Best Apps For Lawn Care Business

Best Apps For Lawn Care Businesses

Landscaping and lawn care businesses have to do a lot of stuff. They have to grow a large client base and nurture those relationships, manage their crew, file tedious paperwork, keep track of supplies and keep up with the latest trends


Being able to bill for your time is an important part of any lawn care or landscaping business. Having the ability to document your time accurately and in a format easily shared with your clients is a huge asset.

iPunchclock lets you manage multiple time sheets from your phone. You can clock in and out on the app in real time, which takes the guesswork out of figuring out when you arrived and left a site when the day is over. You can even enable the location feature in the app to help it pull up the right time sheet for the right job.

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When you’re ready, you can export your time sheets into several different programs including Google Docs.


This app lets you send an invoice to your customer directly from your phone to their email. It eliminates the need for extra steps involved in creating invoices on a computer. You also have the chance to invoice in real time instead of having to wait until you get back to your home or office to send something to your client.

For lawn care and landscaping business owners, where a lot of your time is spent directly on the client’s property, being able to invoice right then and there is especially useful.

Gas Buddy

Do you want to know where the cheapest gas is in town? Then, you need the Gas Buddy app.

You can sign up for Gas Buddy and put in your lawn and landscaping company’s credit card to make filling up at the pump easy and efficient. While you may have gas pumps at your yard, your crews may find that they need to fill up if the job has taken them far away.

Simplify your life and get Gas Buddy at the App Store or Google Play.


If you’ve ever met with a client and had to say, “I’m not quite sure” when they ask you what kind of tree exactly is on their property you need this app. Leafsnap lets you take a picture of the leaves on the tree in question. It then uses the same type of technology facial recognition programs use to reference thousands of pictures of trees.

The app will let you know what kind of tree you’re dealing with saving you a lot of time and research more outdated methods would require. You’ll have a fast way to answer client’s questions and help them plan out complementing plants or develop a good plan on how to properly care for their tree.

Harvest Landscape Calculator

How many times have you been asked how much soil or mulch an area you’re working on will need? The Harvest Landscape Calculator puts an end to guesswork involved in these types of estimations for your clients.

You can enter the depth of the area you’re planting with the slider tool, and then tell the app the amount of area you need to cover at that depth. The calculator will give you the exact amount of soil or mulch you need to finish the project. No more rough estimates that could leave you running short of supplies in the middle of a workday.

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

The majority of your work involves being outside, especially in the summer months when the weather is hot. Being smart about how you’re going to handle the heat is really important to your personal health and safety.

OSHA Heat Safety Tool tells you the temperature, humidity, and even the “feels like” temperature of the weather in your area. It also includes recommendations on how often to take breaks, drink water, and even gives you a list of heat-related illness symptoms.

No one wants to need a list like that but if you find yourself in a situation where you need that information quickly you won’t have to worry about not knowing where to look.


Planimeter lets you enter in an address and then provides pictures of the property as well as measurement information. You can view all of the information before you even step foot on the property which means you can arrive prepared and ready to plan out the best landscaping or lawn care tips possible for your clients.

Lawn Buddy

Lawn Buddy is an app that does a little bit of everything and it’s specifically made for your lawn care business needs. If you need help planning effective routes to get that day’s tasks done, that’s something Lawn Buddy can plan out for you.

You can also handle all kinds of behind the scenes things like scheduling your crews, creating estimates, and automated invoicing. The app will send an invoice to your client as soon as you mark a job completed, so that’s an extra step you no longer have to worry about.

Want to have all of your communications with your client stored in one app on your phone? Lawn Buddy can do that too. You won’t have to search through endless lists of texts to find conversations with your clients anymore. Keeping your business communication and your personal communication in two separate areas can be especially handy.

The Weather Channel

Much like the OSHA app, this is an imperative app to have when you’re working outside the majority of your time. You can get up to date weather information, push notifications for weather watches and warnings, and even breakdowns of what the weather will be like by the hour.

When you’re planning out what you need to get done for your clients you really can’t make the most effective plan without the best possible information on what weather to expect. The Weather Channel app takes care of any questions you might have about the upcoming weather and what you need to be ready for.


When you’re dealing with estimates and contracts you’re going to need a convenient way for your clients to view and sign documents as you go. DocuSign is an app you can keep right on your phone so your clients can see what they’re signing and ask questions while you’re still there with them.

You’ll be able to have things signed and squared away without ever having to leave the property only to later send your client a document you’ve created at home or in your office. It’s just one more way to be sure everyone is on the same page before you start a project.

Free lawn care business app

  1. PictureThis: Flower and Plant Identifier App

Lawn care app for iPhone, Android – Free or Subscription for select features

It pays to be a plant expert in this industry. The PictureThis app helps lawn care professionals identify plant, flower, tree, and weed species—17,000+ of them! Take a photo of a plant you don’t know and the AI technology will quickly identify it for you.

Your knowledge is what sets you apart in the lawn care industry. PictureThis empowers you and your customers with care advice and suggestions from horticulture experts. So, the next time a customer requests a plant you don’t know much about, you’ll be able to teach them how to care for their new plants.

PictureThis has a free version of the app, but you may want to purchase the paid version to access all of the features. A yearly paid plan is $29.99, and in-app purchases range from $2.49 to $69.99.

Ideal for: New and established lawn care businesses.

Other free options include: Leafsnap

  1. The Weather Channel App: Weather Conditions Update

iOS, Android, and desktop — Free

You know that unexpected weather changes can derail a lawn care job. You need constant access to local weather conditions hour by hour—and 15 days ahead—at your fingertips. Without it, your scheduling (and rescheduling) is next to impossible. Weather apps are among the best lawn care business apps for this reason.

We like The Weather Channel app especially because it sends instant weather change alerts to your smartphone. If you don’t see a severe weather alert, or an unexpected chance of rain, then your crew will. Plus, you’ll get real-time access to other important details to help you plan your schedules and dispatching such as sunrise and sunset, wind speeds, temperature, visibility, humidity, and more. This is a must-have free app for lawn care and landscaping professionals.

Ideal for: Every lawn care and landscaping business.

  1. Lawn Care Job Toolkit

Mobile-friendly online desktop app – Free

No credit card is required to use our Lawn Care Job Toolkit, designed for small business owners. It lets you manage your leads, clients, and jobs better. And there’s no limit to how long you can use it.

Job Toolkit helps lawn care businesses:

Create, send, and track professional quotes all from one place. Create and send invoices, and track invoices sent, paid, and past due. Organize your customer list in our CRM. Impress your customers with access to client hub, a customer self-service portal where they can see your quotes and invoices.

Best Apps for Landscapers

  1. iScape: Create Virtual Landscape Designs

iOS – Free, offers in-app purchases

Landscaping business apps like iScape can help you go the extra mile and bring your customers’ visions to life. iScape is every landscaper’s dream, letting you build augmented-reality environments to help sell your services, plan before you spend, and impress customers. You can place images of shrubs, new grass, flowers, trees, and more into a photo of your client’s property and add them to quotes. This yard work app is used by customers and professional landscapers alike, so you can bet on it being user-friendly.

It’s free to download, but you’ll probably find most features require payment to use. iScape’s paid plans range from $7.99 up to $299.99 if you want full access to their design features.

Ideal for: All professional landscape businesses.

  1. Landscaping Calculator

For iOS and Android — Free

When you need to estimate retaining walls, paver patios, or square footage for soil and plants, the Landscaping Calculator (created by Inch Calculator) is another handy app for landscaping jobs. You can calculate the volumes you need for nearly every material—just plug in your dimensions for gravel, soil, concrete, mulch, or other material, and you’ll get quick results in metric or imperial units.

Ideal for: Landscaping business owners on a budget.

  1. Google Earth

For iOS, Android and desktop — Free

One of the most essential apps for landscapers, Google Earth makes it incredibly easy to plan ahead. Google’s unmatched satellite imagery gives landscapers crisp, 3D terrain images of any property, giving you the power to plan for development and maintenance without having to visit the site.

You might also consider Earth Pro, which is a free, advanced version of Google Earth that offers access to historical imagery, more advanced measurement features, and lets you print high-resolution images.

Ideal for: Every landscaping business.

  1. Lawn & Landscape Magazine

For iOS and Android — Free

Here’s an app for landscapers in love with their trade. Lawn & Landscape Magazine puts award-winning lawn care industry content in your back pocket. The publication features podcasts and videos from industry experts, cutting-edge products, and endless flow of ideas for business growth. If you’re serious about staying up-to-date on the best ways to innovate and grow your landscaping and lawn care business, you’ll appreciate this app.

Ideal for: Every lawn care and landscaping business.

Apps for Lawn Care Measurement

  1. Turf Therapy: Calculate Fertilizer Rates

$0.99 for iOS, $1.29 for Android

All lawn care experts know that beautiful lawns require precise care. Turf Therapy simplifies the long, mind-numbing math it takes to calculate fertilizer application rates. A huge time-saver for lawn care specialists, Turf Therapy takes away guesswork and helps you plan better for granular and liquid fertilizer purchases.

Use precise calculations from the app to apply the right rates to your work and quote jobs properly. The simple, intuitive interface makes this app the go-to calculator for both new and seasoned lawn care professionals that are overwhelmed with work.

Ideal for: Businesses that specialize lawn care, landscaping or both.

  1. Area Volume Calculator: Lawn Care Calculator

iOS, Android, and desktop – Free lawn service app

You need precise measurements if you’re planting or maintaining flower beds, working with mulch or fertilizer, spreading grass seed. Over-use materials and you’ll be bleeding money in weeks.

Thankfully, there are lawn care apps made specifically for measuring material volumes. Area Volume Calculator lets you measure lawn and flower bed sizes and calculate the volume of those spaces. The app is completely free and offers 170+ geometric shapes to calculate. You can choose what material you’d like to fill your shape with, whether that’s wood, water, aluminum or even almonds. There are 1,500 materials to choose from. Plus, it lets you measure in metric and imperial units.

Alternative options: Geometry Bundle for iOS

  1. Planimeter: Measure Distance and Land Areas on a Map

iOS – $7.99

When you’re off-site or unable to get to a location, Planimeter can measure distances and areas on maps of your customer’s property. First, search for an address on your phone or tablet, or use location services on your device to find your location. Then make a measurement by dropping pins on the map and quickly get a sense of a customer’s lawn size. Highly rated in the App Store, Planimeter also supports imperial and metric units.


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