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Are you looking for the best apps for 3d printing?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ll explore the top 5 apps that can help you with your 3d printing needs.

The first app we’ll look at is called TinkerCAD. It’s a browser-based CAD (Computer Aided Design) tool that allows you to design objects in 3D without having to install any software on your computer. This means that even if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can still use this app to create objects and send them off for printing elsewhere. The only downside is that there are only a few preset shapes available for use in TinkerCAD, but there are plans underway to add more options in the future.

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Next up is 123D Make which is another browser-based CAD tool that allows users to easily create their own models using simple shapes like cubes or cylinders and then export them as STL files which are compatible with most printers out there today including those made by MakerBot or Ultimaker among others (although not every printer will be compatible). 123D also has its own slicer which allows users who don’t have access

best ipad apps for 3d printing

3D modeling has so much to offer, from 3D visualizations, animation to 3D printing. The software, however, is often heavy and requires powerful equipment. Fear no more, now you can start 3D modeling on your mobile devices! Yes, you can start using a 3D modeling app for iOS, Android or Windows devices. There are plenty of choices depending on your skills. Which one of our Top 15 3D modeling apps is the best for your next project? Let’s find out!

Level: Beginner
Platforn: iOS Price: $4.99 Putty3D is a simple 3D sculpting app. It’s a great solution for 3D artists and 3D enthusiasts which allows producing 3D models by sculpting them. The process is quite similar to traditional clay sculpting. You start with a solid sphere and edit it accordingly with sculpting tools. It is a fun and intuitive way to design 3D models. Putty3D designing app for iPad even offers OBJ and STL export options which will allow you to transfer your work onto PC and make additional changes, use your 3D models for animations and visualizations and even 3D print them.
Platform: iOS Price: $15.99/ month, $95.99/ year $299.99/ unlimited Umake stands out for having a great community, tutorials, and video tips to teach you 3D modeling. Once you learn it, you can enjoy some pretty advanced CAD design options and you will be able to create models similar to SketchUp. This 3D modeling app will provide you with tools to freely sketch or make precise technical drawings turned into 3D models. There are also simple texturing options. You will be able to design various 3D models, from architecture, product design to automotive.
Platform: iOS, Android Price: $3.99 This 3D modeling app is especially interesting for schools. It is very intuitive and recommended to teach 3D printing. The producers promise it to be ‘’the simplest 3D design app on the market’’. You will be able to design simple 3D models that will be fully printable.
Platform: iOS Price: $9.99 For a 3D designing app for iPad, Morphi will present you with really advanced options. You will have plenty of tools to 3D model, such as freehand sketches, 2D technical drawings, vector drawing, editable control points, and others. You will also have access to CAD tools, texturing options, as well as exporting and importing 3D files for 3D printing.
Microsoft 3D Builder
Platform: Windows phone Price: Free One of only a few 3D apps available for Windows Phones, Microsoft 3D Builder will allow you to repair 3D models, edit them and prepare for 3D printing. To assure your models will print correctly, you will be able to make realistic renders in order to preview your 3D print. This app will also let you adjust the settings of your 3D printer.
Platform: Android Price: free Thingiverse is a great solution if you’re not entirely keen on learning 3D modeling, or you simply don’t have time, but you’re still interested in getting on board with 3D printing. This mobile 3D app gathers a huge community sharing 3D models for free. You can enjoy the freedom of 3D printing anywhere you want thanks to this mobile app.
Platform: iOS Price: Free Qlone is a 3D designing app for iPad and combines 3D modeling and 3D scanning in one app. How does it work? This 3D modeling app will allow you to 3D scan an object bringing into the virtual reality of your phone. Then you can edit the scan on your iPhone or iPad. Once you’re happy with the result, you will be able to export the 3D file and 3D print it!
Platform: Android Price: Free Do you know the game Minecraft? Qubism is an app for 3D modeling that works in a very similar way. You will be able to design simple models by using ‘’qubes’’, blocks which can be stretched, added, moved, deleted etc. When you’re done, you can export your 3D model in order to make more advanced edits or to prepare it for 3D printing on your PC.
Level: Intermediate
Platform: iOS Price: $9.99 Sculptra claims to be the most intuitive and powerful 3D sculpting app out there. It will provide you with advanced 3D sculpting options such as symmetric sculpting, importing 3D files, sculpting tools. You will also be able to access a long undo history and really realistic renders. The main purpose of Sculptra is character design for video games and animation.
Sketchup viewer for mobile
Platform: iOS, Android Price: $9.99 Sketchup Viewer is a part of SketchUp 3D modeling software. If you’re a student or professional working with SketchUp, their viewer will allow you to access 3D models in order to review them. This mobile app will allow you to take a look at the 3D model from different perspectives, selection planes, layer visibility, and even an x-ray mode. This is an especially interesting option if you work in a team or with a client and you need mobile access to your models wherever you go.
Level: Professionals
Platform: iOS Price: Free up to 2 designs, $25/month or $240/ year unlimited Shapr3D is probably one of the most powerful 3D CAD apps out there. It uses the same engine as Solidworks, the leader of CAD software. With Shapr3D you will be able to produce precise mechanical parts, highly complex prototypes, and fully functional end products. From engineering projects to jewelry design, you can use 2D and 3D modeling tools, export manufacturing-grade 3D models, and much more. This mobile 3D design app is a great solution for engineers and industrial designers who travel a lot, work as freelancers or simply prefer to work on a tablet rather than a PC.
Platform: iOS, Android Price: $79.99 If you’re 3D industry professional, you most certainly know AutoCAD. But did you know Autodesk also created an app for 3D modeling for AutoCAD? The 3D CAD app doesn’t provide you with the same options but still provides you with useful tools for light 3D modeling. It uses DWG files, popular file format especially for construction design. You will also be able to review projects on your mobile device.
Platform: iOS, Android Price: Free This 3D modeling app is for Onshape software users a way to interact with their 3D models with parametric modeling tools. You will be able to sketch, select and otherwise edit the files. You can work with your team without any risk of losing data on mechanical engineering projects.
Platform: iOS, Android Price: $1.99 for eDrawings, $9.99 for eDrawings Pro This mobile 3D design app was created by yet another leader in the 3D industry, Dassault Systems. eDrawings will allow you to collaborate with your coworkers without any limits. You will be able to interrogate 2D and 3D design data, it can also be used for AR/VR applications giving you a totally new experience and way to communicate with your team and clients.
Luna Displays
Platform: iOS Price: $79.99 This is a bit of an exception but can still be a very interesting solution for some of you. With Luna Display you will be able to turn your iPad into a second display and use it for 3D modeling as a drawing tablet. Thanks to Luna Display you can combine powerful 3D software with the freedom of using your mobile device as a 3D modeling tool. This solution can bring a totally new 3D modeling experience, especially for professional users.
Which 3D modeling app do you choose?
As you can see, there is a 3D modeling app for every skill level and for different mobile devices. Depending on if you’re just starting your 3D adventure, want to just have fun or you’re a professional looking for more mobile solutions, our list of Top 15 modeling apps for mobile devices should give you the answer. Or maybe you want to 3D print your models?

If so, you can use your 3D modeling app to export an STL file and easily get it 3D printed with an online 3D printing service! Don’t worry about settings, the print job going wrong or the quality. With Sculpteo you can get your 3D models printer at the best quality, without leaving your house, just upload your file.

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