Best Online Graphic Design Services

As a business owner, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends in graphic design.

Graphic design is more than just choosing pretty colors and fonts. It’s about conveying your message in the most impactful way possible. What’s not always clear is how to get your brand messaging across in an engaging, memorable, and succinct way. That’s where we come in.

We’ve done our research and determined, based on our experience and expertise, that these companies consistently offer their clients the best graphic design services online. We’ve outlined their pros and cons below so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you.

Best Online Graphic Design Services

1. Superside Graphic Design Services

Superside fills in the gap between freelancers and agencies and offers online graphic design services. With fixed rates, Superside is more cost-effective than agencies, and boasts dedicated project managers who provide quality control on each project.

The process is both simple and thorough at Superside. You detail what you need in an online form and you get a response within minutes. Your dedicated project manager assembles the right team of expert, vetted freelancer specialists who deliver on time and within budget.

Whether for banner ad design, brochure design, business cards or corporate branding, we provide quality designs. Additional graphic design services include illustration design, infographic design, print ad design and photo retouching. The full service at Superside extends to copywriting and website design services, along with PowerPoint design services that can incorporate your corporate branding.

Get Frictionless, Delightful Graphic Design

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Below, explore some of the options for online graphic design services, with quick summaries of how they work, their pricing and the pros and cons of each.

Graphic Design Marketplaces

You may be familiar with graphic designer services such as Upwork and Fiverr, where you contract directly with one of their (often) affordable graphic designers. These are great options if your budget is tight, with many skilled design professionals available for hire. The downside is that you are responsible for filtering through profiles and and managing the process on your own.

The four marketplaces below give you additional graphic design service options, and many include the opportunity for you to work directly with a single designer.

  • 2. 99designs2. 99designsThe largest online design marketplace, 99designs taps into a global community of designers for logos, websites, apps, clothing, packaging and just about any kind of design branding need. You can submit your project and get matched with a professional designer. Or, you can start a contest and open your project brief to the entire 99design community. As the first player in the crowdsourcing approach to design, 99design leads the pack, boasting a 4.7/5 rating from more than 36,000 design contest ratings. Designs are very good overall. Timelines vary by project. Pricing is per project, with logos starting at USD 299. A Pro subscription is available for agencies.
  • 3. Crowdspring3. CrowdspringDesigned specifically for brand building, and clearly influenced by 99designs, Crowdspring focuses on crowdsourcing design in more than 40 categories. The default is a contest approach, where you submit a brief, indicate preferred colors and await results from multiple designers. Crowdspring offers four enterprise plans for graphic artist services that range from USD 299 to USD 1199 for logo design, for example. Each plan offers scaled features such as focus groups, dedicated project managers and presentations. All prices include an award, which goes directly to the winning creative and Crowdspring’s fee. You can also work one-on-one with a designer, with projects starting at USD 200. A logo design takes about seven days.
  • 4. DesignCrowd4. DesignCrowdDesignCrowd is another large crowdsourcing marketplace for designers. Its pricing model allows clients to list how much they want to pay when they post their project brief. The minimum budget is USD 150, which includes a posting fee of up to USD 79, depending on the project type. Clients usually get a couple dozen responses within hours; this can be a faster turnaround than some other sites. The general thinking is that you get what you pay for in terms of design, and the more specific you can be when you post your creative brief, the better.
  • 5. Designhill5. DesignhillDesignhill is another entry in the custom design crowdsourcing marketplace and it gets strong reviews overall. You can start a contest, buy a custom service or hire a freelance designer. An interactive interface allows customers to give real-time feedback and ratings. The site includes a ready-made logo store, where you can buy prepared logo templates that can be customized for free within 24 hours. Logo design starts at USD 199, with four contest packages to choose from.

Other Graphic Design Agencies

You can find hundreds of sites online for graphic design business services. Visit their sites and review their portfolios. Study their terms, including their policies about revisions and intellectual property, to be sure you find the right match. We detail several online and traditional agencies below.

  • 6. Design Pickle6. Design PickleDesign Pickle is a leading flat-rate graphic design service provider that produces dozens of design products, including flyers, banners, brochures and online ads. Send a design request 24/7 and one of the agency’s hand-picked, carefully trained staff will get to work on it and will serve as your personal designer. To best leverage this approach, plan to take time and share your business, brand and design needs. For a dedicated designer, available for any quantity of work, rates start at USD 370 monthly per user and USD 3552 annually per user.
  • 7. Logowit7. LogowitLogowit features innovation and online graphic design, with solid reviews and designs. After you submit an online design questionnaire, a hand-picked design team provides you with multiple choices. The team works directly with you along the way so you can easily give feedback. Logowit packages start at USD 209 for four unique designs by two professional designers, with turnaround from two to five days.
  • 8. Logoworks8. LogoworksIn business for more than 13 years, Logoworks is an online graphic design agency specializing in logo design, website design and business branding. After you complete your creative brief, the team sends you multiple design concepts in three days. You give feedback for revisions until you get the best product for you. Logo design starts at USD 299 and all packages include additional features such as printing and web hosting.
  • 9. Logoglo9. LogogloLogoglo distinguishes itself with efficiency and cost-effective prices for logos and a range of other design work, including business cards, stationery and social media materials. Choose your package and complete a design planner. You receive five custom ideas within 48 hours, with revisions available according to the plan you choose. Starter logo design packages start at USD 55. A USD 50 deposit is required.
  • 10. Black Bear Design10. Black Bear DesignBased in Atlanta, Black Bear Design is a full-service agency whose creative designing services include logos, packaging and print projects. The firm’s website is rich with examples of their high-level work and their thinking about how good design should function, with a helpful blog and resources section that address multiple aspects of marketing. Black Bear is recognized as a top digital agency by multiple national organizations. For pricing and timelines, complete an online form.

who needs graphic design services

who needs a graphic designer? Graphic Design Windsor Cowlick Studios

Why Do We Need a Graphic Designer?

The Evolution Of Graphic Design

If you think about it, graphic design is one of the oldest professions in the world. Ever since there has been commerce or trade, there has been graphic design. Even in ancient times where the only thing business owners had to advertise their services and shop was the sign on their door. That sign had to be eye-catching enough to bring in business. Whoever designed that sign? They were a graphic designer. As time has passed and businesses have found new ways of marketing, and graphic design services have also adapted and innovated. In fact today, we use many graphic design tools and mainly the Adobe Creative suite to help us move forward in the right direction.

For those who are thinking about opening up their own business or are attempting to think of a new way to advertise, you may not think much about why you need a graphic designer. However, to bring in sales, you’re going to find that part of your success rests in hiring a graphic designer to work with your team. Great Graphic Design is important for your business. Through that collaboration, your business can have an advertisement or logo that becomes memorable and brings in new customers.

So, who needs a graphic designer? Essentially, anyone who has something to sell. Be it business owners, doctors, dentists, schools, even artists themselves, they all have some message they need to send to the world. A graphic designer is their key to bringing their message to the wider world. Long gone are the days where the graphic designer only had wood and ink to use. Now, they have computers to make memorable designs that can completely transform a business. Here are some other ways graphic design services can benefit practically anyone.

1. Boost Sales

Perhaps the main reason a business needs a graphic designer is to boost their sales. If they have a product or service that isn’t quite lifting off, it’s likely because they haven’t reached the right audience yet. Or because they haven’t put much effort into marketing and advertising. Relying on word of mouth can be effective in some cases, but at the end of the day, the business owner who has their company’s name plastered in key areas is usually the one who wins.

This is why business owners make up the brunt of those who needs a graphic designer. After learning about your product or services and company as a whole, a designer can work closely with your marketing team to come up with that perfect ad, logo, or graphics that can inform customers just what your company is all about. They can make that message inviting and enticing. This can inform those customers that the products or services you offer are high-quality and worth their money.

By standing out with a great graphic, you can encourage new customers to enter through your doors while developing a loyal customer base.

Who needs a graphic designer, Cowlick Studios 47 Point Checklist

2. Establish The Company

For those who are just starting their business, it is especially crucial that you need a graphic designer on board to help with the initial stages. You can have your operating space, products or services ready to go, employees ready to serve, but at the end of the day, you’re likely going to find very little traffic if people don’t even know who you are or what you sell. This is where graphic design comes into play. Together, a designer can help you create branding that sticks in people’s mind. It could even be as simple as a catchy slogan that people repeat to themselves now and then. Branding your small business is important.

Besides the logo, a designer can help you set up an attractive website that both looks great and functions easily. In America, especially, shoppers tend to only utilize websites that are easy to navigate. If they have to spend a lot of time searching for the functions they need, they’ll likely click out and search elsewhere. Balancing that attractive website with function is why you need a graphic designer. They know how to do it. By bringing their expertise to the field, they can help establish your company and its name and get the message out there that there’s a new business in town ready to serve.

3. Establish Trust And Goodwill

You should never underestimate the power of a great graphic. Just like many judge books by their covers, so do people judge companies by their graphics. If you attempt to do your own without the training of a graphic designer, your graphics are likely going to appear shallow or false. This can make customers feel uncomfortable about using your business. They may feel like your company is untrustworthy or cheap. They may even believe that your products are not good quality and your services may not be as effective as others.

By having a graphic designer design your website, you can be assured that they’ll come up with something that can make customers comfortable with the message being sent to them. They can trust in what they’re seeing and so trust in your company. A well designed website or other marketing material greatly enhances the trustworthiness of your business.

4. Send Out Brand Message

Advertising is all about sending out a message. You need a graphic designer to make sure the right kind of message is being sent out to your customers. They have a keen understanding of how advertising works. They know color therapy and the careful relationship between minimalism and effective messaging. There is a lot more that goes into graphic design than just choosing an image and pasting it on a banner. A professional designer can understand the message that you want to send to your customers and make it happen. They can choose the appropriate colors to invoke powerful emotions.

Perhaps the most important part of advertising, the brand message is what’s going to set you apart from other businesses. It’s also going to be what sticks in the minds of your customers. You don’t want that message to be a poor one. To ensure your company gets it right, hire a graphic designer.


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