Best Apps For Recording Vocals

Before you can record vocals for your song, you need to find the right recording equipment. This is especially important for people who are recording vocals for their first time. The following list of best apps for recording vocals will help you find the right options for your situation.

This list is only a recommendation and it’s not exhaustive. There are plenty of different apps available so don’t forget to do your own research and choose the one that works best for you.

Best Apps For Recording Singing With Your Smartphone

Best Apps For Recording Vocals

Voice recorders have so many uses these days. From conducting a journalism interview with a source across the globe to documenting a college lecture so that you don’t miss any important notes, it’s easier than ever to press “record” and get every word of that important interaction.

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Prior to now, you needed a computer and expensive software to get the job done (or a separate gadget that needed batteries!) With smartphones giving us computing power in the palm of our hands, it just makes sense that we use them for this important task – by downloading one of the many low-cost or free voice recorder apps on the marketplace today.

These apps make voice recordings completely limitless, with so many people using them to increase productivity, get quality work done, and save a great deal of time.

There is a myriad of voice recording apps for Android. Some are basic, while others offer full features of a digital audio workstation (DAW). In this guide, we’re going to look at 10 of the best recorder apps for Android.

Here are the 10 best voice recorder apps for Android

Rev Voice Recorder
Rev’s recorder app is a simple but full-featured audio recording, dictation, and transcription app.

What we like about it

Syncs with cloud services
Shares files via email and social media
Records crystal clear audio
Ability to transcribe audio
Continues recording even in sleep mode
What’s lacking

External storage to a cloud account
Rev’s app is built according to user feedback, so you can expect really nice features. What’s more, we guarantee that it’ll always be free. Should you need immediate 99% accurate transcription, you can send your recording to us and pay only $1.50/audio minute.

Price: Free

The verdict: The Rev Voice Recorder hits all the high points of a simple app but adds in the functionality you’d need to take your audio to full speech-to-text functionality. It’s ideal for anyone who wants unlimited free recording, sharing, and cloud sync. With the option to have human transcription tools at any time, it becomes a full-service note-taking service for journalists, marketers, students, and more.

Android’s Stock Audio Recorder
Your android device already has a fully functional recording app. Access the app, press the red button, speak, and voila! You can immediately store your ideas for later recovery.

What we like about it

Records high-quality MP3
Multiple audio formats
One-tap sharing via email and social media
Allows background recording
What’s lacking

Has limited customization features
This Android-default app is free. Interface-wise, it may vary between brands but are essentially the same at the core.

Price: Free

The verdict. What can be better than free? If you’re going to stick with a record-only app (with no need for transcription), this will probably fit the bill. It gets bonus points for being a native app for the Android system, so you don’t have to worry about updates or compatibility issues. Those hoping for an easy transcription option should be prepared to take a few extra steps with a third-party service to get the job done.

Easy Voice Recorder
Designed for easy accessibility and one-tap recording, this app is perfect for recording jams, music, acapella, or more serious stuff like meetings, interviews, or lectures.

What we like about it

Multiple high-quality audio format recording
Shares via an app or email
Android wear support
Starts recording from the icon
What’s lacking

Most useful features are available only on the paid version
The app is up for grabs in both free and premium versions.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

The verdict. Easy Voice Recorder is a fan fave for simplified, one-tap recordings. You’ll have to pay more for any of the more versatile perks. Those looking for a quick “click to transcribe” option should look elsewhere.

Smart Voice Recorder
Storage space is at a premium, and this is where this app shines. Smart Voice records and compresses the output audio into a smaller file size, saving precious data storage space in your device.

What we like about it

Live audio spectrum analyzer
Lock feature that prevents the device from turning off
One-touch sharing
Outputs recording in multiple high-quality formats
What’s lacking

Doesn’t do call recording
This app records and compresses the audio data and comes for free on Google Play.

Price: Free

The verdict. As long as you are recording external audio and not calls, this app checks many boxes. The most valuable feature is its compression option, giving you a way to keep storage space clear and easily share long audio files. The free price makes it appealing, as well, as long as you know what format you need to export to an external service for transcribing.

ASR Voice Recorder
This app offers way more than what stock recorders can do and records in a variety of formats, including lossless.

What we like about it

Has the ability to record in a lossless and high-fidelity format
Provides widget support
Has a playback speed control
Instantly share content to social media or email
What’s lacking

The free version is loaded with annoying ads
ASR is available for free. However, if you’re into additional features, you can gain access by signing up for a premium version.

Price: Free

The verdict. Many of the more notable features, such as lossless recording and playback speed control, come at the cost of numerous ad interruptions. A premium experience is probably where it’s at, but expect to do more work for transcribing with this app that’s geared toward audiophiles – not note-takers.

RecForge II
Who says recorders are just for boring lecture stuff? RecForge II lets you experience audio editing software right at the palm of your hand!

What we like about it

Records band rehearsals perfectly
Has an AGC (Automatic Gain Control) toggle switch
Supports a wide variety of audio formats
Runs in the background
What’s lacking

Might not work on older versions of Android (below 4.0)
Download this app for free on the Play Store.

Price: Free

The verdict. As long as your Android is running the latest operating system, you should be good to go with this free app geared toward musicians. It’s ideal for performances and creative pursuits, however, and lacks some of the integrations that would make it a one-touch tool for transcription.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder
A fully functional recorder that is free on the Play Store, this app records everything and compresses it in a widely compatible MP3 format. Hi-Q MP3 also comes with widget support.

What we like about it

Microphone selection functionality (if you have an external mic)
Syncs to cloud services
Supports Wi-Fi transfer
Gain can be manually controlled
What’s lacking

Does not support phone call recording
Hi-Q is downloadable for free but has in-app purchases and ads.

Price: Free or paid at $3.49/month

The verdict. The external mic feature and Wi-Fi transfer give this app some appeal. Like other free apps, you’ll be lacking some of the more robust features. Upgrading to all the goodies will cost you, however. Those who prefer a one-time purchase instead of monthly subscription billing should consider another option.

Voice Recorder – Audio Editor
There are a lot of great things to be said about this voice recorder. It’s got great audio clarity, you can edit your content, and its overall user interface is intuitive.

What we like about it

Superb sound record quality.
You can choose the recording quality so you can optimize the capacity.
You can record in background mode.
It’s easy to manage your recording files.
You can share your recordings easily through email, SMS, Dropbox, etc.
What’s lacking

It only has one language available. (The English language.)
Price: Free

The verdict: English language speakers will admire the free features loaded into this recording app, which include quality controls and a background mode. With no quick way to access transcription, however, it’s similar to others on the list that excel in front-end recording alone.

Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
Cogi immediately backs up your recording the second you hit the record button. In addition, it syncs everything to its own cloud server and lets you record even in the middle of a call.

What we like about it

Saves everything in the cloud, freeing up valuable storage space
Unlimited recording duration
Record both lines on a phone call
Records in a high-quality audio format
What’s lacking

Doesn’t work on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and below
Free and premium versions are available on the Play Store.

Price: Free or paid starting at $4.95/month

The verdict: Those nervous that they won’t capture recordings or need extra backup space will love the cloud settings that come with this app. Unfortunately, the monthly fee is priced higher than some, and those with older phones are shut out of this solution completely.

Call Recorder
Call Recorder allows you to set it up as an automatic phone call recorder and activates once it detects a phone call coming in.

What we like about it

Has password security for privacy
Shares and syncs with cloud services
Shares via email or SMS
Has the ability to record both parties in the phone conversation
Organizes call records
Has whitelisting and blacklisting number options
What’s lacking

Doesn’t work on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and below
Experience the free version by downloading it on the Play Store.

Price: Free

The verdict. As far as call recorders go, this one takes the lead over some on the list. The security features are useful, too. However, with limited functionality for older phones and no easy way to order transcription, it still might not work for those who want a more streamlined note-taking workflow.

What’s Next?
Voice recording is just one of the many conveniences an Android phone has. While it may not gift you with studio-quality audio — despite still producing exceptional quality recordings — it does reward you with the ability to record sounds, no matter the time and place. Productivity apps such as voice recorders will always have their special place on smartphones, especially for busy individuals who want to harness the power of recording on a limited budget.

And because there’s a ton of them out there, it pays to know which among them fits your needs perfectly.

best microphone app for singing

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10 Best Free Microphone Apps for Android
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Best Microphone Apps for Android
The microphone is known as a useful device to increase your voice. As technology is getting more advanced, now you can enjoy the feature without actually bringing a conventional microphone. It is now available on your smartphone device, thanks to downloadable microphone apps to make your life easier. Are you looking for the best free microphone app for Android? Then you’ve come to the right site.

There’s a wide range of microphone apps you can download on the Play Store or Amazon Store. But choosing the right one can make you overwhelmed. If you need some help to make a decision, the following list of microphone apps for Android should be useful for you. Keep scrolling and find a microphone app that meets your preferences!

Table of Contents
Best Free Microphone Apps for Android
Easy Microphone Free, this app offers an array of functionalities including as a microphone, speaker booster, sound enhancer, and sound amplifier.
EZ Voice, it offers 9 audio effects for high-quality sound, including Tune, Morph, Choir, Reverb, Delay, and some others.
WO Mic, this app works great to give you a high-quality mic without purchasing one.
Live Microphone & Announcement Mic, this free app is very simple and it works great to send audio from the mic to the speaker.
Pro Microphone, not only does it let you sing or amplify your voice, but it also offers an array of sound effects.
Microphone by Wonder Grace, it helps you route from mic to a speaker with additional features such as stereo balance, amplifier, and equalizer.
Microphone Pro Lite, you can easily connect the mobile phone to an external speaker or headphone.
Mic Studio, this free app lets you record, share and edit your records right from your Android smartphone.
MyVoice, it allows you to record any audio or enhance your voice in case you have to speak in front of many people.
Mic, this app can be a great audio solution especially if you often need an instant microphone.
These apps are versatile and easy to use. Even though you haven’t used microphone apps before, you won’t find any difficulties to operate the apps. You can easily use the apps for presentation, delivering the speech, and other purposes. Find on Google Play Store and enjoy a different speaking experience with these microphone apps.

  1. Easy Microphone Free
    Best Free Microphone Apps: Easy Microphone Free
    Easy Microphone Free is one of the best microphone apps for Android. Released by Power Star, this app offers an array of functionalities including as a microphone, speaker booster, sound enhancer, and sound amplifier. This tool is suitable for any occasion such as singing exercise, rehearsal, or karaoke. With this app, you can easily transform your smartphone device into an instant microphone.

Easy Microphone Free has several features for your awesome experience. This app supports wireless connection, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect with other devices. You can easily switch on/off the microphone simply by swiping up and down. The free app can be a great choice for various purposes such as entertainment, speeches, or work.

  1. EZ Voice
    EZ Voice
    If you are looking for a powerful microphone app that works like a real microphone tube, EZ Voice can be a good bet. This app is developed by IK Multimedia and boasts a pro effect to make you sound like a pro. EZ Voice enables you to have fun with friends as it is released as a companion for iRig MIC and iRig Voice. The perfect combination is what you need to perform or practice your vocals.

EZ Voice offers 9 audio effects for high-quality sound, including Tune, Morph, Choir, Reverb, Delay, and some others. After recording your best vocals, you can easily share with friends via SoundCloud or email. Or else, you can easily modify the previously recorded song with ease.

There are some other features to benefit from EZ Voice. You can sing with or without a backing track, easy interface, factory effect presets, and many more. It also enables you to preview and adjust the sound before sharing it with friends.

  1. WO Mic
    WO Mic
    Another best microphone app for Android is presented by Wolicheng Tech. If you want to turn your Android device into a microphone for PC, WO Mic is what you need. This app works great to give you a high-quality mic without purchasing one.

This microphone app is useful, thanks to the many features it has. You can easily use WO Mic for recording, voice chatting, and voice recognition. When you use it in the right environment, it works just like a real, high-quality microphone device.

WO Mic features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity that enables you to connect the Android device with PC. If you want to enjoy its convenience and fun features, simply find this app on the Play Store. It is free and it offers a small download size of 3.77 MB.

  1. Live Microphone & Announcement Mic
    Live Microphone & Announcement Mic
    Do you need an instant mic for the announcement? Live Microphone & Announcement Mic can be a good bet. This free app is very simple and it works great to send audio from the mic to the speaker. It can be connected to your computer using a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can also build a wireless connection with Bluetooth connectivity.

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Turn your mobile device into a microphone for the announcement, recording, voice chatting, and many more. It can also be used for other purposes such as presentation, outdoor activity, audio amplification, volume adjust, and music performance.

This app is developed by Chromatic Zone and it has millions of active users around the globe. The app receives over 1,000,000 downloads which show its quality and versatility.

  1. Pro Microphone
    Pro Microphone
    Pro Microphone is a free app that allows you to enjoy a professional microphone. Not only does it let you sing or amplify your voice, but it also offers an array of sound effects. Enjoy the fantastic singing or karaoke experience on your mobile device!

Right after recording your voice, Pro Microphone has a voice editor feature that enables you to enhance the quality of previously recorded audio. You can easily change the voice or add sound effects. It is not a surprise that the Pro Microphone is a great app for beginners and pro singers.

Pro Microphone boasts a number of features such as sound recording app, microphone for singing, and backing tracks. This app also comes with music equalizer, automatic saves, and singer voice editor. It’s time to show your talent and make Pro Microphone your best partner.

  1. Microphone by Wonder Grace
    Microphone by Wonder Grace
    Microphone by Wonder Grace is another best microphone app for Android. The popular app helps you route from mic to a speaker with additional features such as stereo balance, amplifier, and equalizer. Supposing that you need an instant and practical microphone for daily usage, this app will do a great job.

Wonder Grace as its developer ensures the quality and performance of the app through various features. It boasts mono/stereo balance, amplifier, sampling rate selection, supports locale, and widgets. You can easily use a lock screen and a resizable widget for more fun experience.

Microphone by Wonder Grace comes in a small download size that makes it friendly for your phone’s memory. This app has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times by users around the globe.

  1. Microphone Pro Lite
    Microphone Pro Lite
    If you don’t want to spend a dime for the Microphone Pro app, the Lite version can be a great alternative. Microphone Pro Lite is much friendlier for your phone and purse. It has fewer delay problems than Microphone Pro users always complain about, though its sound quality is not as excellent as the standard version.

Using this app, you can easily connect the mobile phone to an external speaker or headphone. It delivers a professional mic performance with less latency, no delay, and real-time. You can also enjoy an amazing voice from your device.

Microphone Pro Lite supports wireless connection to TV and Chromecast, making it a practical choice for your daily use. This app is ideal for karaoke or giving a speech. Developed by Multimedia Solution, this app has been downloaded 50,000 times with download size only 3.86MB.

  1. Mic Studio
    Best Microphone Apps for Android: Mic Studio
    If you need a microphone app that offers more functionalities, Mic Studio is there to find. This free app lets you record, share and edit your records right from your Android smartphone. Even if you never use a microphone app before, you won’t find any difficulties when using Mic Studio. Thanks to its friendly interface that makes it easy to understand.

Supposing that you are not confident with your voice, Mic Studio offers a voice editor. Editing recorded audio is getting easier with this feature. Once the audio is improved, share it with your friends! Mic Studio enables you to share the records through messenger, clouds, and mail.

Mic Studio is developed by Hard Team and it works great for Android smartphones. You can easily record everything around you and more importantly, it is ads-free!

  1. MyVoice
    Best Microphone Apps for Android: MyVoice
    MyVoice is among the best microphone apps for Android. You can easily use your smartphone as a microphone, voice recorder, and loudspeaker. This is a versatile app to make your day. It allows you to record any audio or enhance your voice in case you have to speak in front of many people. All is available in this app.

MyVoice is developed by Gibsonnishi Software and it comes in small download size for your convenience. This app also supports a wide range of recording formats including MP4, PCM, 3GP, AAC, and many more. If you want to enjoy more features, you can upgrade to the paid version.

  1. Mic
    Last but not least, Mic is the best app to transform your mobile phone into a mic and connect to Bluetooth speaker. If you love to sing, Mic can be your best partner without bringing along a microphone tube anywhere you go. It also works well for giving speeches or lectures in a class.

Mic was released back in 2018 and developed by DesiCode. This app can be a great audio solution especially if you often need an instant microphone. Moreover, it comes with an easy setup so it won’t make you frustrated. Now you can show your talent and sing along!

Among the best microphone apps for Android above, which one meets your preferences? Though most of them deliver similar functionality, you can choose ones that offer more functions beyond a mere microphone.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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