Best Apps For Real Estate Agents 2021

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important for consumers and businesses alike to be able to interact with their devices in an easy and intuitive way. It is this need that has led to the recent popularity of virtual assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Cortana, Bixby, and Siri. These voice-activated assistants provide a convenient way for users to control appliances, music, and much more with simple voice commands.

What’s next? According to Cintas Media’s research report on “The Future of Virtual Assistants,” virtual assistants will become much more commonplace in homes and businesses over the next five years. This brings up many questions: What kinds of virtual technology will be available? How can virtual assistants enhance our lives? Which virtual assistants will be most useful? These are questions that we’ll explore throughout the rest of this article.

5 Best Apps for Real Estate You Must Know in 2021 | by Radoslaw Fabisiak |  Meet Real Estate | Medium

Best Apps For Real Estate Agents 2021

A top-performing real estate tech stack has a few vital ingredients. At the center of all operations is a CRM to manage contacts, deals, and pipelines. You probably also have an email marketing app to engage your audience and a phone book so you can easily call your leads.

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That said, it’s not always easy to choose the best real estate apps for your business. There are so many to choose from that some people decide it’s too difficult and don’t bother, or they just go with what their friends or colleagues are using. However, choosing the right apps for your real estate business is absolutely worth the time and energy.

To streamline the process, here are some of the best apps for any real estate business to consider.
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Best Apps for Real Estate Businesses

  1. HubSpot Data Sync – Two-Way Data Sync

For a fully functional real estate app stack, you need your tools to play nicely together. Having different lead data in every app can cause major headaches, but it’s an all too common problem for busy realtors.

HubSpot offers a data-syncing tool where you can connect your contact information across all of the apps you are using. This sets up a two-way sync so when information in one app is updated, the other ones are updated automatically. This can save you a lot of time from having to manual data entry over and over again across apps.

  1. BombBomb – Video Recording
    Video marketing for real estate with BombBomb

BombBomb is the best app for real estate businesses to build better business relationships using video messaging. It helps you to communicate with your clients more effectively by sending personal videos from your computer or smartphone. Thousands of realtors use it for great results.

  1. Canva – Graphic Design
    Canva for real estate templates

If designing social media posts and other graphics fills you with stress, takes up way too much of your time, and never really produces the results you want, Canva is a nifty tool to turn to.

Templates make it simple to create anything you need for your real estate business, and for most tasks, you won’t even need a paid subscription.

  1. Google Analytics – Website Analytics
    Google Analytics for real estate

Reporting is important for any type of business, and that includes real estate. Google Analytics is the go-to tool to track website traffic and understand how you’re generating visitors over time.

For an easier glance at your key insights, many website management systems include an integration with Google Analytics. If your website is hosted on WordPress, Exactmetrics offers a fantastic premium Google Analytics plugin that displays the most important metrics on your dashboard.

  1. Trello – Project Management
    trello homepage best productivity tools

If you’re struggling to juggle several different projects and priorities at once, Trello is a wonderfully simple cloud-based project management tool.

Trello is structured in a simple, Kanban board format, which in its simplest form follows the “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” workflow. However, it’s extremely customizable and you can even add automation that triggers actions based on conditions you define.

  1. Buffer – Social Media Management
    Buffer for real estate social media scheduling

Social scheduling has been around for a while now. However, it’s not just Facebook and Twitter that you can easily schedule posts for. You can now schedule Pinterest content as well as Instagram posts and stories using Buffer, and there’s even an option to include the first comment so you can pop your hashtags in automatically.

Everything is organized on one simple dashboard, and you can repost the most effective content based on what analytics shows have performed best.

  1. Ahrefs – SEO Software
    Ahrefs for real estate

Ahrefs exists to help anyone rank higher in searches and get more traffic, not just the SEO pros. The SEO software strikes a balance between being powerful yet easy to master with keyword research, site audit, and rank tracker features.

It has a higher price point at $99/month for just the Lite version, but with a $7 7-day trial, you can carry out your first site audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis on a budget.

  1. ActiveCampaign – Workflow Automation
    ActiveCampaign automation for real estate

There are so many ways that real estate businesses can automate their busywork and free up time for one-to-one interactions and strategy. One of the most effective first steps is adopting marketing automation software like ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular automation platforms on the market and allows you to create highly personalized email workflows and other automated customer experiences.

  1. Aircall – Cloud-Based Calling
    aircall ease of use

Calling leads is one of the key parts of any realtor’s job, which means you need the right tools to support you. Aircall is one of our favorite recommendations for taking calls from anywhere.

Not only is it extremely user-friendly with a beautifully minimalist interface, but it also integrates seamlessly with your other real estate apps.

real estate agent mobile app

What works for one may not work for another, however, here is our list of six of the most useful mobile apps that are real estate agent friendly. These apps can help you become a more successful real estate professional by improving organization, marketing, and communication and can help you get things done faster and easier!

  1. Receipts2Go
    Receipts2Go – Get Your Receipts on Your Mobile Device
    This app keeps track of your receipts while you are out and about by taking a photo of the receipt and saving it along with essential expense details. Your accountant/bookkeeper will thank you for this little gem.
  2. Hyperlapse
    Hyperlapse – Take Videos and Photos for Instagram and Facebook
    Hyperlapse allows you to create videos that can be shared seamlessly on Instagram and Facebook, improving your ability to reach a larger audience and get your message heard.
  3. Asana
    Asana – Project and Workflow Organization App
    Asana is amazing for project organization and collaboration between team members. The free version of Asana permits up to 15 “team members” to be assigned to a project. Your projects are organized to save you money and help you finish projects quicker.
  4. EasilyDo
    EasilyDo – An new personal assistant app
    This is you’re personal assistant. This app does things seamlessly, like automatically add new contacts to your address book, write “Happy Birthday” posts for Facebook friends, keeps track of your packages via tracking numbers. In addition, EasilyDo will send alerts to your appointments if you are running late, automatically message friends and family when you’re going to work late, and plenty more.
  5. Timeful
    Timeful – App that Helps You be More Mindful of Time
    Timeful is great for finding time to squeeze in tasks that you want to do but are not required to do. Timeful adapts to your patterns over time by paying attention to when you’re most likely to complete tasks, making this a much-customized experience.
  6. Evernote
    Evernote – Catalog notes, Photos, Website, and More
    Evernote allows you to catalog anything and everything you want to remember, including, notes, websites, references, photos, to do lists, you name it. The items you add are automatically indexed making everything easy to find.

Other Helpful Apps
AMOpenHouse: Digital sign in, automatic follow up emails, automated seller report

MOpenHouse For Buyers: Keep track of homes visited by buyers. Search by list view, image view, map view and property details

MagicPlan: Measures rooms and draws floor plans just by taking pictures

Form Simplicity: An on-line forms and transaction management software

DBPR: Check the licensing status of agents

Homesnap: Snap a photo of any home to reveal home value estimates, interior photos, beds, baths, taxes and so much more

RPR: Easily search properties, create and send branded reports, and view local market statistics


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