns.


Pricing starts at $9/month and goes up depending on subscriber count.

Ready to see change with your open rates? Give Automizy a try and start seeing results.


AWeber is one of the popular email marketing solutions out there. It’s an easy-to-use and affordable email marketing option for brands of all sizes. AWeber positions itself to:

Easily create mailing lists and capture their data.
Design newsletters that can be sent to subscribers on your list.
Automate emails via the use of autoresponders.
View and analyze results associated with your campaigns.
Top Features

AI-powered email template designer that automatically generates branded and professional-looking emails.
Manage and categorize the people on your mailing lists.
Quickly integrate other tools into email marketing campaigns.
What’s unique:

AWeber provides a large library of pre-built templates that can help elevate your emails.


Pricing begins at $19 US/month and goes up depending on subscriber numbers.

Want to automatically create an email in seconds? AWeber makes email marketing easier.

Email Research
Voila Norbert:

Voila Norbert is an email finding tool that helps you search for, and verify email addresses. All you need is the person’s name, and the domain and Norbert does the rest. Whether you’re trying to reach out to influencers, build marketing connections or reach potential recruits, Norbert’s got you covered.

Top features:

Most accurate email finder out there according to Ahrefs
The verifying tool ensures every email you send, reaches a real person.
Enrich your email lists with data that builds relationships with Norbert’s enrichment tool.
First 50 credits are free. $49 for 1,000 leads, $99 for 5,000 leads.
Explore how you can build an up-to-date list of B2B contacts from the click of a button.
Meeting/Webinar Software

Want to start hosting conference calls with crystal clear audio? Look no further.

GoToMeeting allows you to host international conferences by letting attendees answer a phone call and join. It also allows you to schedule meetings whenever you want with great audio. You can also start video calls on both your desktop and mobile device.

Top features:

Desktop or Mobile options
Personal meeting rooms
Built in audio with no extra charge
Phone system with no codes or pins
What’s unique:

Virtual Whiteboard and drawing tools to draw out plans and ideas while on a call.


Starter plan is $19 US/month and goes up to $49 US/month for the pro plan.

Power your teams’ productivity with a virtual conferencing tool.


Slack is slowly becoming one of the go-to software for corporate communication.

With its ability to add different channels depending on topics, the ability to check-in with Howdy, and status symbols to show what you’re doing, Slack is one of the more versatile communication methods.

You can also have video calls with anyone in the Slack group and share your screen to show them documents or relevant files.

Bonus? It’s free to download and use.

Give Slack a try and see how it can change the way your team communicates.


Going back to the classics. What webinar list would be complete without Skype?

Skype allows you to make video or audio calls anywhere in the world, while allowing you to screenshare and record meetings.

It’s generally free, but for long distance calls you can buy Skype credit to complete your call.

Discover how Skype can enable exciting ways of working and connecting with your colleagues in one place.

Social Media Management Software

Is one of the biggest social media management softwares in the marketing sphere. Not only does it make it easy to schedule posts, it also lets you quickly see which posts are actually doing the best and make reports based on the data.

Plus you can schedule Instagram posts which is just good for everyone involved.

Top features:

See best posts at a glance
Manage from your mobile device
Track key engagement metrics
What’s unique:

Easy video and GIF uploader to jazz up your posts.


Starts at $99 US/month and goes up depending on team size and number of social media accounts.

Don’t miss what Buffer can do for your social media marketing.


Need a software that keeps your social presence alive even if you’ve forgotten to schedule something? Hootsuite easily allows you to quickly schedule loads of content both on the go and while browsing.

It follows a unique 4 step process:

Content Curation
Top features:

Automatically schedule posts to fill any gaps in your schedule
Create search streams to curate content
Shared library of content
What’s unique:

Start contests on social media to grow followers and generate leads


Starts at $19 US/month and goes up depending on team size and social media accounts.

Learn what Hootsuite can do for your social content all in one place.


Need some help organizing your social media feed and content calendar? CoSchedule is an up and coming site that beautifully filters and sorts your content, and makes it easy to add and shift content with drag and drop capabilities.

Top features:

Best time scheduling to get the most out of your engagement data
ReQueue your top posts to fill up your social feed
Make different social campaigns depending on the topic
What’s unique:

The layout is just like a weekly calendar, which makes it that much easier to find out what days you want specific keyword posts to go out and manage the best times to post.


$40/month for the solo plan, $60/month for growth plan, $300/month for professional plan and $2,200 for the enterprise plan.

Check out how you can get more done with the only work management software for marketers.


This that automatically converts anonymous website visitors into actionable, warm leads.

Albacross provides you with extensive data on companies interested in your business, it includes size, revenue, industry, demographics, and contact details of their chief decision-makers.

Additionally, you will gain insights into the behavior of your website visitors, such as time spent on your website and buyer consideration stage. It allows you to score these captured prospects, so you spend your time on those most likely to convert. Albacross allows you to:

Easily identify anonymous website visitors and turn them into B2B leads
Automatically convert leads into customers and increase sales
Top features:

Web managed platform track your leads in one central location.
User segments create your own customer segments to group users based on dozens of attributes.
Advanced filtering find the hottest leads among your website visitors by filtering on metrics like revenue, location, and pages visited.
Seamless Zapier integration connect Albacross to hundreds of other apps like CRMs and outreach tools.
Slack integration find out in real-time when a hot lead has visited your website.
What’s unique:

Lead estimator enables users to find out how many their website visitors could be turned into leads.


Albacross offers a 14-day free trial and it has three packages – Premium $169 per month; Business $329 per month; Enterprise on demand depending on your needs.

Want to skyrocket your lead generation? Let Abacross help you generate more leads and boost your sales.


Planable is a social media collaboration tool designed around one simple principle: ridding marketers of tedious tasks and allowing them to create content. Marketers rave about Planable for helping them to:
Schedule posts and plan their campaigns, all in the same place.
Collaborate seamlessly with team members.
Organize and manage workspaces.
Save time!
Top Features:
Intuitive and highly visual content calendar.
Multi-level approval process.
Real-time collaboration.
Multiple planning views (feed, calendar, list, and grid view.)
What’s Unique:
With real-time collaboration and four types of approval workflows (none, optional, required, and multi-level), Planable is suitable for teams of all sizes.
The ability to preview content exactly as it would appear on social media feeds before publishing.
Leave comments (tag your teammates, attach files, and leave reactions) and replies right next to the post that needs feedback.
Planable is integrated with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, YouTube, and TikTok.

b2b email marketing content

SMS is here! See how you can build better connections & generate more conversions. Learn More

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Resources Hub » Blog » 10 Powerful B2B Email Marketing Examples
10 minute read time
10 Powerful B2B Email Marketing Examples
Campaign Monitor – Oct 30, 2018

Email is rapidly becoming the preferred channel for B2B marketers. Not only does it allow for a direct, conversational style of communication with your customers, but it also delivers a higher return on investment than any other channel.

In fact, studies indicate the ROI of email marketing is higher than 3000% and it continues to rise, even in the wake of GDPR updates.

When you’re ready to take your B2B marketing to the next level, take a look at these B2B email marketing examples for inspiration you can use to harness the potential of this powerful marketing opportunity.

10 B2B email marketing examples to engage your audience
One of the great advantages that email has over social media is that emails have a much longer lifespan. Whereas posts on Twitter or Facebook can live and die within hours, your subscribers can engage with emails days after they are sent.

Today, machine learning-based software allows for deeper data insights, paving the way for more targeted content. With the rise of artificial intelligence, B2B companies can implement more personalization and segmentation in email than was possible even a few years ago.

There is a multitude of ways you can utilize email to engage your B2B audiences. Here are some of the best:

  1. Curated email content
    It’s not as easy to build an organic mailing list as it was 10 or 15 years ago. People are more cautious about giving out their contact details or signing up for newsletters.

Send personalized messages to the right audience
Send personalized messages to the right audience
From personalized subject lines to dynamic content to send time optimization, Campaign Monitor helps you build campaigns catered to every last subscriber.

Learn More
Ultimately, when new subscribers do come on board, what they really want from you is value. They’ll only invite you into their inbox when they’re convinced your brand can deliver valuable, insightful content that will benefit them.

Once you gain subscribers, it’s up to you to deliver on your promises and meet the expectations of your followers.

A great way of fulfilling these expectations is by sending emails that consist of curated content from a range of other sources on the internet. Having access to a lot of high-value content in a single email saves people time, and they’ll appreciate content that isn’t always promotional. By sending curated content, you show your subscribers you care about them holistically, instead of only caring about your clients’ money.

This welcome email from General Assembly offers value to subscribers by providing a curated collection of photos from various sources.

Source: Really Good Emails

  1. Activation
    It’s pretty common for people to sign up for your email subscription list and then sit on the sidelines, receiving your email but never getting involved with your products or services.

Sometimes, all these businesses may need is a little encouragement to get active with your emails and fall in love with your product or service.

Asana has a great platform to help teams with project management and communications. Its clean and clear user interface is easy to navigate. However, new users may be a little daunted by all the possible options.

In order to welcome new users, the company sends a fantastic email to introduce new clients to the platform, showing them just how easy it is to use the service. With a strong call-to-action, an email like this can engage new users and reduce their intimidation and frustration.

Asana uses email to encourage new subscribers to get involved with the app. By presenting the features and showing how easy it can be, they can boost engagement.

Source: Really Good Emails

  1. Re-engagement
    Similar to the activation email, this B2B email is good for reigniting a fading relationship with older subscribers.

Over time, your list may end up with a lot of inactive subscribers. Instead of cutting them from your list or letting these contacts remain dormant, take a more direct approach to encourage interaction by sending a reengagement email.

Here at Campaign Monitor, we use this example of B2B email marketing to remind people about our email template builder. That way, we ward off any intimidation our clients might be feeling about launching into their first email campaign by acquainting them with the product.

Sometimes people just need a little push. Campaign Monitor uses a re-engagement email to inspire action by making email marketing seem easy and enjoyable.

Source: Really Good Emails

  1. Announcement
    One of the B2B email marketing examples you’re probably familiar with is the announcement email.

A lot of brands use email marketing to keep their followers updated with big changes at the company, such as the release of new products, a website overhaul, or if they scooped up an award.

These are great opportunities to get back into the minds of your followers, and many people will be curious enough to read about the news or check out a new site or product. This type of announcement keeps the relationship between B2B brands and customers warm, helping companies remind their followers why they subscribed in the first place. And, as is the case with Uber, allows companies to take back control of stories that have been in the news.

After some well-publicized criticism tofUber’s management, Uber kept their users up-to-date by using announcement emails when the company made some big changes to their leadership. Using email to keep their users informed meant Uber could win back their customers’ trust and reassure them of the company’s commitment to offering safe and “stress-free” rides.

Uber uses an announcement email to let customers know about exciting changes that will improve their service.

With hyper-personalized emails, Bluetent experiences huge wins in the hospitality space.

With hyper-personalized emails, Bluetent experiences huge wins in the hospitality space.
Learn how
Source: Really Good Emails

  1. White paper
    When it comes to providing high-value content, white papers are right up there as some of the most valuable content your company can produce.

In fact, research from the Content Marketing Institute found that an impressive 71% of B2B marketers use white papers in content marketing in 2018.

On the downside, it takes time to produce a high-quality white paper. But once you have the work done, you can send out the download link to your mailing list, which will invariably delight and impress many subscribers. Offering gated content also provides you with an opportunity to gather more information about your subscribers and increase the value of your emails. Though it’s a little more work, a white paper offers a lot of value and is worth the extra time.

  1. Campaign support
    Email is the perfect marketing vehicle to drum up support for whatever type of campaign you’re running. Whether it’s for a new product launch or driving traffic to your site, your goal will be much easier to achieve when you have a solid email marketing strategy backing up your campaign.

With a series of emails that share a common goal or CTA, brands can nurture a relationship with recipients and also develop their unique brand voice, which helps forge a relationship with their customers.

The business card designers, Moo, use emails to highlight the potential value their premium designs can offer their customers. Although it’s clearly a self-promotional campaign, by using email to put the focus on the benefits, the company endears themselves to more customers.

Telling your customers they deserve more is a clever way to show them your brand cares about their needs. Moo did this to great effect with their email campaign.

Source: Really Good Emails

  1. Event planning
    If you’re hosting an upcoming event, you can use email marketing to notify your mailing list and keep them updated with important news. From sharing basic details like the date and time to leaking teasers about what your subscribers have to look forward to, email is a great channel for building anticipation and awareness around your event.

As the big day closes in, you can ramp up the marketing efforts with more emails, helping to drive those all-important last minute sales. Nobody wants to be left out when everyone else is snapping up a great deal.

By including a countdown timer in their emails, Vodafone plays on people’s fear of missing out (FOMO) to encourage more people to grab their Black Friday offers.

Source: Really Good Emails

  1. Webinar
    More than 60% of companies hosting webinars are in the B2B space. It’s easy to see why, as this form of content is a staple for thought leaders.

You can use email to build a dialogue with prospects in your mailing list and make it easy for them to register for the webinar. Also, consider sending a recap afterward and include CTAs that encourage feedback and/or sharing to make sure your company stays top of mind before, during, and after your webinar.

AdWeek drives engagement for their upcoming webinar by using email to stir up conversation and interest around their topic.

Source: Really Good Emails

  1. Case study
    Case studies take a little time and effort to put together, but it’s time well spent. An in-depth case study can convince more prospects about the great benefits of your products or services by offering proof that your services live up to the hype.

Over 80% of people will ask for advice from friends or family members before making a purchase; people care about the experiences of their peers. Using a case study to highlight the success of past consumers shows your current prospects they don’t have to simply take your word for the value of your product or service. Instead, your case study offers proof. Backing everything up with hard facts, stats, and quotes from the clients and consumers only adds weight to your claims.

  1. Offer free trials
    It’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t like free stuff.

While some subscribers may be swayed by in-depth case studies, and others may jump at the chance of attending a great webinar, other people on your list might be more hands-on.

Offering them a free version of your service or a demo product has many benefits: not only will a free trial give them insights into the great value your products offer, but a trial nurtures trust with your prospective clients.

This email from Clear encourages more people to become members by offering a free 3-month guest pass.

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap up
There are countless ways you can use email marketing to communicate with your B2B customers depending on your business and the goals of your marketing strategy. One of the great things about email marketing is how easy it is to customize a campaign for your specific needs and interests, far beyond the 10 B2B email marketing examples we offer here.

Whether it’s a free trial, webinar, case study, or a simple reminder of the value of your products and services, your brand can leverage email marketing to forge stronger relationships with your mailing list. When done well, email marketing can guide clients down your sales funnel over time and ultimately bring in more revenue, giving you the best results from an email marketing campaign yet.

Info for your inbox
Info for your inbox
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